Strands of Time

by Kris Ruhler

All Kallum wants is a peaceful life in Levitor city with the girl of his dreams. He has life all planned out. But after a simulation test unexpectedly leaves him reeling, normal takes a whole different meaning. He loses his guardian and fears he’s turning into his worst nightmare—a Crazy.
Worse than all of this? He finds he’s the cause of the fracture in the aetherium, a stone of vast energy that powers the dome protecting Levitor. Now the threat of invasion from the savages on the outside looms.
What is this aetherium stone bestowed by the Aeternas, an alien race? Who are they? Why did they give the stone in the first place? Are they so benevolent? Probably not. No Levitorian citizens dare to question.
It’s up to Kallum to fix the aetherium. He will have to choose where he belongs and what is really worth sacrificing for the greater good.
Welcome to the Aeterna Chronicles.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Light of Darkness Box Set: Books 1-3

by Catrin Russell

“A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge, that will have you at the edge of your seat and wishing for more!” ***** The Magic Book Corner

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Scythe: Legions of the Claimed

by Mercy Hollow

When loner motorcycle mechanic Sly Morgan lands in Chicago, he believes he can finally stop running. But no one escapes the Legions — a magic-driven underworld controlled by a symbiotic, force that lives in their blood. Plunged into a battle for loyalty, honor, and a new family he doesn’t believe he deserves, Sly fights to break free. Can he be the first to escape or will he succumb to the darkness of the Legions forever? The first three books in the series are on sale now.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Dead Run

by Camille Picott

Plaguers prowl the earth. Humans are their prey. Power must be taken.

In the Afterworld, only mercenaries leave the walled cities and have rights to the salvage needed for survival. Sulan can only dream of becoming one of them …

… until she discovers the Meat Grinder. It’s a race from one end of San Francisco to the other, through streets infested with flesh-eating plaguers.

If Sulan can finish the race, she’ll become a mercenary. Does she have what it takes to survive, or will she be more meat for the Meat Grinder?

Dead Run is the first book in the high-octane Afterworld Apocalypse series. If you like the dystopian future of Mad Max and the gritty characters of 28 Days Later, you’ll love this action-packed story.

Enter the Afterworld and buy Dead Run today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Replika: Sky’s Mission

by Hugo Bernard

Reality is an illusion worth fighting for…

Earth’s ecological collapse is avoided when most of the world population agrees to permanently upload into a simulated reality called Replika. But the stability of this world is threatened when a group of neuroscientists hack their brains to interact with the simulations in unforeseen and dangerous ways.

Sky devotes her life to rebuilding the real world left in the shadows of Replika. But when she learns her brother, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances, is in danger, she must choose which world needs her most. All she wants is to find the brother she loves, but she will unwittingly get entangled in a ploy to redefine reality.

HUGO BERNARD masterfully weaves an intricate and fast-paced cyber thriller while also raising profound existential questions about the role of simulated reality in our future.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


Magic Alias

by Fatima Fayez

Yesterday, I believed I was the smartest witch at the supernatural agency, reclaiming stolen artifacts and tracking down dangerous rogues.

Today, I know the organization I work for is actually a front for a sprawling criminal network that threatens to upend the paranormal world.

Tomorrow, I’m taking them down.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


To Wield a Plague

by Derrick Smythe

There will be no victory here for anyone but those who thirst for blood.

Forced to choose between his mother’s life and his own exile, Dwapek embarks upon a journey wrought with trials no ordinary Renzik could hope to survive. Relics of legend, plagues of old, and monsters of unthinkable dread all collide in this epic fantasy adventure as a weapon capable of destroying an entire people is set to be unleashed.

This standalone story will be enjoyed by new and established fans of Smythe’s bestselling Passage to Dawn series. Patrons of Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Michael J. Sullivan, Edward W. Robertson, Patrick Rothfuss, and Michael Wisehart rejoice!

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age



by Kallen Samuels

Leviticus Radix is a gifted computational engineer whose perceptions are unique and powerful. He’s part of a team of graduate students who have developed a new technology that garners the unwanted attention of mysterious opposing factions. To make matters worse, Leviticus is manifesting abilities that haven’t been seen for over 1700 years. One ancient order wants to enslave him, the other says he’s the chosen one who will save the world from a prophesied flood. This is all news to him, but it’s starting to look like it’s not a coincidence.

His future and the lives of his friends are forever altered as they discover the world is a very different place than they thought.

“A well-crafted story with considerable depth and complexity. A compelling, multilayered storyline of good vs. Evil.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian