The Key to Erebus

by Emma V Leech

He’s waited centuries for her return. She’s only just discovering her true powers.

Inexorably drawn to the dark, Jéhenne soon discovers, Corvus holds much more than the key to her heart.

Taken away as a small child, from a life where vampires, the Fae, and other mythical creatures are real and treacherous, the beautiful young witch is totally unprepared when she returns to rural France to live with her eccentric Grandmother.

Thrown headlong into this frightening world, she seeks to learn the truth about herself and is forced to trust her own instincts rather than take anything at face value.

Yet despite her Gran’s dire warnings, she is captivated by the dark magic of Corvus, an ancient vampire and powerful Master of the Albinus family.

Jéhenne is about to find the answers she searched for but in doing so she risks discovering that the truth really can kill.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Extreme Medical Services

by Jamie Davis

Monsters, Paramedics, and Street Medicine.

New paramedic Dean Flynn is fresh out of the academy. When he gets assigned to the unknown backwater ambulance Station U, he wonders what he did wrong. Then Dean learns that his patients aren’t your normal 911 callers.

Dean and his partner Brynne Garvey serve the creatures of myth and legend living alongside their normal human neighbors in Elk City. With patients that are vampires, werewolves, fairies and more, will Dean survive his first days on the new job? Will his patients?

Come along on this ride with “Extreme Medical Services” – part one of the series by the same name, a paranormal medical thrill-ride with the paramedics of Elk City. Described by one fan as “like Grimm, but with paramedics.”

Jump on the ambulance with Dean, Brynne and the rest of the team. Click to buy “Extreme Medical Services” now!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Make Me No Grave

by Hayley Stone

Marshal Apostle Richardson faces off against bloodthirsty outlaws, flesh witches, ruthless vigilantes, and more in this gritty, magical re-imagining of the Old West.

“With relatable characters and delightful prose, this magic-laced gunslinger tale will transport you instantly into the Old West.” – Charlie N. Holmberg, Wallstreet Journal Bestselling author of The Paper Magician

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Sorcerers’ Dynasty

by Stephen C. Perkins

What would you give up for immortality? More seductive than sex. More addictive than any drug. More precious than gold. And one man is willing to sacrifice anything to get it!
Beyond the arctic wall of ice lies a new and unknown world. The CEO of the world’s most powerful corporation – Theodore von Buren – plans to sacrifice the known world to gain immortality in paradise. The world is filled with lies and liars and America’s most controversial alternative media journalist Dan Sheraton wants to find out why. Strange things have been seen out in the deserts of New Mexico and when an even stranger phone call leads him on a dangerous adventure to a mysterious destination Sheraton discovers earth shattering epiphanies. When an insidious plot hatched by a shadowy global corporation threatens the survival of mankind an unlikely hero emerges. But is the savior man, machine, god or devil?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Qualify (The Atlantis Grail Book 1)

by Vera Nazarian

The Asteroid is coming. Your two options: die or Qualify. Nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl Gwen Lark must compete against other Earth teens, including her sexy high school crush Logan Sangre, in order to Qualify for interplanetary rescue from an asteroid apocalypse, in this bestselling, high-octane dystopian adventure series, now optioned for film as a feature film series or TV series, from a Nebula Award Finalist, in the vein of DIVERGENT and THE HUNGER GAMES.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


My Alien

by Robin Martin

Human girl. Alien boy. What could go wrong? Zoe Brennan has everything sorted until one fateful day at the beach when she encounters Rion, an extremely annoying alien who informs her they are connected – for life. He has no hesitation in telling that exercise, studying and green tea should take precedence over boys, parties and fast food. Like that was ever going to fly! The trouble really starts when he turns up at her high school and everyone falls under his spell. But only Zoe knows his secret, and no one would believe her if she told them. Close encounters were never so funny!

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Alien Within

by Robin Martin

Orion has a secret that only Zoe knows. If only she could remember. But he won’t tell her because, well…who wants to be with a 4000 year old alien? Even if he does look seventeen. When his totally unsuitable guardian, Archimedes, forces him to return to East Valley High, he can’t help but hope the bond between them is still there. Maybe she will learn to like the human he is struggling to become. High school, relationships, and dealing with his embarrassing ‘Uncle’ Archimedes cause more problems than working out what’s inside a black hole. Who knew that being human could be so hard?

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