Journey for the Warren

by John Thornton

The world nearly ended in 2044. Less than thirty years later, the survivors on Earth launched seven great colony ships to seed humanity to other planets. Those ships were not heard from again. A century later, the only place people are known to survive on Earth is Dome 17. Beth and Allen live there. They are adventurers who have explored other domes, but everywhere else is dead. Is Done 17 just the last one to fail? The Committee has a risky plan to try two unproven technologies: a faster-than-light propulsion and teleportation. Both technologies have severe limits, but time is running out for Dome 17. While other two-person teams set out for the other lost colony ships, Beth and Allen agree to make a dangerous journey for the Colony Ship Warren. Will it be a found? Will it be a wrecked derelict? Or will it be a last chance for humanity? Join Beth and Allen on their journey for the Warren,

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Sixth Kingdom (Wyvern Master Chronicles Book 1)

by pdmac

Magic. Love. Deceit. Everything comes together in the new fantasy series by pdmac – Wyvern Master Chronicles. In this new magical realm of sorcerers, kings, spies, and Wyverns, the author weaves an enchanting tale that grips readers into an exhilarating current of dynamic plot structures. The first book of the series ‘The Sixth Kingdom’ introduces the realm of the Sixth Kingdom placed at the center of the known world, which is the heart of all knowledge and secrets of the world and is the center of arcane wizardry. It is not merely an academy for wizards to learn magic, bond with dragons, and master the skills of deadly warriors but is also the college, adjudicator enforcer of world peace.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

The Magelands

by Christopher Mitchell

A city ruled by Gods, a mortal champion, a misfit girl and a disobedient dragon…

This box-set includes the Blade Trilogy – the first three books (complete arc) of The Magelands Eternal Siege.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Now We Are Animals

by R P Nathan

”I was just a typical sixteen-year-old from North London, when The Colonists arrived and turned our world upside down. They were so beautiful to look at, but They killed all the adults and most of the boys, and farmed us girls like cattle. A year on, I’m being kept as a pet by my teenage Colonist owner, Aggie. I’m safe for the moment, but I’ve been torn from my friends and family and had horrific experiences along the way… It’s enough to get anyone down. But even though I’m locked in a cage and treated like an animal, They haven’t broken me. Somehow, I’ll escape and turn this around: not just for me, but for all of us. My name’s Carabel Caffarelli from Highbury in England. And I’m about to show The Colonists what being human is all about..” Readers have called Now We Are Animals: ”Inventive, visionary and unforgettable” and ”Gripping from start to finish.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Battle for the Wastelands

by Matthew W. Quinn

In a desolate world where dirigibles rule the skies and blood soaks the dry earth, a young man joins the fight against a tyrant who has problems of his own.

Andrew Sutter returns home from hunting to find drought-wracked Carroll Town under the thumb of a tax collector from the cannibalistic Flesh-Eating Legion. A riot becomes a battle, leaving Carroll Town in ruins and Andrew alone in the merciless Iron Desert. Saved from certain death by the riders of rebel chieftain Alonzo Merrill, Andrew finds himself fighting for their doomed cause.

Meanwhile, Grendel, first lord of the Northlands and the Flesh-Eaters’ ultimate master, finds his peace of conquest disintegrating as the warlords under his thumb begin battling one another. He plots a new war to reunite them as the starving Merrills launch their last, desperate offensive.

And Andrew may be the one holding the key to victory…

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Dark Cascade

by Bert-Oliver Boehmer

Every delay costs a world. Billions perish when raider ships peel off planetary crusts to feed their galactic civilization.

Kel Chaada had united humans, machines and silicate aliens, but the hyper-tech invaders push the shaky coalition of former enemies to its breaking point. Kel has to work against his friends, ally with his sworn enemies, and strike where no one could foresee: The raider’s home galaxy.

The desperate plan is bold, but cruel. Kel realizes he will become what he is fighting against: a destroyer of civilizations.

He rushes across the inter-galactic void on a stolen enemy ship, riding a derelict warp bubble, piloted by zealous AIs with their own agenda. Can Kel’s small crew succeed where all space fleets failed?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion