by Kate Stevens

Torn between an alien prince and his brother? That sounds just like Lexi’s luck.

Lexi Seymour thinks she’s seen it all when she finds herself in an arranged marriage. And she hasn’t even met the groom yet…

When she first sets eyes on him at the engagement ball, only one thought pops into her mind: Is it even legal to marry a teenage alien? And then, another one: Why does his brother seem like a way better option?

Sure, she wants to help Earth keep the peace, but what about her peace of mind? That arrogant, blue-scaled alien prince and his wicked grin sure are messing with it…

Read the first full-length novel in a complete sci-fi romance series for FREE today only!

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

What Is Happening In Egypt, Texas?

by Brian Yansky

They’re Here. But Who Are They and What do they want and Where do they come from? (Hint, Nowhere near) Sheriff July Jackson of Egypt, Texas, needs to find answers before it’s too late.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Kalanon’s Rising

by Darian Smith

The last thing Brannon wants is more killing. For years he’s put the war behind him and worked hard to atone for his past. But when the king asks him to solve a royal murder and prevent another war he can hardly say no.
Trouble is he has to deal with an ancient mage who is less interested in helping than he is in hooking up, a socially awkward priest with a dangerous hobby, and an enemy ambassador who knows more than she should. Not to mention an apprentice he didn’t want.
With dark magic and darker conspiracies around every corner, who can he trust?
If Brannon can’t solve this mystery then Kalanon – and maybe the world – could be destroyed.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Starlight’s Children

by Darian Smith

Something is hunting children in the streets of Alapra.
Sir Brannon Kesh, once known as the Bloodhawk, is keen to affirm his new position as an investigator of unusual crimes but neither he or his team have ever seen a monster like this. Children are disappearing and their parents are being murdered, their hearts turned to glass. If Brannon can’t find and stop the culprit, all of Kalanon could be at risk.
The team’s poisons expert, Brother Taran is facing childhood issues of his own as the trauma from his past life returns to haunt him. Monsters come in many forms and Taran knows this better than most. No one truly escapes the Children of Starlight.

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Closed Campus

by Gayle Katz

A zombie outbreak might be the end of her.

I’m Jane. And I just started spending my nights locked in the school radio station. Lucky, too, that’s what saved my life when it happened. But if the zombies get in, it’ll be my tomb. With communications down, a campus littered with baddies, and my anxiety rising, I’m not sure I’ll survive day one.

The Blair Witch Project meets The Walking Dead in this hair-raising apocalyptic tale seen through the eyes of a feisty female heroine.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Benedictio Noctis

by Gregory Mattix

When his beloved granddaughter is abducted by the local baron’s henchmen, the ailing Walerin of Antselt must resort to desperate measures to save the child. He is willing to pay any price, though he fears his final hope will taint his soul and lead to eternal damnation.

By casting a knucklebone into the fire, Walerin summons the aid of a mysterious woman who owes him a great, decades-old debt. However, Valeria Constancia is no ordinary woman of flesh and blood. She neither ages nor draws breath. And her hunger is an unholy one…

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

The Book of Souls

by Kevin Moore

Jack Kelly, a 47 year old man, remembers everything about his wife and children, but that was his life before the accident. His near-death experience left him in the in-between space, somewhere between this world and whatever comes next.  When he awakens, he finds that he’s his thirteen-year-old self with the ability to read people’s minds, recall their pasts, smell their feelings and fears, see and hear dead people, demons, ghosts, and shadowy creatures. Thus begins Jack’s journey to help several souls cross over and, in result, resolves to find his way back to his true existence; with his family.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Extinction Protocol

by Arlo Quinn

Hunter discovers a plan for the extinction of humanity. When his daughter is kidnapped, he joins forces with Jo, a beautiful Native American Ranger, in the hope she can help him fight this unknown enemy and reunite him with his daughter. But not everyone is who they appear to be.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion