Off Leash

by Daniel Potter

An (sub)urban fantasy starring a sarcastic mountain lion and a highly explosive squirrel. With the local wizard and witches hot on his tail, the pair will battle weasels, werewolves and a sexy union worker in a bid to become the first Freelance familiars. Read it now and prepare to grin cover to cover.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Chausiku Dark Soul of the Clans Book Two

by Pamela E. Cash

Chassie has discovered the six powerful clans across the world and inherited her supernatural abilities. She fought and won a major battle but her intuition tells her that the war isn’t over. The clans have a secret…and Rasul has a secret weapon.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Outside Ascension

by Amy Proebstel

Warning: The Bermuda Triangle is a portal to another dimension.

And it takes Amanda to the land of God.

Will she survive?

They call their world Tuala. There is magic. And there is psychic power. The denizens of this world can travel at the speed of thought. It can be dangerous for a mortal from Earth.

For Amanda, who was just out for a leisurely sail aboard her boat, this strange place has her terrified. There is peril around every turn. What will happen if they discover her secret?

Will she find a way home?

You’ll love this adventure because everyone enjoys a bit of exploration.

Get it now.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Black Dawn

by K. Gorman

For Karin Makos, the chance to pilot a small-time scrounging vessel to remote corners of space is the dream. After years on the run with her sister and enduring the constant paranoia of living planet-side, going off-radar gives her exactly what she wants: freedom.

That dream is shattered.

A system-wide attack decimates humanity and leaves the survivors scraping for clues. And Karin might know where to look.

But digging into her past comes with a whole new set of secrets and consequences, none of which she wants to face. Plagued by strange dreams of her sister and a sense of growing danger, Karin and the crew of the Nemina must race desperately across space to find their loved ones—and answers.

Made for fans of Firefly, Stargate, and Battlestar Galactica, this fast-paced novel contains some strong language, a lot of action, and more than its share of snark.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Clear Sky: Book 1 of Painting the Mists

by Patrick G. Laplante

Du Cha Ming was a normal person. Going with the flow, never making any real decisions. But then as Cha Ming begins to question his place in the universe, a fateful encounter gives him another chance at life. A chance that takes him to a place where he can make his own destiny.

Reborn in an ancient land filled with demons, devils, and angels, Cha Ming finds himself facing challenges he never imagined. He soon discovers that only the powerful get to make choices, and the rest don’t get a say at all.

Prior to his mysterious rebirth, he was left with a riddle, one that will change his life, for better or for worse. But who left this riddle? And why was he sent here?

Cha Ming sets out to find the answers, because if he doesn’t, he may lose himself and everything he holds dear.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


The North Star

by Killian Carter

When Jason Grimshaw, First Commander of the Starship Bakura, leads a routine training mission to Colony 115, an unidentified alien vessel forces them to crash-land.

Ensign Clio Evans is separated from her crew in the wreckage. She must re-join them if she stands any hope of surviving, but an alien army stands in her way.

With the invaders hot on their heels, Grimshaw and Evans must find a way off the battle-scarred planet in time to warn the Galactic Council before the mysterious new race tears the Alliance asunder.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, Randis Kahn fights for survival on the lower levels of Sentinel Station. Caught between warring gangs and a political conspiracy, he must look to a past he would rather forget or lose everything he holds dear.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Beyond The Brink: A Galactic Sentinel Story

by Killian Carter

Locking him away was their first mistake. Trying to kill him will be their last.

The Brink, home to the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals, isn’t where Special Agent Taza Arkona wants to be, especially since he put his share of them in there. A security incident sees him trapped on the wrong side of the bars.

Escaping from the maximum-security prison should be impossible, even without the attention of dangerous inmates, a deadly assassin, and a sinister plot to overthrow the council. Time is running out for Taza and the entire human race. If his mission fails, the galaxy will go to war, and Earth will be first to fall.

Beyond The Brink is an action-packed science fiction explosion. If you enjoyed great stories like Star Wars, Firefly and Mass Effect, you’ll love this foray into the Galactic Sentinel Universe.

It’s a military science fiction thriller that will tingle your senses. Because who doesn’t like to have their senses tingled?

Previously $3.99


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