Fire and Sword

by Dylan Doose

“Gritty, fast-paced and compelling!”

Condemned to hang for their crimes, they’ll march instead to perish as heroes or live as free men. A broken nation in need of a savior—ravaged by plague, decimated by dark magic, infiltrated by a foreign evil seeking to dominate from within. Three will rise to save the beleaguered land. But will they be enough?

“An epic tale…”—Library Journal

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price

by C. L. Schneider

What if you were born with an addiction to magic? What if your pleasure meant their pain?
For ten years, Ian Troy has been running from the blood in his veins and on his hands. But the past is catching up. To save the realms, and those he cares for, he must embrace the one thing he fears most: his own power.
Magic-Price is the award-winning first installment in The Crown of Stones Trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars

by C. L. Schneider

His magic is gone. His past is a blur. Surrounded by strangers, unable to trust even his own mind, Ian is drawn into the center of a rebellion against King Draken’s brutal reign. Can he recover his magic in time to be the weapon the resistance needs — before the scars change him forever?

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Between Jobs

by W.R. Gingell

When you get up in the morning, the last thing you expect to see is a murdered guy hanging outside your window. Things like that tend to draw the attention of the local police, and when you’re squatting in your parents’ old house until you can afford to buy it, another thing you can’t afford is the attention of the cops.

Oh yeah. Hi. My name is Pet.

It’s not my real name, but it’s the only one you’re getting. Things like names are important these days.

And it’s not so much that I’m Pet.

I am a pet.

A human pet: I belong to the two Behindkind fae and the pouty vampire who just moved into my house. It’s not weird, I promise—well, it is weird, yeah. But it’s not weird weird, you know?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


EON (Chronos Ring #1)

by Earl E. Hardman

Ian Lotus is a man with a mysterious past – and a secret that could reshape mankind’s destiny. The object of an interplanetary manhunt, Lotus must stay one step ahead of his pursuers, including the military, an invading alien fleet, and an interdimensional being of tremendous power.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military



by Travis Hill

Stephen Brewer is never sure when he wakes up if he’s been asleep, or if he has died and has been transferred to a new clone body. As an agent for the National Defense Directorate, he and his fellow Transfer Agents are the perfect undercover operatives.

After chasing two of the world’s most wanted criminals across four continents and multiple transfers, the NDD finally has a chance to end their reign of terror and bring them to justice by disrupting their plans to hold an entire stadium hostage during the Super Bowl.

But Miles Bingham and Galen Mermot have only just begun a much longer, far more sinister game — one the entire world will be forced to play.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Of Magic and Moonlight

by Elena Lawson

Turns out almost getting murdered and finding out you’re part of a thought-to-be-extinct bloodline makes people notice you.

Sucks when you have so many damned secrets to hide.

Fans of Vampire Academy, Legacies, and Hex Hall will devour this next installment in Elena Lawson’s bestselling Arcane Arts Academy series!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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