Smoke and Spells

by Ryver Knight

An ordinary girl. A rare power. A deadly game.

Lie low.

Don’t draw attention to yourself.

Fifteen-year-old Asha Olinger has abided by her sister’s rules her entire life. Every day, she works relentlessly as a cleaner to put food on the table, scrambling in the dredges of Althuria. Every day, she wonders about a life where she no longer struggles for a few measly coins.

But after discovering she wields a rare and destructive power, her quiet life is turned upside down.

What is this darned ability of hers? Why does everyone keep telling her to stay away from the Queen of Althuria? And more importantly…

Who the heck is murdering girls at the Academy?

If she doesn’t find out soon… she might just be next.

Designed to thrill with its magic, mystery, and murder, Smoke and Spells is the first installment in the Althuria Chronicles coming-of-age fantasy series.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Death Takes a Detour

by Shereen Vedam

A murder. A mystery. A legacy to uphold.

Abbie Grimshaw’s road to recovery from a traumatic experience takes her on many journeys. On a whim, she stops at St. Michael’s church and runs straight into more danger.

This time, there’s a supernatural complication: she can see—and talk to—the Earl of Ashford. He died in 1816, but death doesn’t stop him from charging Abbie with the safety of two young orphans.

She never imagined life would send her literal demons to battle, but Abbie is a Grimm, like her mother before her. There’s a long legacy of defending the innocent at stake.

If she cannot master child-minding and demon-slaying simultaneously, her own legend will be short-lived.

If you enjoy ghostly tales with a fairy tale flavor, you’ll love this new face on the Grimm scene.

Pick up this magical adventurous mystery today!

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College


Space Station Noir: Book 1

by Arthur Mayor

As the Galactic Empire crumbles, Station Noir is not a safe place for humans, it’s just the safest place left.

Gunny has done better than most on The Station. He commits enough crime to keep credits in his pocket, he’s not a slave anymore, and his alien partner has his back.

Then a simple job goes wrong, and Gunny is given an “opportunity” he can’t refuse. But it’s worse than it seems, and thrusts him into the deadly world of interstellar politics.

Now Gunny doesn’t know what to trust except his partner and the fact that humans always lose.

But losing this time might mean the end of Station Noir, death… or a return to slavery.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Journey to the Hopewell Star

by Hannah D. State

A mysterious star could bring stability to her world…or lead her to a blistering end.

Quiet and introverted twelve-year-old Sam Sanderson is comfortable living a simple life on her family’s peaceful farm. That is, until a mysterious visitor arrives one night, thrusting her on a formidable and dangerous journey across galaxies.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Strange Threads, Volume 1: The Legacy of Lord Regret

by Sam Bowring

Lord Regret has been bone and dust for three hundred years, yet the damage he caused the Great Spell worsens, warping the patterns behind all things. The earth trembles, the sun flickers like a candle in the breeze, and falling leaves keep on spinning, never to reach the ground.

The great warrior Rostigan wanders the wilderness with his minstrel Tarzi, disturbed by the growing corruption. When the pair discover that an entire city has been removed from existence, and that ancient threaders have returned from their graves to spread chaos and destruction, he is finally forced to knock the dust from his sword.

Weary of battle as he may be, Rostigan knows that if he does nothing, the world will crumble, and without the world, well – he will never be able to complete his true quest.

“I have rarely read a fantasy novel so engrossing.”
– Courier Mail

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Citadel of the Fallen

by JR Konkol

A group of teenage students, while exploring deep within the rainforest, barely survive an encounter with a wild and surprisingly magical boar. In doing so, they discover that events that threaten to destroy their entire civilization have already been set into motion. A must read for anyone who loves high fantasy.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


The Complete Red Moon Trilogy (science-fiction/fantasy time travel)

by Micah Caida

“Amazingly original and unexpected … never read anything like it.” USA Today Bestseller Micah Caida delivers a breathtakingly fresh science fiction, fantasy series that is an other-worldly thriller. Rayen awakens in an unfamiliar world called Albuquerque and is captured then stuck in an institute for gifted students while they search for her family. She accidentally opens a portal, sending her and two unlikely sidekicks to a place harboring a deadly secret that can destroy the past. All Rayen wants is to regain her memory and go home. The only person who can help her is an elite fighter of the future fiercely protecting his ragtag group of unusual beings trapped in this fantastical world where killing the enemy and surviving is all that matters. With one mistake she believed would save a child, she proves she is his enemy. “Wicked fast pacing.” “Last book blew my mind.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


The Complete Enslaved Chronicles: Books 1-3 Digital Boxed Set: Mage Slave, Mage Strike, and Star Mage

by R. K. Thorne

Over 1300 pages of action, adventure, magic, and sacrifice, this boxed set is three digital epic fantasies in one volume.

Prince Aven Lanuken wants something more than a trophy for a future wife. He wants a woman who will be more friend than follower. A queen who will be more warrior than diplomat. He wants a partner he can trust… with a dangerous secret that’s kept him trapped in a dark mountain fortress his entire life.

Mage slave Miara wants something more, too—to find an enemy prince. And not to marry him. She’s just received orders for her very first kidnapping. She loathes the idea of it, and it’s probably a suicide mission. But she’s never failed a mission before, and she doesn’t intend to start now.

What starts between two people will transform lives, fates, and nations. This warrior prince and this enslaved mage are caught up in a plot to draw the world to war.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic