by Robyn Wideman

Kyra is a thief. However, when the prince comes to her with a problem she has the opportunity to start fresh. The problem is someone is killing the prince’s associates. She needs someone who can protect her while she investigates. She needs someone who will frighten bad men. She needs the Savage.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



by Darius Brasher

Scrawny seventeen-year-old Theodore Conley shocks himself and everyone else by tossing three big bullies around like they are wads of paper and Theo is aiming for the trash can.

Now that he has superpowers, suddenly everyone expects Theo to do great things. He doesn’t want to do anything great, though. It’s too much work and too dangerous. Unless it’s safe and involves Theo finally getting a girlfriend, he’s not interested.

Theo gets more danger than he can handle when a supervillain attacks. In self-defense, Theo is forced to pursue a hero’s cape in superhero school, a frightening place of grueling humiliation, intense combat training, and deadly tests.

Theo soon finds that even just a potential superhero gets an archenemy. The problem is Theo’s doesn’t want to just defeat him.

His archenemy wants to kill him.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero



by Arthur Slade

If you have red hair you’re marked for death…

Queen Servilia has ruled the world of Illium for over a thousand years. Using magical red dust mined from the earth, she has enslaved her subjects in body and in mind.

But in a distant village, wild magic is growing. Fen, a young girl whose hand has been cut off as punishment for theft, wakes one morning to discover that her hair has gone crimson: a sign she has been invested with magic of her own. Now, she is a threat to her queen. Therefore Fen is marked for death.

When her village is burned to the ground and her sister captured, Fen faces an impossible choice. Will she unleash the most feared magical entity of all time—an ancient god who could overthrow Servilia, but whose power may be even more terrifying—in order to save the only family she has left?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Quinn Coleridge

Demigoddess Hester Grayson’s own soul is at stake when she works with the dead. Either they cross over to the spirit world in a timely fashion or become hideous wraiths doomed to haunt her forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


by Quinn Coleridge

After a lace factory in Stonehenge is bombed, demigoddess Hester Grayson is surrounded by more spirits than ever before. Spectris everywhere, with only Sir Death to call upon for help. As she investigates, Hester encounters opposition when local coppers prove corrupt, and Sir Death disappears upon the arrival of a mysterious circus.

Will Hester succeed in freeing her ghosts? Or will she have hell to pay for failing them?

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Quantum Tangle

by Chris Reher

Dropping out of sub-space into the wrong galactic sector, Sethran Kada wakes up with a headache and an extraordinary alien aboard his ship. She implores him to help stop the abductions of her people, a newly evolved species emerging from sub-space. When contact with her kind turns pilots into casualties, the Commonwealth Governors fear an imminent invasion engineered by their rebel enemies.

Pursued by Air Command, Seth heads deep into rebel-controlled territory to recover the stolen entities and keep this deadly weapon from falling into the wrong hands. Things get personal when his alien visitor begins to transform his mind and his life, turning the rescue mission into a fight for survival for all of them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Stone of the Tenth Realm

by Eva Gordon

Sophie Katz, a Jewish chemistry student, harrowingly escapes a Nazi concentration camp. By way of Prague and with the help of a golem and a magic stone, she is transported into the Tenth Realm, a magical dimension that parallels the world she left behind.

Logan MacLeod, a Scottish warrior, hunted for a crime he did not mean to commit, flees to the Bestiary, a forest so dangerous no man dares enter. Drawn by the haunting sound of his bagpipes, Sophie and Logan meet.

Even as love ensues, the dark evil of the Third Reich threatens the Tenth Realm, led by Gustaf Hissler, Adolph Hitler’s doppelganger.

Together they must join the forces against Hissler in the Tenth Realm and help stop Hitler from world domination in Sophie’s realm. Will they be able to stop the Third Reich before its evil conquers all of the realms?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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