by Kris Ruhler

The battle is over. But the war has yet to come.
JUNIPER and her friends’ narrow escape from the New Realm station revealed something sinister: Phase Three, a new form of mind control, will be unleashed to incite a war. Millions could die.
Including Mino.
Juniper will do whatever it takes to save him. To do so, she must locate Anders Moore, the only person with the means to stop Phase Three. But when Juniper is kidnapped and forced to join the Novayr Workforce Initiative, her plans unravel.
ASTOR vows to find Juniper, even if it means duping his estranged aunt. Along with his friends, he sets off into the city—and soon realizes there’s far more to Novayr than what he’s been told.
The truth is more treacherous than any of them realize.
While navigating this complex web of lies and politics, will Juniper and her friends survive and stop Phase Three in time?

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Glory (The Glory Cycle Book 1)

by Neal Bailey

There’s a lot of things Glory didn’t want in life. Crashing on her Mom’s couch. Getting those student loans. Stumbling into a street war between immortals who then send minotaurs to kill you. It’s the little things that get you. But also the minotaur. And that one guy who can suck out your soul. And also the phrase that can nullify reality. Oh God.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


Halwende’s Redemption (Halwende’s Legacy Book 1)

by John Wegener

Halwende wants to forget his past… but can’t. Hiding from his enemies and his past, Halwende crash lands on a supposedly uninhabited planet. What he experiences changes the fortunes of the elusive inhabitants, and redeems his soul. But will he live long enough to rise to his destiny?

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


Learning to Fly Alien Spacecraft

by Fay Abernethy

“A fun must-read for fans of sci fi with heart”—Amazon UK review— What if the secret alien space station protecting the Earth went PUBLIC? An original and entertaining first contact adventure, featuring an orphaned heroine, an angry astronaut, aliens, homemade cake and the Red Dragon of Wales. —“Goes places you simply don’t expect”—Goodreads review— “Delightful”—Goodreads review— Captain Joe Llewellyn finally has permission to initiate first contact via the UN. But if he messes it up, the Galaksi Alliance could cancel the Shantivira’s funding, leaving the Earth defenceless. So, no pressure. All goes well until a rogue Samaritan flies a cargo ship through months of painstaking negotiations . . . “Quirky characters, twisty plots and great world building”—Goodreads review— “Totally recommend. Couldn’t stop reading it”—Goodreads review— “A fantastic sequel”—Amazon US review

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Arrival of The Moon Hare (Rinyv, Book 1)

by Duyu Wander

A sinister presence delights in Rinyv’s torment, relentlessly pursuing and killing her after she turns fifteen. Having encountered death several times, the girl is living her fifth life hoping to alter her fate and stop the endless cycle of suffering. Armed with the knowledge of her past lives and a giant pair of scissors, she’s not an easy target.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Ward Witch

by Sarah Painter

Mysterious, magical, and a little bit deadly… Welcome to Unholy Island.
Dive into this brand new contemporary fantasy series with a witchy protagonist, quirky islanders, and a murder mystery.
Esme Gray runs the guest house and tends to the wards that protect the island. She’s sheltering from a terrible past and will do anything to stay safely hidden.
When a newcomer arrives, the small community is sent into turmoil. The unusual residents of Unholy Island have secrets and they intend to keep them.
Esme is drawn to the new resident, but she doesn’t trust her own instincts. That’s not ideal for a witch — especially when there is a killer on the loose and a storm is rolling in…
+ Witchy protagonist
+ Quirky island community
+ Slow-burn romance
+ Sentient bookshop
+ Murder mystery

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by MK Harkins

Ashley’s life is far from a fairy tale—balancing college applications, working at her stepmother’s mortuary, and dodging judgmental classmates. Eager to leave high school drama behind, everything changes when pop sensation Harry James shows up at her door.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales



by K. W. Bernard

One touch and it’s over.

Sarlona trained too long to spend the rest of her life captive and drained. But to the lorkai—monsters who feed on magical energy and can control mortals with a caress—her extraordinary power makes her the perfect prey. There’s no escaping a magic-dampening chamber. Even if there was, she’d still have to evade that guardsman with the hungry stare and spell-sucking sword.

Benton has a good deal—he shoves his enchanted blade where he’s told, and he never has to return to the gallows. Until the lorkai drag home a young woman whose eyes are just as dangerous as her magic. If one of her spells doesn’t kill him, her smile might. Or he’ll survive like he always does—at someone else’s expense.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Hierophantasy: A Satirical Saga of Dungeon(s) & Dragon(s)

by Kyle James

Meet Hjalmar: towering knight, living legend, and—though he’ll die before he admits it—terrified imposter cowering within a suit of shiny armor. Marvel at the sheer misfortune of Artie, a protagonist so rash that he managed to pick a fight with the cruelest, most sadistic prince ever to have lived. If he’s very lucky, he might just survive long enough to make it to his own execution. And beware their ruthless pursuers on the high seas (who would probably prefer a moment of quiet romance, if we’re being honest).

Let the author guide you through this riotous adventure with wit, wisdom and a sly wink, occasionally pausing to sidestep his horrified editor who is desperately trying to rein in the chaos!

Prepare for a quest like no other – and a hero like none at all…

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery