The Baby Farmer’s Ghost (The Carolyn Hunter Stories Book 1)

by Martin J. Best

The Allen family have finally found their forever home, but troubled teenager Frankie feels isolated and dejected; until she is befriended by fellow teen Carolyn Hunter. Just as the future begins to seem brighter, Frankie unexpectedly comes face to face with a ghost, and is swept into a perilous paranormal conflict with the malevolent Baby Farmer!

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

The Thief

by G. S. Jennsen

Eren Savitas’ job is to protect the Advocacy from all manner of alien threats: sabotage, assassination, insurgency and, way down the list, theft. So when he spots an alien running off with valuable technology, he follows them home—and discovers a civilization unlike any he’s ever encountered.

The Hesgyr are thieves. But they are also being hunted. Systematically exterminated by an insidious enemy they can’t see, touch or find. Eren finds himself drawn ever deeper into the Hesgyr’s fascinating yet labyrinthine world as he races against time to solve the mystery of the deadly attacks.

The Thief is a humorous, pulse-pounding sci-fi adventure about alien culture clashes, the flaws and foibles that transcend species, and the satisfaction that comes from breaking all the rules to save the day.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Moon Is A Good Place to Die (Liquid Cool Book 8)

by Austin Dragon

“Cruz, you’re under arrest for murder!” Our favorite sci-fi detective has been framed for murder and the police are after him. The victim was heir to a wealthy off-world dynasty and their revenge. Why won’t anyone believe he didn’t do it? But Cruz knows who did. To clear his name, he’ll hunt down this Three-Armed Man to the Moon Colony.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Black Powder, Black Heart (The Sendyne Flintlock Fantasy Chronicles Book 1)

by Seth Hobbs

The Walking Dead/Daybreakers meets Sharpe’s War/Napoleon in this epic start to a new Flintlock Fantasy Trilogy! Serial killers, assassins, religious zealots, secret societies, unlikely love, warring factions, political intrigue, and hideous new threats to humanity emerge in this breathtaking first entry. Seth Hobbs’ massive saga moves to a new era!

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Zodak – The Last Shielder

by Max Moyer

A courageous orphan. An ancient evil. A mysterious medallion.

In the village of Laan, Zodak endures a bleak life of misery at the hands of his hateful cousins and aunt. His steadfast uncle Ardon is his only anchor. When a water sprite arrives, speaking of destiny and an epic journey that awaits, Zodak struggles to grasp how an adventure with goblins and dwarves could ever be his story.

But when his uncle falls in a kidnapping plot and entrusts Zodak with a mysterious medallion, Zodak flees into a vast, unknown world. Seeking answers about his past and the medallion he carries, Zodak finds himself drawn to the magnificent city Uth Becca. In his journey, he unearths a clandestine order, a corrupt Magistrate, and a sinister plot that threatens humanity’s very existence.

A great evil awakens. Dark hordes are on the march. In a world desperate for a hero, can an outcast be enough?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Sapien Empire

by Nathan Ogloff

For Shindo Dacan, helplessness isn’t a feeling, it’s a way of life. Living in a post-apocalyptic hell, day after day he witnesses the plight of people suffering under the oppression of a barbaric warlord. When his friend is killed by the brutal tyrant he’s sworn to serve, Shindo is suddenly fueled by a vengeful desire for something more. He decides people need something better.

The road to building a better world can be as vicious and unforgiving as his limitations. Shindo’s treacherous path will force him to question his own abilities as a leader – or worse, ask if he is any better than the tyrant he so desperately wants to get rid of.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Cloud

by Robert Rivenbark

In twenty-second century L.A., dominated by The Cloud, every imaginable pleasure is accessible—yet the entire world can vanish in a single upload.

That choice rests in one man’s hands.

Blaise, a brilliant but tormented VR programmer, is trying to forget his violent past as a special forces commando by immersing himself in creating VR fantasies. His megalomaniac boss tempts him with wealth, power, and eternal life in exchange for coding a new VR series that will addict and eliminate billions of “unproductives.”

Caught between joining those who want to bring down the ruling Cloud regime in Hong Kong or accepting the offer of personal immortality, Blaise is flanked by two relentless women—a psychic hacker risking everything to save humanity, and another using her extraordinary wiles to ensure The Cloud’s final triumph.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Starlight Witch

by Kim Richardson

Finding my husband in bed with another woman was not how I planned to start my day.
Or homeless the next minute. And broke.
So, when a job comes my way from The Twilight Hotel—a paranormal hotel in midtown Manhattan that serves as a sanctuary and residence—I take it.
Cue in tattooed, sexy as sin, grumpy restaurant owner Valen, who can’t do drama or high-maintenance women. The problem? He’s cruel and dangerous.
And he’s hiding something.
Rumors arise of a dark spell that would mean the hotel’s closure, and I don’t know who I can trust. Do I have what it takes to fight this new evil? We’ll see. It’s game on.
Brace yourselves. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by G.J. Terral

Lies woven in blood are lines waiting to be crossed.

Lin is a competent, dedicated soldier but his mission takes a drastic turn when one of his charges is found murdered. Soon after, he is ambushed by magic-twisted monsters, gravely wounded, and abandoned by his one remaining ally.

Waking to find his injuries healed by forbidden magic, Lin is marked as an oathbreaker by the very laws and beliefs he upholds.

Lin soon finds his faith in the faction he’s lived his life upholding tested by the woman who saved him from the brink of death. With his fate hanging by a thread, he faces an impossible choice: stand by his new ally and seek vengeance for his murdered charge or betray her for amnesty from those who’d execute him.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery