The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet

by Grivante

Who would you call during a zombie apocalypse? The Police? The Military? Your crazy prepper neighbor? No, it’s time for The Zee Brothers!

Two badass zombie kililng brothers keeping the apocalypse at bay, one job at a time.

The Zee Brothers: Curse of the Zombie Omelet is our hilarious introduction to Jonah, Judas & JJ, the lovable disaster prone trio, responsible for keeping the zombie apocalypse from becoming a reality.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by David Beers

Are you tired of boring books? Sci-fi fans love this series! Brutal and thought-provoking, come watch the deadliest alien invasion ever…

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


Chosen by Grace

by Alicia Rades

There’s something different about her magic.

Ryn Tyler didn’t intend to kill a demon when she moved to Eagle Valley–or to become the hero of a divine race of angels. It’s hard enough being a teenager, let alone the one prophesied to stop the coming apocalypse.

She just wants to be normal… but fate has other plans.

While discovering the secrets of the supernatural, Ryn navigates a complicated relationship with a guy who can’t stop saving her life, a bad boy who can’t decide between duty and love.

Only Ryn has the power to save Eagle Valley. But the demons want her dead–and if Ryn wants to survive, she’ll have to fight back.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


A Star Curiously Singing

by Kerry L Nietz

Sandfly is a debugger. He is property, bought and paid for in an Earth under sharia law. All faiths but one have been banned. And the rule of the great Imam is supreme.

As a debugger, Sandfly has an implant in his head that connects him to the world’s technology—and doles out mental shocks to keep him obedient. All he wants is to fix bots and avoid shocks

Now he’s been called into Earth orbit. The masters have a new spacecraft—one capable of interstellar flight. On its maiden voyage, the only robot on board went mad and tore itself apart.

Why? Better question: does it pose any risk to humans?

When Sandfly reviews the bot’s final moments, he perceives something unexpected. Something impossible.

As Sandfly pieces together the clues, a trap spreads beneath his feet. If he solves the mystery, he may doom himself. And if he fixes the robot, he may shatter his world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk



by James David Victor

Outgunned and outmanned on a remote alien world, their only hope is a recruit who doesn’t even want to be there.

Plucked from his life in academia, Jack Forge must find a way to survive as a Fleet Marine recruit. When the Chitin attack, he is forced to fight a war he never wanted any part of. The only way out is to win the war, and Jack Forge will do whatever it takes to make that happen. In the process, he just might save humanity.

Recruit is the first book in the Jack Forge, Fleet Marine series. If you like fast paced military science fiction, Jack Forge is the kind of hero you can root for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Flesh and Blood (The Vampires of Shadow Hills Book 1)

by Willow Rose

For fans of Twilight and A Shade of Vampire comes a new addiction impossible to put down.

What if you can’t trust your own family?

Robyn’s parents are ruining her life. As if their constant bickering and embarrassing behavior wasn’t bad enough, they’ve forbidden her from hanging out with her crush just when a flirty new girl moves to their block. Strangely enough, Robyn’s parents look the other way when her big brother breaks curfew… even after a local girl’s violent murder.

With the neighborhood on high alert, strange sightings are on the rise and the accusations begin to fly. Between her brother’s nighttime excursions and her parents’ odd behavior, Robyn starts to worry that the killer may be living under her own roof. In a town where neighbor has turned against neighbor, deciding whom to trust with her dark fears could be a matter of life and death…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood and Fire (The Vampires of Shadow Hills Book 2)

by Willow Rose

“I wish my parents were immortal bloodsucking vampires,” said no one. Ever.

Especially not Robyn who is struggling being the only human in a house filled with vampires. Can she keep it a secret that she knows what they are? Meanwhile Jayden’s family is revealing secrets of their own and nothing is as it seems in Shadow Hills anymore. .

Who can they trust?
Blood and Fire is the second book in a fun and frightening series of romantic paranormal mysteries. If you like terrifying thrills, flesh and blood characters, and vampires without the sparkle, then you’ll love Willow Rose’s tale of suburban terror.

Buy Blood and Fire to discover a dynamic series that puts the bite back into vampire lore today.

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