Lost Legacy

by D K Henderson

What would you do if an ink-black skull suddenly materialised out of thin air, right in front of your nose? Scream? So did I…

That skull was Gileada, first of the 13 sacred crystal Skulls of Light created in long forgotten times by races of benevolent beings from across the galaxy. Brought to Earth to watch over the human race.

Since the time of Atlantis, there have been those who have coveted the Skulls’ power for their own dark purposes. As there have been those willing to sacrifice everything to keep the Skulls safe.

Now the dark forces are rising again, their influence growing daily. And the Skulls have made contact with me, wanting my help to defeat them.

Why me? As yet, I have no idea. All I do know is that I’m scared, confused, and completely out of my depth – and that I can’t say ‘No’.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Sword of Tyre

by Alexandria Heberling

In this first installment of The Conquest of Grellbain trilogy, the ruthless villain, Lord Vengru, and an Ekädi hunter, Timar, set off in a race against each other to get their hands on an unrivalled and all-powerful weapon, the Sword of Tyre. The result of claiming this weapon: eternal life, matchless strength, and certain victory, but will the cost prove to be too great? Only time will tell. The action never stops in this nail-biting adventure filled with treachery, tragedy and no small amount of courage.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Trouble With Time Travel

by Roy Huff

In the four years since he traveled through time to save the world, Quinn Black has settled happily into life as a new space race billionaire, despite the fact he’s no longer able to travel or loop time.

But before long, things start to go horribly wrong. The system he created to save the planet mysteriously begins to malfunction. His team receives a cryptic message, and he’s hurled back into the past once again . . . but with a twist. Now, instead of trying to go back in time, he’s desperate to travel in the other direction and get back to the future.

As he joins forces with a young Dr. Green to help him find his way back to 2025, Quinn discovers a sinister plot, one so complex that Quinn may not be able to unravel it. Now Quinn must change the course of history once again. . . or risk erasing his own.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Inquisitors’ Guild: A collection of three novels from Frosthelm

by Dave Dobson

These three stories tell the tale of intrepid investigators from the Inquisitors’ Guild, a group of detectives, soldiers, and spies in the city of Frosthelm. Expect magic, swordplay, intrigue, scheming nobles, dire threats, and grand adventure. Each story in the set is a complete stand-alone mystery.

The three books included are:
— Flames Over Frosthelm
Two provisional inspectors stumble across a magic artifact when their suspect explodes. They uncover a dire threat to their Guild and their city.

–The Outcast Crown
An inspector and an apprentice investigate a murder and a mysterious phenomenon plaguing the city. They find an ancient tale of far-flung evil buried under an unsuspecting city.

–The Woeling Lass
After narrowly avoiding assassination, an inspector tries to unravel the plot against him. In the city, a young apprentice becomes embroiled in her own investigation.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


A Merry Life (Pirates of New Earth Book 1)

by Sarah Branson

Here’s what reviewers are saying about Sarah Branson’s debut novel: “One of the best heroines you’ll find in contemporary sci-fi.” “Deeply satisfying.” “Swashbuckling, vengeance and heart — all wrapped up in one heck of a strong woman.” In A Merry Life, Kat Wallace is on a mission. After escaping tortuous enslavement, she sets out to prove herself as a member of the Bosch Pirate Force and end human trafficking that has flourished in 24th century Earth. But unexpected love and a test of loyalty threaten to rob her of what she wants most: a home.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Curse of Stone

by Veronica Shade

Supposedly, witches can’t kill. But Madison accidentally killed her boyfriend, and now a girl at her witch academy is dead, too.

Madison spent her life avoiding her magical abilities, but when she’s forced to use them to save her best friend from a deadly storm and accidentally kills her boyfriend as a result, she decides she needs to enroll at La Voisin School for Young Witches after all.

She knew starting a year later than her peers would come with its own struggles; she just never expected one of those struggles would be the impossible murder of a classmate. The school is spelled for safety, and witches can’t kill…so how did Giselle end up dead?

Only Giselle and her killer know, and only Madison can find out. Because now, the dead witch is haunting her. Crazy thing is, Giselle’s murder isn’t even the biggest secret this school has.

Just ask the statues.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Dispatches from a Future War

by Rod Carstens

There are worse fates than death. There was Mike who had ‘died’ three times and he was still fighting the war.
There was Maria who was having a hard time distinguishing between virtual deaths and the real thing. There was Juan who salvaged the ‘dead’ only to see them returned to the front. He didn’t know how much longer he could do it.

Christian McCloud was a cyberpunk journalist he was no soldier. He fashioned downloads from celebrities memories. Now he was in the middle of a war. He was downloading the memories of the young men and women fighting this war but technology had changed the rules. War had always been about living and dying now technology was blurring the lines between the two.

Christian found himself straddling that line with these young soldiers trying to tell their stories. He found himself becoming one of them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


The Moonlit Woods

by Eliza Tilton

When Rosalie is thrown into a deadly bridal competition she must decide if the dark fae stealing her heart can be trusted to save her life.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales