Wrong Side of Hell

by Sonya Bateman

Life was a whole lot easier when the dead stayed dead.

I thought I was human. Apparently, I was wrong.

I didn’t even know there were non-humans. Others, they’re called. Fairies, vampires, even the bogeyman — they’re all real. At least, that’s what the werewolf told me when I saved her from the cops.

Did I mention that I saved a werewolf? And those weren’t just cops trying to kill her. They’re a deadly cult with the sole purpose of capturing and torturing Others … especially me. Because it turns out I’m not just any Other. I can talk to the dead — and this cult has questions only I can answer. Answers they want to use to wipe out every non-human on the planet.

My name is Gideon Black, and I’m not human. I am the DeathSpeaker.

And I am so screwed.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Fields of Blood

by Sonya Bateman

With the dangerous Milus Dei cult collapsed, Gideon Black is trying to get used to his new life as a half-Fae, and the DeathSpeaker. But when freshly murdered bodies turn up in New York with tattoos identifying them as cult members, Gideon realizes the battle is far from over.

The remaining Milus Dei survivors have skipped town. Their new target: his werewolf friend Sadie’s estranged pack in the Appalachian Mountains.

Sadie’s younger sister has been abducted, and Gideon and his newfound brother Taeral offer to help get her back. But the rescue mission soon turns deadly as they uncover the cult’s true target — and find that Milus Dei is not only far bigger than the New York branch, but also developing a biological weapon to turn their soldiers into unstoppable killing machines, capable of taking down any Other.

And Sadie’s blood holds the key to perfecting that weapon.

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Composer of the Calm Horizon

by Al Romano

Ever since 15-year-old Neph Baker was accused by town members of committing arson, his life has become filled with suffering and loneliness. He was nicknamed “The Fire Kid” and is hated by everyone.
Everything changes when Neph discovers the Natin, a group of humanoids who invite him to their home. The Natin believe that Neph is the Composer of the Calm Horizon – the long-lost hero of legends, who could defeat the Airatsmeka, their eternal enemies.
When Neph arrives at the Novaverse, a utopian parallel world dominated by the Natin, he understands that if he doesn’t live up to his supposed destiny as the composer, the utopia will be destroyed by the Airatsmeka. The Natin have been waiting seven centuries for the opportunity to defeat the Airatmeka. There is no room for failure. If Neph doesn’t complete his mission, he will return to his life as an outcast.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Reclaiming Honor Omnibus (Books 1-8)

by Justin Sloan

The History of the World wasn’t what Valerie was taught.
The daughter of a vampire and sister of a devil walking, Valerie finds out she has something neither her brother nor her father possess:
She has Honor.
Setting off on a journey to America, she finds herself stepping up to be the Justice Enforcer the land needs. She will fight for the oppressed. She will destroy evil.
This digital box set contains eight action-packed science fiction adventures:
Justice is Calling
Valerie must flee a brother who leaves her for dead. Because, if there is one thing Valerie understands?
It’s that Justice Doesn’t Turn the Other Cheek.
150 years after a near apocalypse, the world is rebuilding. Survival has become the only rule, and justice is in short supply. Now, Justice has come calling.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Biopunk Blues: The Cyberpunk Detective Series (Liquid Cool Book 7)

by Austin Dragon

What does bio-terrorism have to do with a Metropolis street detective?

It’s Biopunk Blues (Liquid Cool, Book 7). Biopunk street gangs, shady international government agencies, underworld bio-pirates, and corporate bio-terrorists are all on the loose in Metropolis! For this one, he’ll need his entire team. But can Cruz solve the case before becoming a biological victim himself?

Liquid Cool is the action-packed and funny, sci-fi/cyberpunk detective series! Cyborgs, hovercars, and endless rain. Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Bitter Ashes: The Complete Series

by Sara C. Roethle

The Vaettir claim to be the children of the gods, but not all gods are good, and the dark powers surrounding Madeline are no exception. Madeline’s dark gifts may just be the key to everything, but will she be able to accept them in time, or will the Vaettir destroy mankind, and inherit the earth?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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