Escape from the Dominion

by Craig Halloran

A world devastated by nuclear war,
Now dragons and mutants roam the ravaged and apocalyptic landscape.

Young Gabe knows there’s more outside the foreboding sanctuary that he calls home. Curious to understand what his father, a dragon hunter, endures, he breaks a fatal rule and ventures out of the compound, only to discover a mutated world more vicious and deadly than he ever imagined.

In over his head, Gabe faces off against the evil despots who rule the land. Now, he must save himself and a miraculous winged beast, deemed a threat to the overbearing Dominion, before they destroy them both. Can Gabe conquer this battle or was his fate sealed the moment he started his perilous quest?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Flight from the Dominion (The Gamma Earth Cycle Book 2)

by Craig Halloran

Young Gabe and his dragon, Squawk, set out on their own to the Broken City where little to no life remains. He was of the impression that members of the Resistance would rally with him there, but something goes wrong. It is there that Gabe gets his first taste of the harsh realities of the outside world where mutated monsters and men called gammas roam. Finding themselves trapped by an unforeseen threat, they must make new allies to survive or die. Meanwhile, Trooper, and his hard-nosed brood of Death Riders are hot on Gabe’s trail. The malicious gang closes in and will stop at nothing to acquire, Gabe and his prized dragon, Squawk. Will it be death or will he be caught and forever enslaved by the Dominion?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Forever Road

by Catie Rhodes

Haunted. Outcast. Cursed. Meet Peri Jean Mace. She’s a psychic medium whose gift has caused her nothing but trouble. But when a gruesome murder shakes her tiny East Texas town, Peri Jean steps up to expose the killer—using her gift. Can Peri Jean accept her destiny after a lifetime of denying who she is? Or will she end up the next one dead?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Auryn Hadley

Author Auryn Hadley goes deep rather than wide on this one, reveling in the relationships that are the source of power of Salryc Luxx, commander of the Anglian army and leader of all iliri. Danger surrounds her on all sides: from the enemy’s encroachment on the borders of her former homeland, to the many humans who still perceive the iliri species as an enslaved inferior race. The thing that Sal fears most though, is losing her mind; all members of her lineage have been driven mad as their powers increased–and Sal’s mind is morphing by the minute.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


Jurassic Jail, The Time Wars Book 1

by William Alan Webb

Can you prosecute an ancient murder if the victim is still alive? Not if the killers get you first.

During a shady militia meeting in New Orleans, a famous scientist claims a bold discovery. The government mole in the group, known only as Gomorrah, knows he’s been tagged. He takes off with carloads of gunners on his tail.

Meanwhile, a partial skeleton turns up in a flooded Tennessee ditch, the bones brown and aged from long years buried. But something is very wrong with those bones. M.E. Sydney Hammick tries to interest D.A. Peter Dance in the mystery, but Dance now has a wife and kids and doesn’t want to play her games.

But someone nasty wants those bones, and he doesn’t care who he must kill to get them. When bullets fly, only Gomorrah can save Hammick and Dance from vanishing into the mists of time… or into the jaws of a long extinct killer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Early Grave

by Lori Drake

She couldn’t save his life. Can she save his soul?

When Joey’s best friend and packmate is murdered, it turns her world upside down. But is it really the end? Held hostage by a ruthless fanatic, Chris’s spirit is trapped, tortured for the secrets he holds. His only hope is a tenuous connection to the life he had, and the fierce woman who will cross heaven and earth to help him rest in peace.

Can Joey foil the killer’s nefarious scheme and set Chris free? Or will he be trapped between this world and the next forever?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Bitter Ashes Series (Books 1-3)

by Sara C. Roethle

Madeline is cursed. Cursed to kill with a touch, and to feel every last emotion of her victims. She was sure her life couldn’t get any worse until she’s kidnapped in the middle of the night and thrust into a world straight out of her darkest nightmares. Part of her wants to find her way back, but deep down she knows she’s too dangerous to live in the normal world.

Her indecision traps her in a mystery not even her kidnappers understand, but her dark gift may just be the key to everything. She’ll have to figure it out fast, because the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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