by L. A. Kelley

Orphan, pirate, spy.

Awakened by her father, Jane Benedict is ordered to memorize a mysterious code. Hours later, Mathias Benedict is dead and Jane and her brother, Will, are wards of United Earth Corporation. To evade the company’s murderous clutches and uncover the meaning of her father’s last message, Jane leads Will on a desperate escape across the galaxy aboard the Freetrader smuggler ship, Solar Vortex. Tangled in the crew’s fight for freedom, Jane saves the life of young smuggler Maclan Sawyer and learns her father’s code identifies a secret cargo shipment that can spell doom for the entire Freetrader cause and the extinction of an alien race.

Piracy, intrigue, romance, and a daring rebellion from Earth wait on the planet Rimrock. Will Jane answer the call to adventure and find new purpose on the galactic rim, or is death for high treason her fate?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

A Sea of Shattered Glass

by Kyla Stone

In the near future, the luxurious Grand Voyager is about to set sail. But beneath the glittering amenities, dangerous secrets lurk. Someone on the ship wants to bring the whole thing down in flames.

As alliances are broken, loyalties betrayed, and courage put to the test, four teens must face the ultimate choice—what are they willing to sacrifice to stay alive?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by Lou Cadle

It’s the end of oil. Is it the end of civilization too?

Devlin Quinn turns sixteen the same week that a battle in a distant war shuts off the flow of imported petroleum to the U.S. Gas runs low, then runs out, and soon the highways are empty.

Even worse, the grocery store shelves are empty.

Dev is trained to fight—his father made sure of that—but is he trained enough? Strong enough? Tough enough? He is about to find out when people desperate for food flee the burning cities…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Breathe, The Destiny Series, Book one

by Christine Grey

Dearra comes into possession of the magical Sword of Cyrus just as the evil Breken attack her island home. Though her people succeed in driving their enemy back to the sea, one of the invaders remains behind, left for dead by his cruel kin.
Now, Dearra doesn’t know what to be more surprised by, the fact that her sword can speak to her, or that it has imperiously informed her that the handsome Breken warrior is her destiny.
The two are bound together by a chain of events that was set into motion a thousand years earlier, and everything they thought they knew about themselves, their history, and their future is about to change.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Dragon Reign – Book 1 of The One Prophecy

by David F. Berens

The Dragon War is Coming. How will an army of Elven, Dwarven and Human warriors survive against the might of the Wizard Reign and his growing dragon horde? The young red dragon saved by a humble cleric may hold the answer. The fate of all may rest on whether or not she sides with the forces of good… or those of evil. The Dragon War is Coming… Choose Your Side.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

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