by Saul Tanpepper


Three years into a terrifying global pandemic known as the Flense, a stranger appears for the first time on the doorstep of a remote survival bunker spouting impossible claims of a cure. Do the bunker’s inhabitants take a chance and let him in? A single touch is all it takes to spread the disease.

And infection is a fate far worse than death.

One survivor, 18 year-old Finnian Bolles, volunteers to go out and help find the cure. But when disagreement splinters the group, violence quickly follows. Soon, the horrifying truth begins to emerge about the mysterious origins of the Flense and why it was unleashed upon the world. And someone among them will do anything to keep those secrets from getting out.

Even if it means letting the Flense in.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Wilhelmina Quigley: Magic School Dropout

by Liese Sherwood-Fabre

Family wields the greatest magic.

A missing father. A mother bewitched. Wilhelmina must use her unpredictable magic to catch whoever—or whatever—is stalking her parents. Will her powers be enough to restore her family?

When Wilhelmina accidentally sets her remedial magic class on fire, she is sent to live in the ordinary world with a mother she barely knows. Her adjustment gets off to a very rocky start. She has sudden, unexplainable bursts of magic—mostly while navigating the middle-school minefield—and her mother’s behaving like she’s under some spell. Despite her handicapped magic, Wilhelmina vows to get to the bottom of it all—even if she could vanish without a trace just like her father.

“Wilhelmina Quigley: Magic School Dropout” is a fish-out-of-water story with touches of mystery, fantasy, and humor. A witty tale of enchantment.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Starfighter Down

by M.G. Herron

When Captain Elya Nevers crash lands in the middle of an alien invasion, he makes a shocking discovery.

Little does he know that one mysterious relic has the power to alter the course of human history.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Murder at Spindle Manor

by Morgan Stang

For Huntress Isabeau Agarwal, Spindle Manor is the last stop in a deadly hunt. Armed with gaslamp and guns, she tracks an insidious beast that wears the skin of its victims, mimicking them perfectly. Ten guests reside within the inn tonight, and the creature could be any one of them. Confined by a torrential thunderstorm and running out of time, Isabeau has until morning to discover the liar, or none of them—including her—will make it out alive.

But her inhuman quarry isn’t the only threat residing in Spindle Manor.


A slammed door.

A dead body.

Someone has been killed, and a hunt turns into a murder investigation. Now with two mysteries at her feet and more piling up, Isabeau must navigate a night filled with lies and deception. In a world of seances, specters, and monsters, the unexpected is hiding around every corner, and every move may be her last.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by Joshua James

FLASH GORDON MEETS THE DIRTY DOZEN. It’s a ruthless universe out there, with humanity reigning supreme, treating alien lives as mere collateral in their unending quest for dominion. Yet, amidst this injustice, a band of alien warriors rise against the odds. They’re not just soldiers; they’re Thunderstrike. Once enslaved, these alien fighters have earned their freedom by shedding blood for Earth, serving in a military that values them less than the humans they protect. Their grit and valor have carved out a reputation that precedes them across the galaxy. But now, they find themselves wrongfully accused, their honor at stake. On the run, these warriors must do what no one else dares. They must navigate a universe that seeks their downfall, to bring the real culprits to justice and restore their tarnished honor.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Age of Heroes

by Mikhail Gladkikh

The great human empires of the Bronze Age are locked in everlasting confrontation, with control of the Mediterranean as the coveted prize. Echelaos, prince of Pylos, prepares to wage war against treacherous Trojans to restore his honor and return his bride-to-be, Helen of Hatti. Ninurta-apal-Ekur, king of Assyria, follows the gods to conquer the neighboring tribes, while in Egypt, Khay, a grave robber, awakens the ancient evil.

Meanwhile, the commander of an alien expedition that has arrived to study Earth faces a difficult decision about whether or not to interfere in these terrestrial matters. The expedition members reveal polar opinions, threatening to shape the future of humanity according to their own vision.

Suddenly, all beings must proceed with extreme caution. Because alliances are fragile, betrayals are common, the great collapse has begun, and the new age is nigh.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alternative History