Scarab Falling Through Time

by Helen Allan

Ancient Mystery – Timeless Love
‘An eternity as an immortal in slavery was not what she had in mind.’
Desperate and alone, sixteen-year-old Megan uses a powerful and ancient talisman to escape modern-day life and make a new start in ancient Egypt. But powerful enemies lie in wait seeking her destruction and the magical scarab necklace she wields.
Will an alliance with another immortal, the handsome and secretive Franklin, help keep her from harm long enough to learn the secrets of the scarab? – Or will he cause her to lose everything – including her heart?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Exotiqa (Robot Cyberpunk)

by M. Black

Set in the robot cyberpunk year 2055 in British Columbia, Canada, where humans are part robotic and robots are becoming more humanlike, the line dividing the two is becoming less clear. When the nation is controlled by a popular online program, those that deviate risk their lives. But that never stopped Fione. Filled with haunting questions of consciousness and artificial intelligence, identity and self-awareness, politics and love, life and death, the reader will be engaged in an entertaining story filled with futuristic technology.

This robot cyberpunk will appeal to fans of Divergent, Configured, Freelancer, iRobot, The Glitch, Blade Runner, artificial intelligence, robotics, and futuristic technology will enjoy this story about two young, but strong female heroines who must save the fragile system crumbling around them.


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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Ugly Girl

by Mary E. Twomey

“Ugly Girl” is book one of an 11-part fantasy romance series, which is based in French folklore.

Rosie Avalon doesn’t know what to make of the bounty hunter who barreled into her life and turned everything on its head. When he lifts her concealment, Rosie goes from having a face that makes people cringe, to being suddenly beautiful. Bastien promises she’ll be safe when he takes her to a world teeming with Fae, Retifs, Brownies and the like, but with a target on her back and too many broken parts in this new magical world, Rosie isn’t sure a safe place exists under her evil mother’s rule.

Now with everyone trying to use her for gifts she never knew she had, Rosie wonders if life was better back when she was the ugly girl.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Born of Earth

by A.L. Knorr

“He wasn’t just close to the veil, he was inside it. That kind of beginning is bound to leave its mark…”

Georjayna Sutherland isn’t exactly thrilled about going to Ireland to live with her aunt for the summer, and even less thrilled when her adopted cousin Jasher (cute though he may be) turns out to be as friendly as a nest of vipers. But at least it gets her out of Saltford and away from her neglectful mother, Liz.

When Georjie unearths Jasher’s terrifying secret, and things she never knew about her own family begin to come to light; a heartbroken woman who disappeared without a trace, a desiccated body, and strange cocoons hanging in the greenhouse, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery that involves the very power of nature itself.

But it’s when Georjayna herself begins to change in new and powerful ways she doesn’t understand that she realizes…things have gotten personal.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Avatars Rising

by David R. Bernstein and Harper North

Emerging Possibilities, Fading Hope
Esa wakes in a dark cement silo with no memory of who she is or how she got there. It doesn’t take long to realize the world she’s in is not what it seems when her body is taken over by an unknown presence and she’s forced to fight.

She meets two strangers that reveal an unbelievable truth—Esa is a sentient avatar in a game world.

Esa knows she has to level-up to find answers, but in an expansive, dystopian world of kill or be killed, is what she seeks worth the risk?

Immerse yourself into this exciting new young adult, gamelit, sci-fi series that asks the question—what if the avatars became self-aware?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Call of the Dragonbonded

by JD Hart

Conner Stonefield is a smart though idealistic teen whose future could not be brighter. Everything from his vocation to the girl he will marry has been planned. So when he receives the Calling and embarks on his trek to find his life-long animal bond, he is far from prepared for the adventure ahead, or for the Cosmic “gift” he is about to receive.​

On the other side of the realm, the headstrong Princess Veressa of Griffinrock demands secret training from her prudish yet powerful Ranger protector. Veressa, too, receives the Calling and drags her mentor along on one last high adventure.

As the paths of these two 16-year-olds begin to intertwine, neither can foresee the desperate struggles before them nor the heroic journeys they will be called upon to undertake.

The first of the four-book adventure “The Dragonbonded Return” series, Book 2 in the series will be released 3/11/2018.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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