The King’s Feather

by Amy Earls

Pero Moshe’s mom vanished from their Oregon home, and the prophecy says it will happen to Pero, too. But when it does—and Pero is transported to an older universe, life gets more than a little nuts.

Throw in a bodyguard who is almost criminally cute, a corrupt and brilliant doctor who wants to steal Pero’s power and rule all of Moon City, and her mom showing up as a pawn in the whole thing. And all Pero wants is to grab her mom and go home.

But, uh, yeah, that’s not happening.

In the end, Pero is forced to choose between forgiveness or escaping with those she loves before a shout crumbles Moon City’s walls to pieces. And both choices come at a cost she’s not sure she’s willing to pay.

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Category: Christian Fantasy


Stalks of Gold

by Celeste Baxendell

Magic isn’t a solution; it’s a trap.

If Aurelia ever comes across magic, she’s supposed to run in the other direction. Life is no longer so simple. If the tower door opens, and she doesn’t have any gold, her life will be forfeit.

The only person who can help her is the mysterious stranger who appeared on her doorstep. Taking his deal means she might live, but what will she sacrifice in order to do it?

Sandor has successfully kept Aurelia away from the king and the truth for years, but it was all for nothing. Is the king truly so desperate, he’s willing to believe such nonsense as a girl who can spin straw into gold?

If Aurelia was a witch, Sandor would know… unless he’s not the only one keeping secrets.

The trap is springing shut. Sandor is the only one who can save her… or so he thinks. Is the king the real threat, or is there something more sinister lurking in the shadows?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Riders of Fire Dragon Masters books 1-3: Anakisha’s Dragon, Dragon Mage, Dragon Pirate

by Eileen Mueller

5 Stars – “A remarkable book… You’ll find yourself wanting to grab a sword or bow and fight alongside the characters.”

Soar on dragonback with Riders of Fire Dragon Masters: a wild adrenaline ride with courageous dragon riders, nail-biting action, devious mages, swashbuckling pirates and snarky dragons.

Enjoy 3 books in 1 in this exciting box set from USA Today bestselling author Eileen Mueller!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Gods of Blood and Bone (A Sci-Fi Death Game LitRPG)

by Azalea Ellis

Binge the complete series now!

Leveling up would be fun…

If it weren’t so deadly.

Eve is a survivor. Kidnapped and genetically enhanced, she wakes in an alley with the ability to level up. As a Player, her life now belongs to the Game.

Deadly Trials offer fantastic and powerful prizes, but as she fights against both alien monsters and other Players, Eve knows she would do anything to escape the Game.

She may have to risk more than just her life to gain the power to control her own destiny…

Gods of Blood and Bone is the first book in a dark and deliciously violent adventure series that combines science fiction, fantasy, and LitRPG elements. You’ll love Gods of Blood and Bone because of the electrifying action, flawed characters, and kick-ass heroine.

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Category: Science Fiction – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Gods of Rust and Ruin

by Azalea Ellis

Injecting the blood of an alien god can give you amazing powers…

If you live.

I thought I could trust my allies. I was wrong. Now we all have to pay the price.

A new, seemingly impossible quest from the Oracle has seared itself into my brain. Enemies are watching our every move. NIX is experimenting on my brother. And my new power is eating me alive.


What is NIX planning? Can I keep my condition a secret long enough to get us out of here?

Is the genocidal, half-crazed alien imprisoned below our only hope of salvation? And if so, can we manage to free him…without getting ourselves killed?

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Serpent Dominion

by Christopher Mitchell

The Dragon-King is dead and revolution is in the air, but the biggest problem Lahnos faces are the horns growing out of his head. He has a choice to make – fight for a homeland that hates him, or sit back and watch the Serpent Isle burn?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Reaching Kylee

by Tamara Hart Heiner

She’s beautiful. She’s mysterious. And nobody knows what happened to her.

After his mother’s death, Price can’t wait to start over somewhere new, where no one knows him and no one expects anything from him. Even if it means cows and dirt roads and crazy neighbors.

When he learns about the neighbor girl’s disappearance, he finds himself drawn into the mystery. What happened to her? Is she missing–or dead?

But finding out the truth may cost Price more than he is willing to pay.

The girl next door is definitely not what he thought she’d be.

Reaching Kylee is the second novel in the Kellam High series. If you love romantic suspense novels with a paranormal edge or are a fan of Lauren Oliver’s novels, then you will love the Kellam High series by Tamara Hart Heiner. Once you start reading this riveting mystery, you won’t put it down. Download it now.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Gavin E Parker

When Earth’s colony on Mars independently votes to secede from the USAN in 2241 the massive warship Ephialtes is sent to challenge the rebels.

The ensuing scramble for a diplomatic solution might just stave off disaster but, with Ephialtes closing in on Mars, time is running out.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization