The 9/11 Machine

by Greg Enslen

Dr. Donald Ellis lost everything on 9/11. He lost his wife and daughter in the south tower of the World Trade Center. But while others grieved, or plotted revenge, Dr. Ellis threw himself into a long-dormant research project. He traded his lab at the University of New York for an ugly riverfront warehouse in Brooklyn. What is he working on? And why does he spend every free moment at the warehouse standing by the river, staring across the water at Ground Zero? Because Dr. Ellis has a plan: he’s going to make 9/11 “unhappen.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History


Legacy Of Ashes

by Ric Beard

The year is 2137. A century has passed since oil reserves dwindled and the resource wars wiped out much of the human race. Pockets of survivors have risen in conflict, regressing the North American continent into a colonial free-for-all. Now, two cities constructed atop the ashes of the old world must forge a thousand-mile path to unite against the violent remnants of humanity who rule the dark lands between.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Bone & Cinder

by Scott Nicholson & Joshua Simcox

When Mackie Dailey survives a cataclysmic solar storm that wipes out civilization and mutates others into violent killers, he seeks out the one person he cares about most.

But when he returns to a college campus looking for Allie, he discovers she is a Zaphead—nearly unrecognizable as the human he once loved. Mackie becomes caught in a power struggle among a small group of survivors who turn the campus into a stronghold against the Zaphead threat. His old nemesis, Lucas Krider, has taken charge, but Krider’s vision of a new world is just as horrifying as the extinction they all face.

Will Mackie sacrifice himself so the group has a chance to survive, or will his demons turn out to be more dangerous than the strange, rampaging creatures that nature has unleashed?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Rise of the Retics (Rosehaven, Book 1)

by T.J. Lantz

There are very few humans in the world who know about the island of Rosehaven, and even fewer who would be willing to step foot there. But for Tyranna, a twelve-year-old girl being hunted for what she is, a shape-shifting Berserker descended from a union of Vikings and Elves, it’s the only place she has a chance at being safe.

Of course, on an island inhabited by Gnomish mad-scientists with excellent insurance, sword-fighting Squirrel-kin who must defend their honor at all costs, competitive Goblin assassins who hate having siblings, and Fairies whose idea of being nice is only mocking half your flaws, “safe” is a relative term.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Return of the Fae-blood

by T.J. Lantz

An assassin is loose in Rosehaven, civil war is on the verge of breaking out, and the Coalition of the Burning Heart has found a way to locate the hidden city. Can the citizens of Rosehaven band together to overcome the new threats or will their differences mean their destruction?

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