Dragon Forged

by Dan Michaelson, D.K. Holmberg

The dragons are gone, leaving behind their essence for those who follow.

Firewater is sacred. Touched by the power of the dragons, those who consume it can become more like those ancient beings. Most become dragon forged, their bodies strengthened to help fight the dangerous creatures attacking the valley.

But firewater didn’t change Rob.

When invaders threaten to destroy his people, what Rob discovers may save all he cares about—and provide the key to forging his own power.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Codex Babylon

by Robert Kroese

A secret cabal of demonic forces threatens to destroy civilization and plunge the world into a new Dark Age. Humanity’s only chance is a shadowy organization called GRAIL–the modern day heirs to the Knights Templar–which has discovered the secret to time travel. The past cannot be changed, but if GRAIL can send an agent into the past to recover a lost book on demonology called the Codex Babylon, they may have a fighting chance to save humanity from utter destruction.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Hell Bent

by Devon Monk

USA Today Bestselling author Devon Monk’s fast, gritty, magic-fueled urban fantasy adventure. Enemies-to-brothers, Life magic vs. Death magic, end of the world, no holds barred action. *Fully updated author edition: bursting with extra Heart, Snark, and Ass-kicking.*

Shamus “Shame” Flynn is a Death magic user with a smart mouth and a bad attitude. He can break magic and make it just as powerful as it used to be–as long as he gets the cooperation of goody-good Life magic user, Terric Conely.

Terric Conley has devoted his life to enforcing magical laws, and he’s not about be a part of Shame’s death wish.

But when dark government forces and an assassin bent on revenge align to kill the people Shame and Terric care about, there is only one choice left. Break magic, pay the price, and hunt the killers all the way to hell and back again.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Dark Hunt

by Annika West

Why did a scary dragon shifter save my life? So he could own it. Obviously. Now, I must help him with his deadly, mysterious missions, all while resisting his seductive influence. But I won’t stop until I’ve stolen my freedom back. And there’s nothing he can do to stop me…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Families First A Post-Apocalyptic Next-World Series Volume 1

by Lance K Ewing

Families First is a powerful story of one ordinary family thrown into darkness when an EMP shuts off the power to the entire US mainland and throws the country back into the 1800s in seconds. This family must quickly amass a group of friends and neighbors for an 800-mile trek from north Texas to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Character-driven, the story twists and turns and doesn’t let up until the end. PG-13 The Stand meets The Road.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Prince of Meulod

by Devvon Dobell

What would you do if you were losing a war and your only weapon was love?

The fate of the kingdom lies with Ellen, a slave girl with a secret who’s only ever known life in the enemy’s dungeon. Her innate magical powers could turn the tide of the war, if only she knew she had them. She can’t even remember her own past.

Everything changes when she must care for Nichol, a prince captured from her kingdom. Destined to sacrifice all in the name of a tradition that was started hundreds of years before, he’s committed to fulfilling his duty to his kingdom. But what if there’s another way?

Something is awakening in Ellen while something is dying inside Nichol. Can they find a way to save each other and their kingdom?

Or will war triumph over love?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Heir of Magic

by JD Ruffin

She’s been dead a thousand years. Now she wants her throne back . . .
A thousand years ago, Irina, a humble healer rose to seize power over a kingdom, leading them to war against their neighbor. Only through the sacrifice of magic’s guardian was the invasion foiled and Irina banished.

A millenium later, an ancient cult seeks to return Irina to the land of the living.

When Guardsman Keelan Rae is tasked with solving a string of mysterious kidnappings, he stumbles into the cult’s path. Now, he may be all that stands between the world and Irina’s wrath.

Heir of Magic is the exciting first volume in the Kingdom War series by bestselling author JD Ruffin, a tale of magic, adventure, epic struggles for power, and dramatic battles between the forces of light and darkness.

You’ll love this series because everyone years for a little magic in a time of darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic