Investigation, Mediation, Vindication: A Comedic Urban Fantasy

by Chris Tullbane

An exiled vampire queen. A vegetable demigod. A magic Nintendo.

In the supernatural world, inter-species conflicts are handled through mediation to keep those conflicts from drawing the attention of the unsuspecting human population.

One such conflict is currently brewing in San Diego between an exiled vampire queen and the local demigod of nightmares, terror, and vindication. Unfortunately, someone just killed off the city’s designated mediator, and ordered hits on the purely mundane members of the profession.

The only person left to save San Diego is John Smith, who once had a Yellow Pages ad that read “Investigation, Mediation, Vindication”. It’s too bad John isn’t actually a mediator.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Burden of Power

by Caren Hahn

She needs his help.
He doesn’t trust her.
The battle of wills has begun.

“Thrilling, captivating, and altogether spellbinding!” (Reader review)

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


From the Dust

by AR Colbert

In a world where everything is done “For the Greater Good,” exposing the truth is a death wish.

The Leadership knows what’s best for the people… or at least that’s what they claim.

Claren Greenwood is happy to play by the rules. After her mother is killed by rebels and her father is exiled, she will do whatever it takes to keep herself and her brother safe.

But when Claren is identified as an Empath at her aptitude test, she’s pulled closer to the Center and discovers the world she’s always known is a lie.

With the help of a handsome and mysterious rebel, Claren learns there is more to life than what’s inside the city walls. And the Leadership she’s always trusted is dead-set on destroying it.

Claren must stop the Leadership before they discover the secrets she now keeps. Her life… and everyone else’s… depends on it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



by Dave Dobson

Jess Amiko is long past her days as a space marine, with all the glory of that time tarnished beyond repair by what came after. Trying to rebuild from the ashes, she’s taken a job as a security guard on Kenai, a lonely world far from the Council systems. It’s supposed to be easy duty – quiet and peaceful, on a docile world with no real threats, watching over an archeological dig at a site built by a race long vanished.

Betrayed and attacked by forces unknown, and finding that nothing on Kenai makes sense, Jess is plunged into a desperate fight for survival that leads her deep into the mysteries of Kenai’s past, and deep into the hardship and paradox the planet imposes on all who call it home.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Warlock of Muscovy

by Brien Feathers

When words fail, bring out the guns, swords, and death spells.
Marina is the daughter of Tsar Alexander the Cruel, the most powerful warlock. She’s also a princess of the Court of White Rose. The only problem is that she’s mundane—she has no magic.
On her sixteenth birthday Marina fled from her father’s tsardom to the revolutionist side of Muscovy, and five years later she’s doing all right, working as a seamstress in the United Workers’ Factory. Despite the political police, the never-ending witch hunt, and her best friend living as an orange cat, she’s happy. She gets along with her cottage mates and is even seeing a guy… until the city blows up, she’s implied in the sabotage, her guy turns out to be an enemy, her friends are murdered, and an alchemist maniac hunts her down for a blood vendetta.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


Dragon Riders of Ragond: Nine Book World Boxset

by Ava Richardson

Dragons and dragon riders are all that stands between Ragond and total annihilation. But Ragond is a realm that exists beside Earth, and when portals begin to open, everyone is in danger.

In the Ragond’s Portal War trilogy Nova’s life changes forever when a dragon whisks her and her best friend, Zephyr, into the magical world of Ragond. With an uptick in the mysterious and unstable portals between worlds, she must embark on a quest to discover the truth about Ragond’s past.

In the Reaping of Ragond trilogy, Kira must leave her village for the first time to find a cure for a disturbing dragon sickness. Strangers from a faraway realm say they want to help, but their leader is hiding secrets, and the Aurium may be lying about their true purpose.

In the Ragond’s Witch Hunter trilogy, Yanna is flung into Ragond, separated from the only family she knows…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The World inside My Plastic Mirror

by Christopher Francis

After hearing curious voices in her head, twelve-year-old Aubrey discovers a boy sending cosmic video transmissions from the mirror inside her locker. She quickly learns his world is collapsing and desperately needs her help. Aubrey heroically jumps at the opportunity but quickly faces the harsh realities of the seventh-grade: bullying, trumpet-solo-band-anxiety, zits, peer pressure, and the Othello-3 Dark Matter Beast. Will Aubrey be able to save the intergalactic boy from his crumbling planet before it’s too late?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure