Circles In Stone: Search for the Jewel of Power

by D.C. Faber

Follow this modern tale of magic, mystery, and intrigue, that takes our heroes and villains, from the plains of England to the islands of Hawaii and back to England A story filled with history, action, love, fairies, and even a dragon. Set in real places and around real events. You decide what is real and what is not, or if there is a difference.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Portal

by Brandon Q. Morris and Tim L. Rey

Tyler Drake has a dream: he wants to find Xibalbá, the legendary underworld of Mayan mythology. In Mexico, he meets diver Adriana Ramírez. They have no idea what a fantastic and dangerous world is hidden behind the portal. If they fails to confront the creatures of this alien planet, the gateway threatens to plunge all of humanity into chaos.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

Shadow of Death

by Diane E. Samson

A homeless prince, a grueling mission, an unlikely hope.

When unspeakable tragedy strikes Prince Jack’s family, he’s left with one desire: vengeance. Now serving a foreign king, Jack perfects his talent with the sword. He’s sent to the desert for spy and assassin training, dreaming of the day he’ll use these skills to drive a dagger into Ingvar’s heart.

Jack plunges into his training and finds a new family of sorts. But as the desert Lord Anwar readies for battle, allegiances shatter, blood runs in the streets, and the shadow of death looms near. During a last effort to complete his seemingly impossible mission, Jack chances upon a slave girl with a Northern accent and eyes so familiar that he makes a hasty vow.

He always thought he’d defeat his nightmares by becoming one. Could that nightmare fade into a new dream? And could that strange slave girl be at the heart of it all?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Legacy of Old Earth Far Future Space Opera Boxed Set

by James David Victor

In a world of genetic engineering, fantastic aliens, and faster than light travel, a conspiracy whose origins have been lost in time threatens to tear the galaxy apart.

Anders Corsigon has spent his life bringing galactic criminals to justice. When a bizarre murder turns into a string of assassinations, he must find a killer who is protected by the highest levels of the empire. After being cast aside by the empire he faithfully served, his only allies will be a rogue simulated intelligence, an alien spy, and a fugitive engineer. In a world where advanced genetic engineering can literally rewrite humanity, they must uncover a conspiracy that could destroy the galaxy.

The Legacy of Old Earth Far Future Space Opera Boxed Set contains the entire Legacy of Old Earth series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Battle of the Iron Gates

by Stew Adams

In a realm where Light and Dark wage war, Arthur, a valiant Templar, leads a desperate defence against the demon hound Naberius. Outnumbered and facing impossible odds, Arthur and his Templars must hold the Iron Gates Fortress or the southern kingdoms will fall. As casualties mount, Arthur devises a bold plan to take the fight to the enemy. With time running out, Arthur rallies his soldiers, each imbued with divine Light, for a final charge against Naberius. In a climactic battle, Arthur confronts not only the demon but also his growing doubts about the Light he serves. “Battle of the Iron Gates” is an action-packed prequel novella to the epic fantasy series Wild Green Flame, perfect for fans of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson who crave pulse-pounding action and rich world-building.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

A Kessler Effect Boxed Set, Books 1-3:

by Vannetta Chapman

Veil of Mystery–Book 1 (50 page prequel)
Veil of Anarchy–Book 2 (205 page novel)
Veil of Confusion–Book 3 (218 page novel)

Can law and order survive in a world without rules?

The people of Alpine, Texas are thrown into an apocalyptic world on the 6th of June. First communications stop working, then GPS, internet, electricity, and water. They don’t know what has caused the disruption, how long it will last, or how far it extends. Soon they will learn that in 1978 Donald J. Kessler predicted the very disaster they are living through. The Kessler Effect refers to a cataclysmic collision of lower orbit satellites, and for the people of Alpine that means their lives just changed—forever.

The Kessler Effect series is a fresh addition to the genre of apocalyptic/disaster fiction by USA Today bestselling author Vannetta Chapman.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Breaker of Games

by Timothy W. Long

In the distant future, Earth is at the mercy of a rogue quantum AI with the power to manipulate time, space, and reality. This entity has gone off the rails, turning our world into a chaotic, dystopian landscape from a video game.

Liam is an ordinary IT technician who is thrust into the role of Earth’s unlikely savior. Tasked with rebooting the entire planet, he must navigate a world where the rules of physics are as malleable as the whims of the AI that controls it.

From battling monsters to solving mind-bending puzzles, every step brings him closer to his goal – or to total annihilation. But with the AI’s unpredictable nature and the fate of Earth hanging in the balance, the question remains: Can Liam break the game and save Earth, or will he be the final pawn in the AI’s twisted game of control?

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations