by Renée Jaggér

Julie Meadows is down on her luck when she receives an e-mail drafting her into the Official Para-Military Agency.

She didn’t expect “para” to mean paranormal. Her partner is an Aether Elf prince, her boss is a Were…something, and the IT department is staffed by literal trolls.

The prospect of a steady job and financial security draws her into a world filled with every myth and legend she’s ever read about.

Julie dives into the magical, mystical, and downright fantastic when she and her partner, Taylor are tasked with finding new recruits for the Agency.

The problem? Julie is human, and the cost of failing to find a recruit is her life.

With the help of Taylor and a snarky mystical artifact, Julie races against the clock to avoid a killer mind-wipe.

Should she succeed, her place at OPMA will be secure. If she fails…either way her life will never be the same.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Arcane Mercenaries: Captain

by Mark August

Magic started a war. Grant will do anything to end it, including giving up his power.
For fifteen years, nations battled to rid themselves of the scourge of magic, and Captain Grant Gwydian’s mercenaries have been on the front line. Except, he’s StarTouched, a mage, and the leader of the Arcane Mercenaries. His group of wizards gets the toughest jobs and impossible missions courtesy of the highest bidder.
Overarching every skirmish and monumental battle is the threat of triggering the Apocalypse, and everyone blames the arrival of the Star-Touched as the greatest threat in known history. With enemies around every corner, the Arcane Mercenaries must embrace their powers and trust themselves above all others. But is one company enough to shape the future of empires and battle to save humanity?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Mercy’s Light

by Jess L. M. Anderson

Mercy has been keeping a secret from his loved ones and his village. A secret that could very well end his life. Descended from a group of ancient warriors from Aitus, Mercy is destined to become the greatest Keeper of Light the planet has ever seen, but one mistake will cost him everything. With his secret out, Mercy must now find a way to free his people and keep himself alive before Queen Mala and her Unity Council can cause any more damage. With the help of his best friend, Sylas, and an unlikely ally from the capital of Ozra, Mercy will need to master his Keeping of the Light Source and learn to accept who he was always meant to be. In this Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Mercy must go on a life-changing journey to find his inner strength, confront his traumas, face his greatest fears, and find his voice.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Orc Wars

by Brent Reilly

Bigger, stronger, and faster than men, orcs united last winter to exterminate humanity with huge armies of direwolves. No man stops the slaughter, so a precocious princess sets aside her throne to ally the kingdoms of men, elf, dwarf, trolls, and giants. Soaring on her eagle, she must defeat not just orc armies, but traitors in her mist. Orcs are exterminating humanity and the biggest thing standing in their way is a little girl with deadly skills.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Path of Relics: Aether Shard

by DJ LeJeune

He entered the contest to win cash. Now millions could die.

Random gigs and ramen noodles, that’s how out-of-shape gamer Terry survives the job-starved future of 2044. Until he’s accepted into the Path of Relics tournament—the virtual reality RPG event of the decade—where he has the chance to win some real loot.

But does he have a fighting chance against the world’s top Active-VR athletes? Not to mention the ancient dungeons, puzzles, and all-too-realistic NPCs the game world throws at him. And how advanced is this “Portal Rig” that lets him experience the fantasy world as if he were transported there?

Worse, could his suspicions be true? Are the strange and deadly malfunctions plaguing Manhattan somehow triggered by Path of Relics? Now, outmatched and exhausted, can Terry’s mysterious ability to level-up quickly and his meager martial arts skills help him avert catastrophe?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Keepers & Destinies

by Carl F. Brothers

Earth is up for grabs and Heaven and Hell are coming for it. Guardian angel, Andrea, explores Earth on a quest to secure the keys to Heaven’s victory amid the looming Armageddon. Desperate to prove her worth to Heaven, she enlists the help of James, a beleaguered private investigator wrestling with his own demons. Little do they realize just how instrumental Andrea’s presence on Earth is to the hellish plans to change the face of existence as they know it. As human and supernatural threats test their alliance, the fallout from their quest prove more than they bargained for. Worse, the ancient secrets and bitter truths they unearth feature Andrea as the epicenter of the war rather than merely a chess piece for Heaven. Andrea and James must overcome the sneers of her unsavory past and a future riddled with betrayal if she’s to save our world in time.

Previously $2.99

Category: Christian Fantasy

Keepers & Destinies: The Reckoning

by Carl F. Brothers

Armageddon is here. Demons plague our realm while Heaven waits for the perfect opportunity to strike and claim Earth for themselves. Unique among celestials, the Nephilim, Andrea, is all that stands between humanity and certain doom.
Tortured by a great loss, she strives to right the wrongs of the past, protect those she loves and establish a new balance of power on Earth. Her enemies, the Fallen, are cunning, ruthless and formidable as they strike at her mind, might and heart. Their machinations and her thirst for vengeance drive her down a path that could spell the end for Andrea. She must rebuild her crumbling faith in herself, her friends and some unlikely allies if she’s to survive the snares of a post-apocalyptic world.

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by OC Heaton

Ethan Rae is known for his billions, but his latest business venture is about to really put him on the map: a quantum teleportation system that would solve global warming for good. Known as LEAP, the system is capable of providing Earth’s ultimate second chance…until it falls into the wrong hands.

When playboy CEO Samuel Reynolds III snatches LEAP out from under Ethan’s nose, he adds insult to injury by attempting to destroy Ethan’s business partner, Uma Jakobsdóttir. But this is no malicious whim. As the daughter of its creator, Uma enforces the LEAP Laws.

Because of its potentially devastating capabilities, LEAP users must not clone people, revive the dead, or merge minds and species. But in the race to recover their precious piece of tech, Ethan and Uma are faced with sacrifices that push their resolve to breaking point.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History

Winter’s Fury: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Furyck Saga Book 1)

by A. E. Rayne

Winter’s Fury is the first book in The Furyck Saga: a gripping six-part epic fantasy series that takes you into a richly-woven world of warring kingdoms, mysterious dreamers, dark magic, and an ancient prophecy that emerges from the shadows to weave a dangerous web around them all…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic