The Paranormal 13 (13 free books featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel and more!)

by Multiple Authors

Thirteen full-length paranormal and urban fantasy novels featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel, and more!

1 MILLION words! 3,500 PAGES!

Darkangel by Christine Pope
Twin Souls by K.A. Poe
The Girl by Lola St Vil
Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean
Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva
I Bring the Fire, Part 1 (A Loki Story) by C. Gockel
The Witch Hunter by Nicole R. Taylor
Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent by Kristy Tate
Nolander by Becca Mills
The Medium by C.J. Archer
Dream Student by J.J. DiBendetto
Deception by Stacy Claflin
The Black Parade by Kyoko M.
The Thought Readers by Dima Zales

Each of these novels are FULL-LENGTH BOOKS and are the first in each one’s respective series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Earth Escape

by Réal Laplaine

Captain, Jim Tale, of the star ship Evolution, wakes up 27 years into his voyage, just months from arriving at Earth II, an exo-planet which NASA hopes will become a new home for man. While his crew remains in hyper-sleep, Jim’s only companion is CASS, the most advanced Ai cyber intelligence ever created. An uneventful journey suddenly turns into a race for the very existence of mankind, as nuclear weapons are launched for the first time in over a century back on Earth, and the nightmare of a nuclear holocaust looms over the world. Jim and CASS must navigate their way through impossible odds – encountering aliens, raptors and shocking revelations which will open their eyes to the mystery of creation – was it God or the Big Bang – or was it something else?

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


The Antikythera and The Source

by PanOrpheus

In The ‘Antikythera and The Source’, the quintessential Oracle of Delphi, Theoclea, has passed on from the Earthly Realm ca. 500 BC and has gone through many gates, incarnations, and reincarnations to become a near-deity, The Source. The same process has happened to Pythagoras, one of Theoclea’s counselors at the Temple of Delphi. He has become The Mage in a far future time and place. They live in Plateaunia, a spider web-like region between the spiral arms of the galaxy surrounded by a blue mist. Piloting her new ship, The Source sees a huge object that has suddenly appeared in Space. The name ‘Antikythera’ is boldly shown on the side of what appears to be a World-ship. An adventure begins, an adventure that explores TIME and what we think that it is. This book was the NIE Book Award Finalist in the Steampunk Category for 2016

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


A Subtle Agency

by Graeme Rodaughan

Hunting Anton Slayne?

Just get in line behind the Boston Police Department, Chinese Triads, the Shadowstone Organization, the Red Empire and the Vampire Dominion.

Witness to a brutal murder, Anton is inducted into the Order of Thoth by the mysterious Mr Wu. He soon discovers that vicious local gangsters, determined Boston Police Detectives, and relentless Shadowstone operatives pale into insignificance as he is drawn into the machinations of the enigmatic vampire, General Chloe Armitage.

When mastery over Anton’s soul is at stake, survival is the least of his problems.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Breathe, The Destiny Series, Book One

by Christine Grey

Dearra comes into possession of the magical Sword of Cyrus just as the evil Breken attack her island home. Though her people succeed in driving their enemy back to the sea, one of the invaders remains behind, left for dead by his cruel kin.
Now, Dearra doesn’t know what to be more surprised by, the fact that her sword can speak to her, or that it has imperiously informed her that the handsome Breken warrior is her destiny.
The two are bound together by a chain of events that was set into motion a thousand years earlier, and everything they thought they knew about themselves, their history, and their future is about to change.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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