by Paul Bellow

Ever dream of being trapped in a virtual reality RPG?

Craving one more quest? Read on, adventurer!

Sarah, Eric and Josh secretly log onto the new Tower of Gates VRMMORPG and stumble on a world unlike any they have seen before. Swords, sorcery, and intrigue abound. While not planning on staying in the unreleased game long, life happens.

They soon learn the stakes are even higher than they imagined. To survive, they will need all their strength, courage, and wisdom, not to mention help from friendly NPCs, magic items, and everything else as they delve deeper into the game.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Vermilion Dreams (Book One of a Vampire Fantasy Epic)

by M. U. Riyadad

Mirradalia is a world marred with darkness. The vampire queen rules from her throne of bone in a city with no sun, ghouls and werewolves scour the countryside for flesh every blue moon, and strange signs have begun appearing across the land, warning of the return of an ancient daemon that feasts on souls.

On the eve of Dina’s thirteenth birthday, her life spirals into chaos. Her dreams are stolen by a daemon that promises to return in four years and take much more from her, her younger sisters are kidnapped by a witch, and a strange creature begins to ravage her townspeople. With help from her friends and her grandmother, she must do what she can to keep her sisters alive and her people safe.

But Dina’s greatest challenge doesn’t come from vampires and witches, it comes from her own shortcomings. For years she has been using her wits and her quick hands to fool everyone into thinking her a talented alchemist, but in truth, she knows no magic. With only a silver tongue and a penchant for stretching the truth, Chaya’s princess and heir must navigate through a haunted forest, a circle of singing daemons, and the shadow of blood magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Alien Pets

by Trisha McNary

In the far future, aliens take humans as pets. Young human Antaska goes into space with an eight-foot-tall green alien and a psychic cat. Antaska thinks it’s a job, but the telepathic alien actually adopted her. On the trip from Earth to the alien home planet, Antaska becomes telepathic too. She tries to deny it. If the aliens knew, they wouldn’t let her travel with them. Antaska finds out it’s dangerous for telepathic females in outer space, but she doesn’t find out why. An un-Earthly attractive fitness instructor adds to Antaska’s problems. Desire, jealousy, and betrayal spiral out of control, but friends are there to help. Explore the many faces of love, hate, and pet ownership in this dark comedy journey though space.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Bridgers 1: The Lure of Infinity

by Stan C. Smith

Some worlds are better left alone.

Infinity Fowler has been fighting all her life, both for survival and professionally. When humans obtained the technology to bridge to alternate versions of Earth, she signed up to become a bridger—an elite fighter and survival expert who protects tourists bridging to alternate worlds.

Desmond Weaver is a tourist making a last-ditch effort to complete his PhD. He has booked a data collection mission to a vastly different version of Earth. If he fails, his career will be over.

Infinity is Desmond’s assigned bridger. She is the best, willing to die protecting tourists. When it’s time to bridge, Desmond and his two roommates feel well prepared.

But they aren’t. Naked and weaponless, on an extraordinary world teeming with lethal predators, the team becomes entangled in a life-and-death struggle more terrifying than anything they could have imagined.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Quest for Camlan

by A.T. Gilbert

Asher Duncan lives for the hours he spends in Toterra Online, his favorite MMORPG. His job and apartment are barely worth noticing, but he logs into the game and all that fades away. When Toterra Online announces the Camlan Challenge and chance to win one of only twelve spots in their newest game, Asher is determined to beat them all, even if it means quitting his job to play.

Camlan Realm is full of all of the best parts of a fantasy game — goblins, mysterious loot, magic spells — and if it weren’t for his constant obsession with the Camlan Challenge leaderboard, Asher could just play.

Once logged in, Asher realizes playing against both the game and the other eleven gamers might be more than he is ready for.

He’s put everything on the line just to be here. Can Asher compete against both the professional gamers and the game’s own trials to win the Camlan Challenge and not lose it all?

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

Depths of Camlan

by A.T. Gilbert

Asher is back in Camlan Realm, this time at the special request of Toterra Online’s developers. He and a party of five other players must go deep into the game to recover what is causing all the errors and glitches before time runs out.

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Mercury Blade

by James David Victor

Eliard Martin is the captain of the Mercury Blade, the fastest ship in the galaxy. With his small crew, he travels the stars looking for adventure and profit. When he tries to pull one over on a dangerous criminal overlord, he soon finds himself on a mission that will lead to more danger than he has ever faced before. With the help of a mysterious stranger, who is clearly more than she appears, they will fight to stay one step ahead of the most powerful forces in the galaxy. Can the crew of the Mercury Blade fly their way to freedom or will they be crushed by the opposing forces seeking their demise?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

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