The Fae and The Fallen

by Brittni Chenelle

My first kiss nearly killed me—literally.

When 80% of the population is gifted with touch magic, it’s best to keep your hands—and your lips—to yourself. Especially if you’re an ungifted serf like I am.

The problem is, the most dangerous guy at Gifted Fae Academy is the one I want to touch more than anything, even as I draw the attention of the school’s most gorgeous Apprentice Fae.

When my entry exam leads to the revelation that I may not be as Ungifted as I previously believed… well… surviving until graduation might prove harder than I thought—particularly when a certain fatal touch may be worth the risk.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Vile Blood

by Max Wilde

“Lurid, gross and exciting-as-all-hell.” Spinetingler Magazine

Terror has left Skye Martindale muted and stunted for most of her seventeen years. Terrified of the dark Other that lives within her. The Other that must be suppressed and controlled. At all costs. Then one night an act of random violence unleashes a savagery so ferocious that she is forced to face who–and what–she really is.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Luminoso Trilogy: The Complete Box Set

by Michael Wallace

Clinging to a mountainside, Quintana survived the collapse of civilization while other cities burned, protected by a deep gorge and an ancient bridge. Vast reserves of coal are its economy, a rigid caste system preserves stability, and the Luminoso cult jealously guards the ancient wonders preserved from the age of plenty.

But when a child awakens a deadly artifact deep in the mines, and mysterious portents are spotted in the skies, the ruling families must come together to fight the treacherous cult before they—and their city—are crushed beneath the Luminoso boot.

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Terminal Regression

by Mallory Hill

When Laura Baily receives a one-way ticket to Terminal B, she believes she’s been sentenced to death. Instead, she finds a work camp for her fellow rejects, people who have been deemed worthless by society. Will Laura and her friends be able to escape the community from hell and make it back home?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Lost Camelot

by M.L. Bullock

King Arthur Is Dead
Long Live the Undead Queen!
Guinevere thought that her life was over, that she would spend the rest of her days in a convent or hidden away in Avalon, but she was wrong. Cursed by Morgan LeFay, Queen Guinevere is banished from Avalon and must face the ages alone, hiding in the shadows as a vampire. Through the centuries, she’s watched Arthur return again and again, but her love and respect for her husband and king has kept her away.
Until now.
Morgan LeFay has returned with an ominous threat, and once again Guinevere is forced to make an impossible choice, but one she cannot avoid. Supernatural forces are arrayed against the once-powerful queen…can she overcome them and settle an ancient score?

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

Wings of Fate

by Skye Horn

Death chose her for her blood; Fate chose her for her heart.

In a world without magic, Thea is ordinary, but everything changes when she discovers she is a Lost Princess from a kingdom in Faerie.

Now, a land Thea never knew existed expects her to become queen—but only if she can stop her villainous father who sits on her throne from releasing the Goddess of Death first. As darkness spreads across the Kingdoms of Faerie, Thea must prepare for the battle ahead by mastering the magic that runs through her veins with the help of the Fae who brought her home—a guardian sworn to protect her with his life.

With proper training, Thea might able to stop her father, but saving her kingdom may cost her heart.

WINGS OF FATE is the first book in the Kingdoms of Faerie series. The series explores a world of magic, myth, and legend through the lens of a powerful female heroine.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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