War Eternal, Books 1-3

by M.R. Forbes

3 books. 1000+ pages. Over 100,000 unbundled copies sold. A lost starship. A disgraced space marine. An alien invasion. A twist on time travel you’ve never read before.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


The Alchemist’s Box

by Alex Avrio

Five years ago she would have run him though with her saber. Now she must trust Kapitan Maximillian Jaeger, enemy in the recent bitter war, with her life. The mercenaries’ simple job: to retrieve the mysterious Alchemist’s Box from the neighboring Duchy of Pella.

But in Pella, a curse of a thousand years has resurfaced.

Where are all the court dignitaries? What does the Alchemist’s box contain that is worth killing, or dying, for?

Can Regina and Jaeger put the war behind them and work together to save everyone in the Duchy before it’s too late?

In the first book of the Merchant Blades series, come on a swashbuckling adventure, battling through snow-covered mountains, across deserts and into pyramids, into the lavish balls of the Duchy of Pella, with sword fights, werewolves and giant snakes, and the formidable Queen of the Night!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Apples of Idunn

by Matt Larkin

Is vengeance enough?

Can Odin keep his promise to a goddess?

Or will temptation shape his destiny?

In a world of gods, giants, and monsters, Odin has pledged to devote his life to keeping his tribe alive.

But caught between his blood-brother Loki and the goddess Idunn, he has to make a choice—one that will shape the fate of all Midgard.

The Apples of Idunn is a captivating historical fantasy novel shaped by Norse mythology. If you like glorious quests, incredible magic, and tragic mythology, then you’ll love the first book in Matt Larkin’s Ragnarok Era series.

Buy The Apples of Idunn to enter a frozen world of mythology today!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Mists of Niflheim

by Matt Larkin

Idunn’s apples rendered Odin the god-king of his harsh lands. Now Idunn calls upon him to fulfill a greater destiny: a sojourn to the islands of the gods where he must overthrow those his people have long worshipped.

The numerous petty kingdoms and hostile armies that lay in Odin’s way pale before the greater threat: the vengeful Children of Mist, sorcerers armed with daunting skills and able to unleash draugar, trolls, and the most horrific terrors of Hel. Odin must overcome these Otherworldly foes lest his people perish having never beheld the islands of paradise.

The Mists of Niflheim continues the historical fantasy epic begun in The Apples of Idunn. Fans of tragic mythology and glorious quests should not miss this book in The Ragnarok Era.

Buy The Mists of Niflheim to continue the saga now!

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by F.T. McKinstry

In a war-torn realm occupied by a race of immortal warlords called the Fylking, trouble comes with a price. Using the realm as an outpost from which to fight an ancient war, the Fylking protect the veils between the worlds by the sword. Their enemies, without pity, are bent on annihilation.

A seer with a tormented past discovers a warlock gathering an army of warriors that cannot die. A seasoned warrior who defends the realm is snared in a political trap that forces him to choose between love and honor. And a knitter touched by the gods catches the eye of a dark immortal with no name and the power to summon storms.

When these three mortals are caught on a rising wave of darkness, murder, treachery, sorcery and war, they must rally to protect the boundaries of the Otherworld against a plot that will violate the balance of cosmos, destroy the Fylking and plunge the world into ruins.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Wizard’s Way

by H.P. and Jacob Holo

Monsters. Murder. Swashbuckling pug butlers.


J. Chaucey Thatcher has a monster inside him, but this is the least of his worries.

A murderer prowls the Iron City, slaying inventors. An angry mob storms close behind, blaming wizards. Any they find, they burn alive.

Chaucey is an inventor. He is also secretly a wizard, and the only person who can help with this secret was just murdered before his very eyes.

But when it comes to investigating, Chaucey is as dogged as his best friend is dog. With the help of his loyal pug butler, his sparky (almost? maybe?) girlfriend, and a sleuth of rambunctious bears, he has vowed to unravel the mystery of these murders and save the city from the grips of terror.

But the monster inside him burns for escape.

Will he save the Iron City? Or will the monster destroy it first?

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


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