The Blue Dragon

by Salvador Mercer

A thousand years ago, on the world of Claire-Agon, a war raged between men and dragons.

After an expedition of elite warriors kills an ancient nemesis, Seth the Sword Slayer, one of Agon’s most feared assassins, finds himself in the middle of a mysterious string of killings targeting the members of his elite group.

As the Kesh wizards call a conclave of Agon’s most powerful realms to Balax, the capital of Balaria, Seth attempts to set a trap and kill the rogue assassin in his homeland with the help of the governor’s troops, the thieves’ guild and his own assassin’s order. Seth must not only save his city from a new threat of destruction, but also navigate the politically deadly waters of high intrigue from the gathered realms.

Seth soon discovers that, in the world of Claire-Agon, when dealing with a Blue Dragon, sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Luminescence (The Rayne Trilogy #1)

by Quoleena Sbrocca

In the dawn of The Rebirth Period, a new species of humans dominates the Earth.

In their second year of life, they experience the Luminescence and awaken to a mystical ability. Except one. Her name is Rayne.

In a society whose values and manners are as refined as the language they speak, her peers mock her because she has no higher ability. In the early hours of her 17th birthday, she experiences a night which will change this.

As her new reality brings adventure and peril, Rayne is desperate to learn the purpose of her power. Rejected by her Colony, she must hide the truth of what is happening to her. Though she finds friends from unexpected sources, Rayne finds herself hated and even more of an outcast when she’s involved in an accident which turns deadly. As her world unravels, everything she thought she knew about the Luminescence and society is changed, and she must uncover the truth on her own.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

OuterSphere (The Rayne Trilogy #2)

by Quoleena Sbrocca

“Let me ask you this, Rayne. What do you think the point of the wall is? Segregation of species? Well, it’s more than that. Your kind built it to protect you all from what you’re doing to us. Your world is clean and alive and beautiful I imagine, while ours rains ash from the clouds.” -OuterSphere

In book two of the Rayne Trilogy, Rayne finds herself in a desolate land: the outersphere. Desperate to return to the only life she’s ever known, it is here where she finally learns the truth about her abilities and her purpose. She discovers that everything she knew about the world and the Ancients is a lie.

In the outersphere, she is forced to choose between killing and surviving…

Because on this side of the wall, the weak perish, and the strong live to fight another day.

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Whole Latte Death

by M. D. Cooper and Chris J. Pike

It’s a Gas is officially open for breakfast and murder is on the menu.

Fennington Station, a space station near Jupiter (no, not that Jupiter), is home to the It’s a Gas pub, one of the best gastro pubs in the galaxy! It’s adored owners, twins Milly and Tilly, expand into breakfast service so they can fulfill their lifelong dream of going to the Disknee World!

But opening for breakfast has unintended consequences. Mrs. Henderson, owner of the No1. Juice bar, isn’t happy to have fresh competition. As their not so friendly rivalry heats up, a dead body is found—and Milly is the immediate suspect.

The twins are on the case to clear Milly’s name and save the It’s a Gas pub’s reputation. With the help of her semi-drunk cat and their eccentric AI, Milly has to discover the truth. It’ll be up to the sister’s to clear Milly’s name while looking good, shaking a good cocktail, and steaming an impressive head of foam—or die trying.

Set in the Aeon 14 universe…

Everyone loves a good story, especially the characters of the Aeon 14 novels. When they’re not fighting for the fate of the galaxy, they like to make the most of their downtime by curling up with a good book. So if you’ve ever wondered what Tanis may read when she’s relaxing by the fire at her lakehouse in Ol’ Sam, you now have your answer.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The People’s Necromancer

by Rex Jameson

Amidst the darkest days of antiquity, mankind discovers a new kind of hero.

For thousands of years, mankind warred without magic. Peculiar abilities were buried in history along with the storied paladins and the mysterious dark elves who rarely ventured into human towns.

That all changes at the end of the Tranquility Era, when a young man named Ashton accidentally raises his murdered best friend Clayton from the grave. Because of his mistake, Ashton becomes the focus of manhunts, armies, and the King’s judgement, but Ashton is not the biggest problem in the Kingdom of Surdel.

The golden age of man is coming to a close and enemies surround the civilized world. An ancient darkness stirs beneath the Great Northern Mountains and the orcish hordes grow restless just beyond the Southern Peaks. Into this chaos comes the Necromancer!

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Dark Paladin

by Rex Jameson

Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire. Or demons with demons.

The paladins have a storied history, one tainted by a twisted sacrifice. To fight the demon lords intent on taking over their world, they had to make a deal with one.

Under this pact, paladin Cedric Arrington is forged into a weapon. Wearing his black armor to signal to all of Nirendia his dark allegiance, he is a man beset by shadow on a quest to send all demons back to the Abyss.

A demon lord named Orcus emerges from the underworld, and the foundations of the human kingdom of Surdel begin to fracture and weaken. Undead rise without the Necromancer. Demons pour out of Mount Godun at the heart of the tranquil realm, and no one but the paladins can smite the fiery creatures back to where they came from.

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by Valentino Mori

Eleven-year-old Henry stumbles through a portal onto the estate of the sinister Mr. Mason. Henry quickly discovers he’s not the only one trapped at Verdant Corner by Mason’s dark sorcery. He and the other boys must compete in weekly games where losing means death.

Henry must enlist allies from unlikely places—a rogue deliveryman who is more than he seems, spectral figures from Henry’s past, and creatures from the mysterious Yonder—in his desperate rebellion against the evil threatening him and his friends.

Can Henry learn the truth about Mr. Mason’s powers? And will that knowledge be enough to survive?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


A Traveler from an Antique Land

by Harvey Click

Mix one shot of George R. R. Martin with one shot of Robert A. Heinlein for a potent cocktail of epic battles, thrilling adventures, non-stop action, and astonishing marvels!

When a young woman is whisked away to a planet populated by kidnapped humans and strange extraterrestrials, she faces perilous swordfights, flying battleships, mind-controlling alien lifeforms, crocodiles with wings, snakes that devour horses, an extinct race that communicates through its singing sculptures, an “uncertainty sink” that warps time, an interplanetary translocator guided by disembodied human brains, a gloomy castle seething with secrets, and labyrinthine catacombs filled with deadly assassins.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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