Millennium of the Ocean Serpent

by Seth Hobbs

You know the story of the Sendyne Empire Trilogy. Now witness the breathtaking, meteoric rise of the legendary Kezz’arg Dynasty, and the world that knew their name well. In the vein of LOTR, Game of Thrones, or Star Wars, Part 1 of this 1,000 year history of an alternate universe comes to life, in a sprawling adventure of epic proportions!

When a mysterious and disfigured young man washes up on the shores of Upper Sendya, under bizarre circumstances, he changes the fate of the world forever. First, he must overthrow the ruling class of Sendovians, but his greatest enemies may dwell in his own heart–and his own court.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Secret of Giza

by Ken Warner

What if humanity didn’t start on Earth..?

An incredible discovery deep inside the Great Pyramid, a mysterious signal sent from the Bermuda Triangle, and a ruthless experiment taking place in Area 51: How are they all connected?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

The Impossible Future: Complete Set

by Frank Kennedy

The dark threatens to drown 3 childhood friends in this relentless, 4-book saga. From a desperate chase in a small town to another universe where a galactic empire stands on the brink, destinies are forged, friends and lovers face betrayal, the fire of war grows, and an ancient force rises.

Enter the ever-expanding universe of the Collectorate.

“I like sci-fi space, military, aliens, the whole enchilada. Have been reading space sci-fi for 60+ years. Never gets old, just gets better. This series is one to write home about.” – Amazon reviewer

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Battle for the Wastelands

by Matthew W Quinn

In a desolate world where dirigibles rule the skies and blood soaks the dry earth, a young man joins the fight against a tyrant who has problems of his own.
Andrew Sutter returns home from hunting to find drought-wracked Carroll Town under the thumb of a tax collector from the cannibalistic Flesh-Eating Legion. A riot becomes a battle, leaving Carroll Town in ruins and Andrew alone in the merciless Iron Desert. Saved from certain death by the riders of rebel chieftain Alonzo Merrill, Andrew finds himself fighting for their doomed cause.

Meanwhile, Grendel, first lord of the Northlands and the Flesh-Eaters’ ultimate master, finds his peace of conquest disintegrating as the warlords under his thumb begin battling one another. He plots a new war to reunite them as the starving Merrills launch their last, desperate offensive.

And Andrew may be the one holding the key to victory…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Aaron Schneider Collection

by Aaron D. Schneider

Three fantasy series await you in this 9-book boxed set.

A fell-handed warrior treads a bloody road. Can Ax-Wed truly leave her people’s crumbling decadence behind her? Or will it haunt her as she wanders a savage world, determined to carve her future one ax stroke at a time? Find out with the Outcast Royal Complete Series!

Enter a darkened world where, so far, no one has won World War I and now dark monsters are choosing sides in the World First Wizard Complete Series boxed set. Dive into a double fisted tale of war, magic, and bloody conspiracies in the grim alternate history of the War to End All Wars with the World’s First Wizard!

Discover an epic fantasy tale of war and desperation, of grit and heroism. See what a batch of desperate dwarves can do when the chips are down in the first three books of the Dwarvish Dirty Dozen series.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Sisters Of Fangs

by Carlo Hart

Emily and Luna move to Frazier Mountain to investigate the rumored monster and alien attacks. They figure it will be the perfect place to grow their social media brand.

When Emily and Luna, two sisters from Los Angeles, hear about all the paranormal activity on Frazier Mountain, they decide to move there and see if the stories are true. Armed with a camera and a tripod, they are ready to capture footage that will go viral and jump start their fledgling social media careers.

Now they find themselves surrounded by dark woods and horrible creatures. Will they fight the growing evil before it takes over the mountain and then the world.

Sisters of Fangs is the follow up series to the Mountain of Fangs series that has scared so many readers into the night.

Rent a cabin on Frazier Mountain. Come for the quiet, stay for the monsters.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban