by George Sirois

A comic strip. An evil to defeat. Two planets to save.

High school senior Matthew Peters thinks he’s just writing some online fiction about an alien superhero. But when a woman arrives at his school claiming to be from the distant planet he’s writing about, he must think again. What’s more, she says the hero’s lifeforce lives within him.

As an alien assassin tries to kill him, Matthew must decide what’s more important: save his own life, or retrieve an ancient artifact that could save two worlds. Stay the guy with growing online popularity, or lose himself to something he can’t understand. Whatever his choice, he must face an enemy more powerful than him in every way.

Hold on to your seat in the first book in George Sirois’ series, The Excelsior Journey, a story that will leave you gasping for breath and wanting more.

Put down the pen.
Pick up the sword
Unleash the hero within

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


A Warrior’s Path

by Davis Ashura

Two thousand years ago, a demon thundered into the skies of Arisa and destroyed the First World. Suwraith, the Sorrow Bringer. For centuries She has slumbered, but now She stirs once more as Her armies answer Her call.

Into this world of city-states – where a person’s Caste determines his Talents – is born Rukh Shektan, a peerless young warrior who has trained since birth in the way of the sword. But to defend his home against the Sorrow Bringer, he will require more than swords. Rukh must instead master his terrifying new Talents, abilities others name evil but may also be the only means to save his world.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

William Wilde and the Necrosed

by Davis Ashura

On a cold winter’s night, just shy of his seventeenth birthday, William Wilde became an orphan. It was a simple car accident that claimed the lives of his family.

Eight months later, at the start of his senior year of high school, a beautiful, mysterious girl enters William’s life. Captivating and confident, she holds secrets about William’s heritage, secrets of which he himself is unaware: rare magic flows in William’s veins.
And watching William from afar is Kohl Obsidian, a monstrous, undead horror. He won’t rest until the tragedy he started eight months ago culminates with William’s death.
William’s life hangs in the balance, and he must discover a means to vanquish a creature that has never been defeated.
Discover a mystical world where heroes are forged from the unlikeliest of metals.

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Immortal Blood

by Elena Bryce

Protect the Grail, battle the hunters, don’t fall for the bad boy vampire!

When new witch Ivy is asked to help secure the Holy Grail she had no idea how dangerous it would get. Especially as she is aiding a hot Highlander who has a very intimate history with the women in her family over many generations. But it’s not just her life and her heart at stake. If the Grail falls into the wrong hands then all humanity might turn to darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


The Colony Ship Eschaton

by John Thornton

This is the complete Colony Ship Eschaton series! All ten books an omnibus. Over 1700 pages. Read FREE on KU, or buy now. Sale price for a limited time! AUDIO versions are also available.

Following the thrilling adventures of Jamie and Michael as they leave a dying Earth and try a risky scheme to find a home for the stuggling remnant of humanity. Seven gigantic generational colony ships were launched one hundred years ago, but all are considered lost in the emptiness of interstellar space. Now, they must recover one of those colony ships, or face extinction. Will the plan work?

Recovery of a Colony Ship 1
Exploring the Colony Ship 2
Unknowns of the Colony Ship 3
Hunting on the Colony Ship 4
Mysteries on the Colony Ship 5
Discoveries on the Colony Ship 6
Building the Colony ship 7
Revenge on the Colony Ship 8
Invasion on the Colony Ship 9
Destination of the Colony Ship 10

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by James David Victor

I hate fire. It nearly destroyed me. Now, my only chance at survival is a fire-breathing dragon shapeshifter.

Davie is a normal girl trying to live a normal life. Except that she can see the future and has visions that make her seem crazy. When she meets a man who immediately seems too perfect to be real, her quest for a normal life quickly ends. She soon learns the world is full of mythical creatures including shapeshifting dragons, dwarves, and mystical oracles. Can Davie adapt to the new world that has dropped her into the middle of a mythical war that could tear the world apart?

Oracle is the first book in the Dragon Oracle series. If you like magical adventures with quirky characters, mythical creatures, and shapeshifting dragons, be ready to be transported to a magical realm that could be in your own town.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Barbarian Legacy Complete Series

by Abella Ward

He’s taken me, and I can’t escape.

He’s a Barbarian.
He makes it clear who’s the boss.
And it’s not me.
I want to hate him.
But I can’t help myself.
I mean, look at him.
He’s the hottest creature I’ve ever seen.
I want things I shouldn’t.
But we’re in danger, and he’s my only chance.

His sword will protect my body, but will it also protect my heart?

This 7-book collection is chock-full of hot aliens and the women they fight for.
It includes:
Sold to the Barbarian
Caged by the Barbarian
Bought by the Barbarian
Kidnapped by the Barbarian
Given to the Barbarian
Rescued by the Barbarian
Captured by the Barbarian

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


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