Tasmanian Gothic

by Mikhaeyla Kopievsky

Nothing was the same after the sky broke.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the small island of Tasmania has been transformed by a lush mutant wilderness, an impenetrable wall that divides the affluent North from the contaminated South, and a decades-long war between the two crime lords of the southern reaches.

Solari, orphaned and alone, survives this dystopian nightmare by transforming mutant organisms into the highly addictive snowrock for ruthless Yevgeny Worcsulakz. But when her junkie ex shows up and starts causing trouble, Solari runs – escaping the promise of violence with a handful of cash, a stolen van, and a pair of wings cleaved from a mutant moth.

Hunted by powerful enemies and condemned by the sins of her past, Solari must survive the terrors of gangland strongholds, mutant forests, and carnival outposts, or remain hostage to a life of lonelines and brutality.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Save Him

by William M. Hayes

Resourceful military scientist Rydel Scott is proud of the hi-tech gear he invents for battlefield heroes. But when a secret mission goes wrong and accidentally reveals the technology behind time travel, he senses a greater purpose in righting past wrongs. And after receiving a holy message, Rydel embarks on a world-changing quest to save Jesus.

As he covers his tracks to journey back undetected, he neglects to factor in the consequences of a devastating butterfly effect. He discovers his own elite soldiers are hunting him down to stop him from making choices that could upend all of human history.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel



by Rachel Starr Thomson

The battle is real. Page-turning, suspenseful Christian fantasy on the border between earth and spirit.

When Tyler fishes the girl out of the bay, he thinks she’s dead.

She wishes she was.

For Reese, life ended when the supernatural entity called the Oneness threw her out. For Tyler, dredging Reese out of the water means life is nothing he thought.

In a world where the Oneness exists, nothing looks the same. Dead men walk. Demons prowl the air. Old friends peel back their mundane masks and prove as supernatural as angels.

The Oneness changes everything.

And getting Reese home, making her One again, will change Tyler—and his roommate, Chris, whose connections with the Oneness have been buried most of his life—forever.

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Category: Christian Fantasy


by Rachel Starr Thomson

The Oneness holds the world together … what happens if it falls apart?

Tired of sitting on the defensive, Chris and Tyler go after the hive—the dark entity created when humans and demons join forces.

When they disappear, Reese and the others must continue the hunt. An abandoned warehouse, a possessed teen, a children’s home, a rural community, and a trail of murders—all lead to final confrontation with the enemy.

And with the truth: That if the Oneness turns on itself, it becomes the greatest danger in the world.

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Cunning Devil

by Chris Underwood

Breaking curses and battling witchcraft are all in a day’s work for folk wizard Ozzy Turner. But someone made a mistake when they put a bullet in his stomach and left him for the worms. They didn’t bury him deep enough.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


First Life

by Nathan Hystad

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Colton Beck has six months to live. He works for the Angor near Los Angeles, aware that any day could be his last.

The Angor arrived twenty years ago, resolved to help mankind survive, but not everyone believes their motives are honorable.

When the Angor offer humanity a colony world, Colton is determined to see another planet before his final breath. He’s been diagnosed with Xeno, a rare disorder that surfaced with the Angor’s arrival, but he won’t let this stop him.

With the help of his old friend Indie Hart, now the single most powerful human on Earth, he joins the Expedition to Dicore.

They access the River, an alien technology that allows nearly instantaneous travel between worlds, and their universe is quickly expanded.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dragon Heir

by Molly Webb

My name is Thea, and I’m a monster hunter. Or a monster, depending on who you ask…

My dad trained me to be tough and ruthless, so I could replace him someday as head of our shifter clan. Then I discovered my father wasn’t the man I thought he was. So I went freelance instead. Now, I fight for the underdogs my dad used to exploit. Sure, I get paid. But I don’t do it for the money…

So when a rogue werewolf I’m hunting turns out to be innocent, I want to know who framed him, and why. His name is Marcus, and with his broad shoulders and piercing eyes, he can certainly take care of himself. But someone wants him dead. And I want to keep him alive… At least long enough for me to figure out what he’s hiding.

Because Marcus is more than just your average shifter. He’s something much stranger, and much more dangerous. An ancient secret lurks behind his fierce, smoldering gaze…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Wolf Head

by Gregory Stewart

An uncompromising police detective is on the trail of a shape-changing killer.

Sal Welles is looking for the man who killed her friend. But her world is about to be torn apart. An attempt on her life leads her to uncover a disturbing and terrifying truth about the man she’s looking for, and that she’s not the only one trying to find him. When she meets Hannah, an embittered teenage orphan poised to give herself to the gathering dark forces, they are both dragged into the deadly mindscape of the killer and his otherworldly guardians.

“I was hooked from the first paragraph. The characterization was immediate and the writing visceral.”

“This novel had me absolutely hooked.”

“Beautifully written, wonderfully mysterious and often terrifying.”

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Saber Tooth

by Lou Cadle

Park Ranger Hannah Kates is leading a group of gifted teens on a fossil-hunting field trip when a rock slide uncovers a portal through time. They get too close and are thrown back to an era when giant predator mammals roamed the earth. They want, desperately, to find their way home. But first, they have to survive a world where bizarre–and hungry–mammals ruled North America. They have to survive the Dawn of Mammals.

In Book 1 of the continuing series, Hannah, nine teens, and their teachers are thrown back thirty million years to the world of saber-toothed nimravids, ferocious carnivores. Will they be able to survive this vicious world of tooth and claw?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



by Janis Hoffman

Most of my lousy foster homes were in lousy neighborhoods. You do what you gotta do.
Nice girls pointed and whispered. That bad, bad girl in the dirty clothes.
Yeah. Yeah. Bunch of spoiled pussies. Had it all just handed to them.

If you got any wild left jump into the World of Shadow with me. Let’s have some fun.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban