by Marco de Hoogh

An ancient order plans to unleash their man-made resolution upon the world. They are the chosen few that will inherit the earth. First the crops withered. Then the animals perished. Then it was mankind’s turn.

Not everything went to plan, though. Millions rose from the dead and became slaves to their programming: Hunt down and destroy the living.

Against all odds, there are survivors. They face a dangerous world, intent on enslaving or destroying them.

This is a story about people, with all their faults and intentions. Of relationships built and betrayed. Of paths to corruption and paths to redemption.

And zombies.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by Amy Campbell

I’ve always been an outcast. Somehow, I became an outlaw, too…

When the Salt-Iron Confederation threatens my family, I flee, finding refuge in a town of outlaws who unexpectedly welcome me with open arms, offering a chance to be part of their community.

Yet, danger looms. A mysterious saboteur endangers our home, and my status as a Breaker mage places me at the heart of the conflict. With the town’s future in my hands, I must find the courage to master my volatile magic and stand up for those I care for.

Luckily, I’m not alone. A stubborn outlaw and a loyal pegasus join me in facing the odds to protect what we hold dear. The only problem? While we know the Confederation is out for blood, we can’t predict their next move.

Together, we’ll face any challenge. In this town, I’ve discovered a home, my purpose, and a family that accepts me for who I am. I won’t let them down.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Nightshade Academy Episode 1: Awakened Vampire

by Kestra Pingree

Some people carry the blood of demons. They often appear normal. They may even be unaware of it themselves. Until the curse activates. When a monster awakens, someone usually ends up dead. But not all hope is lost. All monsters are welcome at Nightshade Academy.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Gerald M. Kilby

In space, all that matters is survival.
A high-energy solar storm creates a debris cloud that will soon make travel to and from the Moon impossible. Panic grips the lunar population as they scramble to evacuate. But for some, the situation is worse. For them, it’s a matter of survival. This is their story.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

The Lost Legends: Tales of Myth and Magic

by Adam D. Jones

MAGIC, MYSTERY, AND MAYHEM await you on every page of this exciting anthology bursting with new adventures and unforgettable characters.

Visit an otherwise normal town dealing with a dragon infestation, think fast when the elves whisk you away from home, launch an investigation when you realize the boy next door isn’t what he seems, and tread carefully when telling your secrets to sinister diaries with minds of their own.

Find out what happens in these stories and more when you settle in with THE LOST LEGENDS: TALES OF MYTH AND MAGIC!

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories


Ruins of the Prime Ones

by James David Victor

Captain Melias Volery is a Sentinel, a warrior who travels the galaxy protecting those that can’t protect themselves. If they can afford to pay for his services. Whether you call them mercenaries or heroes, there’s no denying their effectiveness, but even these experienced warriors may be in over their head in the ruins of the Prime Ones. Can Melias and his crew unravel the secrets of this long lost race and save the galaxy from an ancient alien power trying to destroy the galaxy?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Andrew Christian

Welcome to the world of Anion, where one thousand years ago the Great Rock was ripped from the sky by the mad geomancer, Derek the Destroyer. The impact left naught but fiery devastation in its wake, with only the continent of Kral escaping total annihilation.

Within these lands Magelord Alexander Mason has ruled Northridge for eighty years, his unique offworld magic crushing his enemies and bringing prosperity to his lands. His Firstborn son, Malkin, has long been the heir apparent, with every intention of succeeding his father. To Devon, fifth generation greatson of Lord Mason, such politics are far removed—until he unexpectedly masters the offworld magic, threatening the claim of Malkin to the throne. As hostile adversaries and shifting loyalties align against Devon, he must rely on both his formidable power and the love of two women to uncover the plot against him and stay alive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic