Chameleon: Alien Castaways 1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

by Cara Bristol

Young widow Kevanne Girardi catches sight of a falling star and wishes for a good handyman to help make her rundown lavender farm a big success. Instead, she gets a shapeshifting alien who has never seen a leaky faucet before. But his loving and noble spirit make him just the man to fix her wounded heart. He hasn’t promised her forever, but a girl can hope, can’t she?

When his ship tumbles out of the sky and lands on Earth, Chameleon never expects to fall for a human woman. Unfortunately, he can’t stay. He made a mistake that led to the devastation of an entire planet, and now the survivors are depending on him to get them to safety. He must repair his ship and leave before the Xeno Consortium finds him and Earth becomes endangered, too. But oh, he wishes he could stay with Kevanne.

Can a twist of fate make their wishes come true?

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Daughters of Fate

by Teigen Bywater

In a world with inverted gender roles, a cold war draws to a close. Against the backdrop of encroaching peace, three women struggle with their fates.

Sushan Sato is an Heir to the High Council. She’s sent on a diplomatic mission to the neighbouring queendom and takes the chance to prove herself. She must broker a treaty to ensure lasting peace, trusting that her daughter will follow in her footsteps.

Lina Sato is Sushan’s eldest daughter, a highborn Mage like her mother. When Riddhi Kapoor arrives with a diplomatic delegation, Lina’s commitment to her duty clashes with a once in a lifetime love. Will she choose love and turn her back on destiny?

Sadira Sarr is a lowborn soldier. When she develops a rare magic, she’s thrust into the world of highborn politics. She must master her power if she wants to become one of the ruling class and win the hand of her beloved.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Final Days: The Complete Series (Books 1-3)

by Jasper T. Scott and Nathan Hystad

Final Days: The Complete Series, 3 books, 2000+ Reviews on Amazon, and 4.4/5 Stars average rating. For a limited time, enjoy the entire bestselling series for one low price.

The countdown to the end of the world has begun.

A mysterious series of natural disasters threatens to destroy life as we know it, and people are going missing. Agent Kendra Baker is on the case, and ex-Marine Corporal Andrew Miller will stop at nothing to find his daughter. Meanwhile, a reclusive billionaire holds the key to everyone’s salvation.

With the help of an unstable conspiracy theorist, they find themselves on the trail of a reclusive billionaire who just might have all the answers.

As the natural catastrophes escalate and the evacuations commence, it becomes a race against the clock to find the abductees before it’s too late.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

First Earth: A Clean YA Fantasy Adventure

by Cami Murdock Jensen

Sixteen-year-old Agnes Ann Cavanaugh hates mirrors and herself. Horribly disfigured as a baby and constantly battling chronic pain, she trusts only two people: her mom and the blind author who offered her an internship. But as she’s translating an ancient tablet for him, she triggers an attack by terrifying monsters that catapults her into an enchanted realm.

Barely able to catch her breath, she meets a strange old man and his talking cat who claim she’s a wizard destined to save their Earth. But when Agnes magically determines he’s lying about something, her wariness warns her she needs to get home. Yet, if she doesn’t master her latent abilities to defeat an evil necromancer, her own planet is as doomed as the one she hopes to escape.

Will Agnes protect the people that desperately need her, or is this the end of life as she knows it?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Hell’s Horizon

by Richard Fox and Jonathan Brazee

A war with no end. A vendetta that will destroy two commanders.

The war between the Alliance and the Hegemony has spanned countless stars and shed untold blood on a hundred worlds.

For two commanders, Alliance Captain Alcazar and Major Richter of the Hegemony the war has spiraled into a personal feud. Both lead fierce Marines and mechanized soldiers into battle against the other on the green hell of the planet Ayutthaya, and each new fallen warrior only deepens the bitterness and hatred between the two.

But as the conflict rages, the two warriors realize they have more in common than they dare to admit, and their own codes of honor may be what can bring the bloodshed to an end.

If they don’t kill each other first.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Dragon Academy

by Devonnie Asher

Mistakenly bonded to a stolen dragon, inexperienced Kaos is forced into the Dragon Academy—a brutal training school nestled in the heart of a volcano, where the country’s best dragon tamers are forged by fire. Can she survive long enough to unravel the Dragon Academy’s secrets?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Dragon Guard

by Devonnie Asher

With the threat of war looming on the horizon, Kaos and her dragon, Ignimitra are thrust into the Dragon Guard. Join them as they navigate a hellish first-year at the Academy in this thrilling continuation!

Previously $2.99

The Valiant

by J.J. Green

King Arthur in outer space?

Endless warfare has ravaged Earth, and billions are desperate to escape. One of them is Taylan Ellis.

Driven from her home in the West Britannic Isles by an invasion and severed from her children, Taylan enlists with the Britannic Alliance, hoping she can help regain her homeland and find her kids.

But decades of internal conflict and terrestrial and space warfare have left the BA on the edge of collapse.

Then its battleship, the Valiant, picks up a distress signal. The rescuers break into a sealed chamber and find the apparently mummified remains of an Iron Age chieftain. Disappointed, they’re about to leave when they discover the ‘mummy’ has a pulse.

Taylan suspects she knows who the mystery man is and what he’s capable of. If she’s right, can she convince her superiors and save the BA, her country, and her children?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Circus of the Dead

by Kimberly Loth

There are many ways to die at the Circus of the Dead.

You’re invited to witness them all.

Mom sent me all the way across the country to the Louisiana bayou to join the circus and help my uncle for the summer.

Except there is something not quite right on this swampy cursed island, and after having my fortune told, I can’t leave.

I try to escape, but Benny, an all too charming ghost gangster tries to kill me by feeding me to a tiger.

Thankfully I’m rescued by Samuel, the incredibly hot ringmaster who can’t be a day over twenty. Can he?

In addition to avoiding the human scorpion, staying away from the big cats, and having trouble figuring out who’s dead and who’s alive, I have to find a way to escape this horror show. Will I get out of the circus alive or will I join their army of ghosts and become a murderer myself?

Welcome to the Circus of the Dead.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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