The Empire’s Bladesmen: Forbidden Relics

by Clay Vagrant

Captain Shao Lian, a battle-hardened veteran of the Ming Dynasty’s imperial army, is a respected officer in the Jinyiwei, the emperor’s elite bodyguards. This notorious and politically-powerful secret service organization also functioned as the emperor’s premiere intelligence agency and iron fist.

After Shao Lian was assigned to eliminate a ruthless crime lord after he had seized power over several frontier towns, he discovers that the Blood Foot Syndicate had awakened a powerful and terrifying adversary from a bygone era. Shao Lian and the soldiers in his command suddenly find themselves waging a harrowing war of survival against allied criminal gangs and an ancient being who commands hordes of monsters.

With a Venetian scholar named Lilianna, they discover the secrets of prehistory and unravel a conspiracy that set ancient mechanisms into motion that threaten the entire world.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


by Robyn Wideman

A game so real it hurts.

Ryan Rosa has had a run of bad luck, but when he receives a VIP package for the newest and hottest game to come out in years his luck takes a turn for the better. But his good luck ends when he’s stabbed in the back by a guild of players who betray him for a unique weapon he possesses. Ryan contemplates doing the one thing every player hates doing, re-rolling his unique character and starting over. But even starting over won’t save Ryan in New Realm Online. He’ll have to work smarter to avoid using his last re-roll.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations


by Tarah Benner

Nuclear war destroyed the earth, but Harper’s world was perfect until she met Eli Parker.
Harper was the best developer in her year. She should have been a shoo-in for a cushy job in Systems. Instead she was drafted into Recon — kicking and screaming onto Eli’s squad.
For Eli, death is just your average Tuesday. Most of his cadets don’t last a year. When your job is to venture out into the radiation-soaked Fringe, you learn not to get attached to anyone.
Harper Riley should be no different, but she’s gotten under Eli’s skin. She’s started asking lots of questions — dangerous questions with no good answers.
Eli wants to save her despite his better judgment. But can Eli save her from herself?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Kyra’s War – Complete Series Box Set

by Tyler Aston

They stole her planet.
She wants it back.
When the Revenants descended on the peaceful planet of Esper, they came as friends. They came to solve a problem… and they did.
They just refused to leave again afterwards.

Now, held hostage on her own world, young Princess Kyra is determined to save her people from the brutal nightmare of occupation.
She never asked to be a hero, but no-one else seems to want the job.

As fire rains from the sky and innocent civilians are cut down in the street, fear engulfs the population. All their defenders are gone – except for one spoiled little rich girl, who’s lived her whole life in the palace.
Lucky for them, she always did have a rebellious streak…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Bridge to Magic

by Alex Thornbury

An award-winning debut for lovers of traditional fantasy and the readers who crave the dark, disturbing and original. In this grimdark fantasy, Elika hates and fears the bridge that spans the great chasm to the Deadlands. Like everyone else, she clings to the hope that purging every lingering echo of magic from the world can stop the deadly Blight. Then she discovers that magic is hiding within her, and through her it seeks to enact the will of its own. Everything Elika knew about her past shatters, as long-buried secrets about her true birth emerge. Accused of being a mage, many doubt her loyalties. Her gang turns against her. The one man she thought she could trust and love, abandons her. Elika must soon decide: Either destroy the magic inside her or cross the bridge to her own uncertain end.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


by Allison Sipe

“Arthurian Legends and Romance? Yes, please!”

Some believe Magic should rule the world.

Others don’t even know Magic is real.

With the threat of Morgana’s return looming over the Magical world, Violet Evans is the only one who can wake the Lady of the Lake and put a stop to Morgana’s vengeance.

A centuries old prophecy stalks Violet and when she is brutally attacked, Robert Maxwell saves her life with Magic changing her world forever. With undeniable proof that Magic is real, Violet is thrust into a world she never dreamed possible.

As the romantic tension builds so does the threat of Morgana Le Fay.

Violet must make a choice; become The Waker or leave the Magical world and Robert behind.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

X: A Short Post-Apocalyptic Story

by Jack Croxall

X knows she’s as good as dead. Seems like the perfect time to start a diary…

Shacked up in a farmhouse cellar, a doomed survivor calling herself X starts a diary to document her final few days. Much less than a few days if the uglies manage to get in.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic