Mission One

by Samuel Best

Brave astronauts race to be the first to get to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan…but something is already there.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Wizardom Legends: Temple of the Unknown

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

D&D meets Indiana Jones in a new fantasy adventure series set in the bestselling world of Wizardoms. Join a dysfunctional team of treasure hunters seeking a temple of legend. Action, adventure, and hilarity await those brave enough to join the quest.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



by Anttimatti Pennanen

BOOK #2 – Black Table series

Go to Comic Con [check]
Find alien technology [check]
See the galaxy and make new friends [check]
Defeat the ancient evil and save the galaxy [check]

But who will save Jon and Gus?

After the blind jump, the crew of Unity find themselves lost in space with a broken Black Table, no map, and no allies. And if that’s not enough, they are being hunted by something lurking in the shadows.
With the Light as their guide and science fiction on their side, can Jon and Gus give us a fighting chance?


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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Catalyst

by Anttimatti Pennanen

BOOK #3 – Black Table series

In the final chapter of the Black Table trilogy, the crew of Unity find themselves stuck in the past, surrounded by Breathers and their devastating technology. With the brightest minds at their disposal, the crew comes face to face with the legend of an ancient weapon, the Catalyst. Is this mysterious artefact the answer to the fight against the Breathers, a way home, or something else?

How do they find it, and what would it cost them? Once again, Jon and Gus must pull every trick they have learned from science fiction lore to stay ahead of danger and restore balance to the galaxy.

On Azonia, the discovery of an ancient book with clues to Gus and Jon’s whereabouts sees Kentho and his family embark on a dangerous mission to find them. Can Kentho use what he had learned from his friends from Earth to save his family and reunite them with the duo?

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The King’s Ranger: The King’s Ranger Book 1

by AC Cobble

Rew, the King’s Ranger, accepted a role on the far edge of the realm to avoid the morass of intrigue and betrayal that bleeds from the heart of the kingdom. His only desire is to shoulder the burden he’s taken, to protect the village of Eastwatch, and to monitor the wilderness beyond.

When three youths are arrested for petty theft in the village and beg for his help, Rew’s oldest friend insists he take responsibility for them. By ties stronger than steel, Rew is forced onto a path he knows leads to chaos and death. Through a resurgence of monsters summoned in ages prior, war between the royal line, and back-stabbing treachery, the King’s Ranger will battle to grant the youths a life he never had a chance of.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Space Station Noir: Book 1

by Arthur Mayor

As the Galactic Empire crumbles, Station Noir is not a safe place for humans, it’s just the safest place left.

Gunny has done better than most on The Station. He commits enough crime to keep credits in his pocket, he’s not a slave anymore, and his alien partner has his back.

Then a simple job goes wrong, and Gunny is given an “opportunity” he can’t refuse. But it’s worse than it seems, and thrusts him into the deadly world of interstellar politics.

Now Gunny doesn’t know what to trust except his partner and the fact that humans always lose.

But losing this time might mean the end of Station Noir, death… or a return to slavery.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


The Katie Bishop Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

by Luanne M Bennett

In a city teeming with supernatural dangers, Katie Bishop works for the Crossroads Society fighting demons, witches, vampires, and more… Who needs a cop when you have a dragon. Did I mention her best friend is the queen of Savannah and her boyfriend is Superman? A fast-moving collection of paranormal suspense novels!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dark City

by Kit Hallows

Vampires, demons and werewolves are all in a day’s work for supernatural detective Morgan Rook until a mysterious new darkness arrives in the city, an evil force stronger than anything he’s ever faced.
Do you love The Dresden File & Urban Fantasy? Get Dark City now!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Callus & Crow

by DB Rook

A genre hybrid of weird west meets Grimdark fantasy
Can a path of blood lead to redemption?

Is redemption enough to amend a wayward world?
Morality and reality have shifted from their natural axis. Technology and ideology derive from the remnants of a world long dead and segregated by the monsters that now rule the seas.
Crow, a young ranch hand, is swept into an odyssey of redemption and revenge as he strives to hold back the ravages of fate and the urges born of a curse shared with his new mentor.
Callus, an exile struggling to find redemption whilst keeping his vampiric curse from tainting his new ward, pursues his prey across the sea.
The new world they discover reveals a tyrannical society fixated on their council’s ascension to godhood.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian