Demon Ember

by M.J. Haag

Mya’s world is falling apart. After a series of earthquakes, deadly animals with glowing red eyes begin attacking people and start the spread of a zombie-like plague. Safety is just a memory as she tries to make her way home. When a different creature attacks the people helping her reach Oklahoma City, Mya is sure she’ll never see the light of another day.

Despite his eerie eyes and very sharp teeth, the grey-skinned creature is more intelligent and humanlike than he first appears. He’s determined to keep Mya by his side and protect her from the new world’s dangers. When his path starts taking her further away from home, she must choose between safety and her family.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Pericles Conspiracy

by Michael Kingswood

Captain Josephine Ishikawa changed the course of history, but no one knows about it.

She and her crew had an encounter while returning to Earth from the colony worlds, and upon their arrival the government swore them to secrecy about it.

With the powers that be in charge, Jo did her best to put the incident out of her mind and set about getting her starliner, Pericles, through a major overhaul and back out to the stars.

But the circumstances of their return to Earth along with the mysterious death of her Chief Engineer has caused the news media to ask questions, prompting Jo to wonder whatever became of the beings she rescued out in the depths of space, and of the promise she made to their dying parents.

If you like action and intrigue, The Pericles Conspiracy is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, and leave you wanting more.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

To Save Two Worlds (is twice as much fun)

by A. J. Bakke

A group of unlikely heroes are pursued by a soul devouring parrot while trying to save two worlds, Deart and Earth.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Chris Turner

Gangs. Gladiators. Dark magic.
122 AD. A rebellious teen makes his mark in the streets of Roman Londinium.

Hooligan or vigilante? Icarus’s gang associations are plagued with rivalries that propel him into the sinister clutch of spellcraft. The enmity of a ruthless moneylender brings the full force of Roman justice upon his head.

Will his efforts to save his father from an oppressive extortion racket bring him to ruin? Can he rise above the tragic fate of the Icarus legend? Knee-deep in gladiator battles and druid magic, Icarus plunges headlong down a path of full-blooded adventure.

A gripping, coming-of-age tale set in an Iron Age world that shaped western history.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Realm of Arkon: Patch 17

by G. Akella

A new update arrives to the ultra-popular online game, Realm of Arkon. With Patch 17, the level of immersion experienced by players in their gaming capsules has made virtual reality indistinguishable from the real world. But every gamer’s dream becomes a nightmare for Roman Kozhevnikov after he gets confined to Arkon against his will. And not just to Arkon, but to its deadliest zone–Demon Grounds. Playing, or rather living as his character Krian, it’s not just about survival for Roman. He longs to exact revenge for his banishment to the virtual world where the sensation of pain has reached one hundred percent…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

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