Angels & Patriots: Book Two

by Salina B Baker

The Cause of 1776

As the Revolutionary War stretches into 1776, John Adams beseeches Archangel Colm Bohannon and his brotherhood of fallen angels to return to fight for the Patriots. But millenniums of battling demons have done damage to the brotherhood. After killing the demons in a fit of rage, Colm is left to grapple with his distressed angels and the impact of losing his friend, Dr. Joseph Warren.

When the angels join the new Continental Army, Colm, an experienced leader and warrior, finds himself at odds with the indecisive, amateur General George Washington. Washington’s belief in Providence leads him to ponder whether the angels’ presence is of any benefit to his army. In the violent struggle for liberty and loyalty through the fog of war, can he find faith?

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

Wolf’s Blood

by Laura Taylor

Being kidnapped and held prisoner in a sinister lab is certainly not what Dee meant when she wanted a bit more excitement in her life. But when she’s rescued by a handsome, brooding stranger, she is staggered to find out that she’s been converted into a wolf shape shifter. Mark is struggling to find meaning in his life after the death of his closest friend at the hands of the ruthless Noturatii, the wolf-shifters’ most dangerous enemy. But when he stumbles upon a prisoner inside a Noturatii lab – a lab he is definitely not supposed to be snooping around in – he finds himself captivated by her fierce determination. But Mark is keeping far too many secrets to be able to trust Dee so easily.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

New Identity

by Tenaya MKD

— Does it matter who you used to be if you know who you are now? —

Every day she wakes up in a new body, in a new life, with no memory of who she is.

Just as she begins to believe she might be in hell, a charming stranger with autumn-colored eyes assures her the truth is even weirder.

There are others like her who can do the impossible, and a dangerous organization is hunting them all.

Relying on people for safety goes against her instincts, but if she wants to regain control of her life—or at least wake up in the same body she went to sleep in—she has no choice.

This action-packed start to the Identity Saga is what you’d get if The Umbrella Academy recruited Crescent City’s Bryce Quinlan. Or if the Reckoners in Steelheart were equipped with superpowers.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

A Machine Divine

by Derek Paul

Asher is a biology prodigy whose work led to an economic boom for his rural hometown but has left him feeling isolated and alone. Callendra is an introvert and the town’s most prolific, yet reluctant, animal trapper. The two are presented with an opportunity of a lifetime when they are accepted into a university at the heart of the nation’s capital. As they adjust to surroundings, Callie embraces her independence while Asher’s gifts land him the social acceptance he’s long desired.

But they aren’t the only new arrivals.

A gas-masked terrorist has begun plaguing the city, poisoning leaders, and sowing discord. Equipped with the prowess to develop an antidote, Asher sets out to protect his new friends while enlisting the support of Callie. In doing so, he unknowingly ensnares them both in a covert investigation, an ancient society’s conspiracies, and the ambitions of a deadly menace.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Flight of the Necromancer

by Luis Falcao de Magalhaes

In a world where magic is all but forgotten, one novice necromancer will discover the true cost of freedom and power.

Pursued by an undead monstrosity after discovering his former masters plotted to take his life, necromancer-in-training Gotthilf finds refuge in an old cave, but at a terrible cost. Stripped of his supplies and on the brink of defeat, Gotthilf stumbles upon a shocking discovery—two ancient warrior sisters, trapped in a curse of eternal torment.

With their help, he must not only overcome the relentless pursuit of the undead abomination but also unravel the dark secrets of a devil who has the power to trap even the bravest of souls into an eternal nightmare with naught but a look.

Will Gotthilf be able to outsmart the devil and break the curse, or will he, too, be doomed to an eternity of suffering?

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Daughter of The Ice

by Luis Falcao de Magalhaes

The Daughter, ancient elemental goddess and custodian of the dead, rises after a thousand years of slumber, her power unmatched and her wrath unbridled.

Eregar, a decorated knight living out his twilight years in relative peace, is tasked with leading a band of young mercenaries into the heart of the Frozen Plains to appraise the threat. But as they venture deeper into the icy wasteland, they will find The Daughter’s machinations in full swing and be forced to act before it is too late.

Will Eregar and his young allies be able to defend the North from the sorceress’s nightmarish armies, break the curse she casts upon them, and end the rise of The Daughter of The Ice? Or will they fall before the might of the icy goddess?

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Emperor of Mu

by Jason Beveridge

“Epic fantasy at its finest” – reader view.

When the Emperor of Mu is mysteriously murdered, it starts a medieval thriller of rivalry, love and battles between races and kind alike.

Fingers point as Mu elects a successor. Meanwhile, in the outlands, the old races stir. The hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another Elvic War. To the north, rumors spread of dragons returning after a three-hundred-solar absence. In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, while South of Mu, the sea invaders consolidate their rule.

The Saga of Six Realms is an epic series acclaimed for its world-building and unique characters that keep you guessing with its twists and turns.

With four books and another to follow shortly, this exciting epic fantasy series is set to reward the adventurous.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Between the Android and Me

by Michael Kan

Why did I fall in love with a robot?

First off, she isn’t a robot. She’s an android. Probably the most advanced android in the quadrant.

Second, don’t believe the stories and propaganda circulating about us. They’re all wrong.

Sure, I did technically commit treason and blow up some government property. But I had good reasons. Arendi isn’t like the mindless bots you know. No, she’s sentient and possesses emotions. But more importantly, Earth, humanity and the fate of the galaxy were all at stake.

So let me set the record straight. This is why I went rogue to be with my Arendi.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Mark T. Sneed

‘What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet’.–Shakespeare
X is trying to find himself in a urban sprawl filled with super powered individuals. There are many who idolize the supers, even though some are super powered villains. These small Gee gods protect and simultaneously threaten mankind. There are also aliens flying in and out of this super magnet city. This is a familiar but super powered place. In this metropolis, there are also those who aspire to greatness despite the lack of super powers.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Pawn

by Mark T. Sneed

The second book in the No Credit Series revolves around Darren “Ren” Armitage. Ren is a normal teenager trying to understand why he is so powerful and gifted, when by all outward appearances he appears normal, if not average. After an incredible feat of strength Ren finds himself selected to attend a private academy to hone his skills. There, in the ACADEMY, Ren begins to discover his innate abilities and so much more. He is fourteen going on fifteen and one of the strongest people at the ACADEMY, but he can’t imagine why. This is an origin story, in part, and an object lesson in youth, acceptance, and blind obedience within a superhero story.

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