Realms of Ghosts and Magic (Fae Witch Chronicles Book 1)

by J.S. Malcom

When I breach the Fae realm to find a girl recently reported missing, start seeing the ghost of a witch whose disappearance has never been solved, and discover a Book of Shadows that opens only for me, I can’t just go back to supernatural business as usual. Especially when a sexy and mysterious mage becomes my new partner. Readers are calling the Fae Witch Chronicles “enthralling,” “spectacularly written” with “plot twists that kept my heart racing!”

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Robyn Wideman

Ryan Rosa has had a run of bad luck, but when he receives a VIP package for the newest and hottest game to come out in years his luck takes a turn for the better.
But his good luck ends when he’s stabbed in the back by a guild of players who betray him for a unique weapon he possesses. Ryan contemplates doing the one thing every player hates doing, re-rolling his unique character and starting over. But even starting over won’t save Ryan in New Realm Online. He’ll have to work smarter to avoid using his last re-roll.

This book contains the classic LITRPG elements of leveling, dungeons, terrifying killer bunnies, crafting, and community building.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Broken Bones (New Realm Online Book 2)

by Robyn Wideman

War is coming.

Ryan Rosa has built something special in New Realm Online. The most advanced VR game ever. But it isn’t a perfect world.

Enemy guilds have started to target their friends and Ryan is going to have to work hard to protect his new friends. After re-rolling his original character, Ryan has started to find his groove and with the help of his crazy friends he is going to protect what is his.

This book contains the classic LITRPG elements of leveling, dungeons, terrifying killer bunnies, crafting, and community building.

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The Secrets of the Kings

by Nora Delzelle

No mask can hide the truth. Twenty-four-year-old Alex Kincaid inherits a mask from a complete stranger. The next day, she is the victim of a brutal assault. Are the events related? Are they linked to the terrifying nightmares haunting her? As Alex and her friends attempt to solve the mystery, the stakes keep rising. Can she survive a God’s wrath?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Escape Velocity

by Jonathan Isaacs

Space Zombies.

Lieutenant Wyatt Wills stared at his mission log. He couldn’t believe he had written it.

Juliet was a colony planet with twenty million people. It had resources and infrastructure, scientists and law enforcement. A reconnaissance mission to the thriving planet hadn’t made any sense. Then again, lots of rumors floated through space, and stories of martial law and a strange pandemic seemed no different.

But marooned on Juliet with his hastily assembled squad, Wyatt couldn’t deny what they had seen.

He just didn’t know if they’d live to tell about it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


by Rebecca Rode

She sees the future.
They want to use her.
Can she take the empire down before she become its deadliest weapon?

Experience science fiction as never before in this thrilling, fast-paced futuristic series with a dash of romance from a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Six – The Hameggattic Legacy, #1

by Robert Iannone

A millennium has passed since the reign of Eloise, the Last Queen of Aerianna. In the ensuing years, the world held true to her vision. That was about to end. Inequality amongst the citizenry is growing. Those with wealth and power are on the cusp of creating a technology so enticing that no one would be able to resist. Once ensnared, the people of Aerianna, indeed of the entire Coven of Worlds, would become unwitting pawns in the creation of a galactic empire.

But a long-dead Queen was not about to let her legacy die nor abandon her people in their time of need.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Sinking City

by Janci Patterson and Megan Walker

On the streets of Venice, magic burns and wars wage, while powerful illusions and mind-bending magic keep the world of The Skilled hidden from ordinary people—or typics. The powerful Mardova Family rules Venice with an iron fist, keeping their powers secret and their eyes on their enemies.

Zan Mardova would rather use his magical Skills to do tricks on his motorcycle or fly over buildings than involve himself in Family politics, but when he discovers a rival Family has brainwashed a beautiful typic girl named Ellie, he begins to unravel a web of dangerous secrets with Ellie at the center. Zan’s loyalty has always been to the Mardovas and the fate of Venice, but as Zan’s feelings for Ellie grow, he can no longer ignore his suspicions about members of his own Family.

Zan fears there’s a traitor among the Mardovas—and it might be him.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Rebel Magic

by Alex Fox

I hunt bad guys. I don’t work for them.

Supernaturally gifted bounty hunter Rebel Weston is on the trail of gifted con artist in the heart of New Orleans. But she comes face-to-face with a shocking danger far more challenging than one handsome vampire…

It’s one hell of a leap to go from bail bonds and bounties to dragging supernaturals back to Texas on the back of a chain, but Rebel is up for it. Her back may be against the wall, but she’s the kind of girl who comes out swinging.

Her name is Rebel Weston… and she’s going to hunt you down.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Hell’s Belle: Book 2

by Alex Fox

It takes more than a demon to take me down…

When badass bounty hunter Rebel Weston finds herself facing down an Arch Demon, practically daring him to fight, she has to wonder how the hell she got here.

What started out as a tracking gig for the Vampire Master of New Orleans has gotten Rebel in the crosshairs of the most powerful supernatural secret society in existence.

Rebel may be a Spirit Walker, but she’s not sure she can get out of this one alive.

From wildly sexy werewolves to terrifyingly beautiful vampires and ultra-powerful witches who prefer their martinis up with a twist, Rebel is going to need a little help from her friends.

Get ready to binge this hard-hitting, snarky, fast-paced urban fantasy!

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