Ruins on Stone Hill

by F.P. Spirit

It has been one hundred years since the end of the Thrall Wars, when the four dread Thrall Masters wreaked devastation across the land of Thac. The world has been relatively quiet since, but dark things have started to rise again around the little seaport of Ravenford.

The town’s only hope may lay in four newcomers: a fearless young warrior with blades of fire, an elven wizard as deadly to his friends as his enemies, a cynical halfling who just may be an assassin, and a quiet gnome whose very touch can heal. Banded together with the tall warrior, Titan, and her mercenary companion, the novice heroes set out to confront these creatures of darkness. Yet they quickly find they are facing more than just a few rogue monsters, for there is a greater force behind them all.

From eerie woods to underground caves to haunted ruins, the young heroes encounter terrifying monsters, creatures of the night, and demonic sorcery. Can they stand against the forces of darkness, or will they too fall prey to the evil that has targeted Ravenford.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Pippa DaCosta

She is programmed to kill.
He’ll do anything to survive.

“A gut-punching thrill of a ride!”

Read the action-packed sci-fi readers rave, “A cross between Ex_Machina and Firefly!”

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Mission One

by Samuel Best

Titan. Sixth moon of Saturn. A gleaming jewel of natural resources, ripe for harvesting by the first private space company to stake a claim.

Diamond Aerospace launches a ship with an experimental engine that will put a crew into orbit in four months. Shortly after launch, a critical system flaw forces the crew to make a choice: continue to Titan, or go back home. Despite the risk, they agree there’s no turning back. As the truth about their mission unravels, one thing is clear: someone on Earth knew about the danger and covered it up.

Between the failing machinery in space and the corporate politics on Earth, Humanity’s first voyage beyond Mars quickly turns into a deadly game of survival. Yet getting back home alive isn’t the crew’s only concern, because they make it to Titan. They are the first to lay eyes on that distant moon. There’s just one problem.

Something is already there.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

A Darker Shade of Sorcery

by William Collins

Evan has joined the school for demon hunters in Veneseron.

Veneseron is a world with goblin soap operas and dog-dragons, where teenagers are taught to wield magic and travel between the worlds on missions.

Their missions range from battling monsters and saving lives, to wrangling killer-unicorns and calming down drunken yetis. Evan makes the first friends he’s ever had in the carefree Jed and the reckless Brooke. Whilst Jed gets on the wrong side of a rival Venator, Brooke finds herself falling for the enigmatic hunter who brought her to Veneseron, not knowing he isn’t quite human.

Whilst learning to summon creatures and shoot Spellzookas, it becomes apparent that Evan is more than just a Venator. Everyone wants to kill or capture him, from demons to Dark-Venators and even people he’s supposed to be able to trust.

Evan realises he likely won’t survive the year at Veneseron.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Forestium: The Mirror Never Lies

by Christopher D. Morgan

Enter the realm of Forestium, where magic battles dark forces and creatures of the Underworld come to wreak destruction…

Joshua’s father is dead… but that isn’t what his dreams tell him. Plagued by nightmares, Joshua sets out on a journey to receive answers from the Oracle, a mystical being who can help him discover the truth.

Yet the path ahead is full of terrors. Joshua befriends imps and traders on his travels across the realm, battling monsters and fiends. Along the way, he meets the beautiful and mysterious Sarah. Despite their romance being forbidden, Joshua finds himself falling for her.

As the quest thickens, Joshua discovers a mirror that can reveal the future. The mirror has great power, and the more Joshua uses it the closer he comes to finding answers.

But even magical artefacts cannot prevent the imminent destruction looming near. To save the world Joshua must perform heroic deeds, survive a deadly battle, and endure great sacrifice.

Will Joshua ever find his father? Can Joshua and Sarah be together? Or will all perish in an epic war, where evil shall claim victory?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators

by Elizabeth Herrera

“On occasion, we all read a book that we know will mark the time of our age. Where truth is illegal, communication is regulated and monitored, and humanity is impaled upon the skewer of power and greed, this book’s message is every bit as telling and accurate as Animal Farm and Fahrenheit 451. It is a succulent portion of cold, hard truth played out with characters you share affinity with, understand and love.” — Mark Champion,

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

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