Time’s Enemy

by Jennette Marie Powell

A brush with death leaves Tony Solomon a time traveler—and an unwilling initiate in the Saturn Society, a secret society of those with his ability. Wanted by the Society for a crime he hasn’t yet committed, he seeks help from Charlotte Henderson, whose life he saved decades before he was born. Loyal to the Society, Charlotte faces a terrible choice—condemn the man she loves and to whom she owes her life, or deny her deepest convictions by helping him escape and risk sharing his sentence.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel




by Ann Christy

Karas has earned everything she has the hard way, even the strike on her neck. Life in the dry lands of Texas isn’t fun. It’s all about survival. Her friends, Cassie and Connor, don’t have it much better, but together they’ve managed to carve out a life.

With one eye over their shoulders and one on the next meal, they live in constant fear. In Texas there are no prisons. For each crime, a tattoo is marked on the offender’s neck – a strike. Five strikes earns the label of habitual criminal and a quick death sentence.

Already sporting a strike at the age of sixteen doesn’t bode well if Karas is looking for a long life. When the guy Karas has crushed on since grade school risks his own strike-free neck to help her one day, everything goes wrong. Her entire group of friends is put into life and death jeopardy and there’s only one way to survive.

They have to go Striker.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian



Cold Stone and Ivy

by H. Leighton Dickson

The year is 1888, the clockwork British Empire is crumbling and young writer Ivy Savage has literally received a heart in the post. Terrified, her father sends her north to a strange sanitarium in Lancashire where the brilliant but unpredictable “Mad Lord of Lasingstoke” makes his home.

Here, Ivy finds the dead are as dangerous as the living and she is immediately swept into a world of manners, mystery, and supernatural intrigue, uncovering a secret that will lead both her and the Mad Lord back to London and the dark streets of Whitechapel.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


Night Things: Undead and Kicking

by Terry West

Carol Haddon is a former professional fighter living in New York City. Now a social worker, she has devoted her career and life to assisting the Night Things. She is killed after a senseless and brutal attack on her office. Carol is reanimated by the mad genius, Herbert West. West discovers that Carol carries a very unique DNA that could change things dramatically for the zombie population of the world. Johnny Stücke, the mysterious leader of the Night Things who has emerged in the media after Z Day, a citywide zombie attack a few months prior, takes Carol under his wing after her life as a mortal is stripped away. Carol’s creation has also attracted the attention of Herbert West’s greatest enemy, Edmund Wraight. An experiment of Herbert West’s gone horribly awry, Wraight is an ageless, violent, and hungry creature who was once known as the infamous Jack the Ripper.

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Category: Dark Fantasy




by Joshua Bader

Getting hired to be a personal wizard for a billionaire may just become a death sentence.

Colin Fisher is a young man with a lot of problems on his plate: a dying father, a dead car doubling as a home, and a mysteriously disappeared fiancée. You’d think with a magical inclination he’d be able to turn it all around, but not so much.

Yet his bad luck appears to be on the way out when the CEO of a multinational corporation offers him a job. It’s a sweet gig as a personal wizard with a fat paycheck. It just has one catch. The paranoid CEO isn’t a mere hypochondriac, he’s been hexed with an authentic ancient curse.

Now Colin is the only thing standing between his new boss and a frozen bundle of fangs, claws, and rage. If he can’t stop the cannibal ice demon in time to save his new boss, it’ll be back to living out of his dead car. That is, if he even survives the battle.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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