The Mountain of Souls

by Marcus Lee

If your life hung by a thread, how far would you go, and what lines would you cross simply to survive?

When Malina is sold at an auction block, she fears life will take a turn for the worse.

But even her darkest nightmares are nothing compared to the reality of what she faces when she’s delivered to the Mountain of Souls.

Thrust into a brutal selection process where failure means death, Malina must train and fight not only to survive but to prove herself worthy to serve.

The risks are deadly, but if she succeeds, the rewards are beyond measure, and a destiny unlike any other awaits as one of The Chosen.

The Chosen. A thrilling and intricately spun Epic Fantasy that weaves a relentless fight for survival into a tapestry full of conquest, deception, magic, and an ancient prophecy that will determine the fate of the human race.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Light of Darkness: Books 1-3

by Catrin Russell

As humans wage war against demonkind, a Priestess of the Light must choose between heart and duty.
Fate, prophecies, and an impossible love blur the line between good and evil. “A grim and bloody tale of faith, forbidden love and revenge. Will have you at the edge of your seat wishing for more!” – The Magic Book Corner – 5 stars

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Emperor of Mu: Book One: Sage of the Six Realms

by Jason Beveridge

Find out why this book reached No 2 Amazon Best Sellers Epic Fantasy, UK!

When the Emperor of Mu is mysteriously murdered, it starts a medieval thriller of rivalry, love and battles between races and kind alike.
Fingers point as Mu elects a successor. Meanwhile, in the outlands, the old races stir. The hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another Elvic War. To the north, rumors spread of dragons returning after a three-hundred-solar absence. In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, while South of Mu, the sea invaders consolidate their rule.
The Saga of Six Realms epic book series – acclaimed for its world-building and unique characters – keeps you guessing with its twists and turns. You can also check out the reader’s companion website to learn more about this fantasy series, its characters and lore:

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Invasion: The Complete Heartland Aliens Series

by Joshua James

THEY INVADED. THEY CONQUERED. THEY UNDERESTIMATED. The War of the Worlds gets turbocharged in this nonstop action-packed series. When aliens arrive on Earth, the tiny town of Little Creek isn’t any more prepared than the rest of the planet. In the chaos that follows, an unlikely group bands together. But can five strangers really save us all?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Red Rain (Red Rain #1)

by Rachel Newhouse

The year is 2075. Earth is ruled by a one-world government. In order to maintain unity, all citizens must deny their national, racial, and religious identities—or suffer the consequences.

Stripped of her rights for refusing to assimilate, sixteen-year-old Philadelphia Smyrna escapes Earth’s religious containment camps when her father is summoned to work on Mars. The remote research base seems like a haven of tolerance—until she discovers it’s the same base where her brother mysteriously died two years before. Searching for answers, she stumbles into a hidden lab and uncovers terrifying experiments for an apocalyptic weapon. The scientist in charge has cruel plans for Earth, and he will kill to keep his secret hidden. Racing to stay one step ahead, Philadelphia must decide whether to save the people who have oppressed her for her entire life—or save her family and let Earth burn.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Crook Q (Red Rain #2)

by Rachel Newhouse

Believing the chaos of her adventure on Mars is behind her, seventeen-year-old Philadelphia Smyrna, an unassimilated Christian, faces a restricted but uneventful future. That is until she and her friend Cea are taken hostage to blackmail Cea’s wickedly genius brother into completing the infamous superweapon Red Rain. If he succeeds, the government will have the power to dissolve entire cities with acid. Desperate, the girls make a break for it. Thrust into the streets with a gun she’s afraid to shoot, Philadelphia realizes her battle with Red Rain is far from over—and this time, turning it over to the authorities is not an option.

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Apocalypse Assassin

by J.J. Thorn

Don’t be distracted. Trust the Quest. Kill your target.

Ten years ago, the world changed. The System brought dungeons and monsters to earth. Billions were lost.

While most try to rebuild, Claire chooses to take revenge on the people who took advantage of orphans in the chaos—100 names, 100 targets.

In this often brutal story about a world in chaos, Claire will kill every target on her list. No matter what it takes.

Apocalypse Assassin takes the listener through an alternate world where people delve into dungeons to grow stronger, Skills bring magic to life, and the world rebuilds.

All while Claire kills anyone whose name appears on her list.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Frozen Homestead

by Marie Wilkens

Surviving the apocalypse – one secret at a time.

Inheriting their grandparents’ property after their parents’ death, Penelope Geller and her brothers find an unlikely sanctuary – a bomb shelter. This heart-pounding EMP thriller charts their struggle for survival, brewing tensions, and startling revelations in a world that has lost its power.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Submerged Fire

by Sture Henckel

Hunted by the Magician Ruler and his weaponized magic, Niko and Stella must work together to survive. But will they have the skill and courage to change the rules of the game?

Niko has dreamt of learning magic all his life, and now he’s got this strange book in his hands. But being a mere commoner, he risks the death penalty just by looking for someone who can interpret the text.

Stella is a maid but also a blacksmith by secret training. She despises all talk of magic but realizes that this book is beyond even the mighty magicians.

To unlock its mysteries, they must work together. But in their quest, they become embroiled in a life and death struggle. And the Lord Ruler will use any power to stop those who challenge his monopoly on magic.

To survive, they must now face their own delusions and discern the true forces that run the world.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age