Fomorian Brigade

by James David Victor

He was a genetically engineered super soldier, built to win a war. Once he was no longer needed, he was cast aside to fend for himself . . . or worse. Now, he might be the only thing that can save the human race.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Resin Chronicles: Stickiness and Stones

by Craig Zeppelin

Unleash the power of magic with Peter’s epic journey in this thrilling fantasy adventure.
When Peter discovers his sudden onset of magic, he must master it quickly to save his brother from a powerful magician’s attack. Venturing into unknown lands, Peter faces deadly challenges as he uncovers a hidden world of dragons and enslaved creatures.

But, as he delves deeper into his quest, he realizes that he’s just a pawn in a larger game that will determine the fate of the world. Will he rise to the challenge and save the day, or will he succumb to the dangers of magic? Grab your copy now and find out.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Coward’s Truth: A Novel of the Heart Eternal

by Christian Warren Freed

Stranded on a gunpowder age planet, a makeshift squad of space marines must do whatever it takes to survive long enough to be rescued.

They were supposed to be going home. Then the enemy found them. Sergeant Hohn managed to piece together ten fellow soldiers from their doomed ship. Not the best or brightest, the squad crashes on a forgotten world where gods and monsters rule.

Nestled in the heart of the great desert is the Heart Eternal. The city of Ghendis Ghadanaban has been the jewel of all peoples for millennia. But with its reputation comes danger. The city awakens to the murder of their god-king. A desperate crew is assembled to escort the fallen god’s essence to the fabled mountain of Rhorrmere where he may be reborn and return to save the city from certain doom.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Infinite Worlds

by Kate Sheeran Swed, S.J. Bryant,EJ Fisch, C. Gockel, J.J. Green, Jessie Kwak, & John Wilker

Discover the wonders and perils of the cosmos in a thrilling new collection of series-starting science fiction novels!

Packed full of interstellar heists, dangerous salvage operations, and unlikely heroes who take the fate of the galaxy into their own hands, each full-length novel promises to immerse you in captivating new worlds.

Dive into a brand new adventure – download the Infinite Worlds collection today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Dagger of Bone

by R.K. Thorne

Free-spirited Lara will do anything to escape her horrible arranged marriage; as daughter of the clan leader, she’ll be the prize for whoever wins her clan’s Contests. Unless she can stack the deck in her favor… She will have some say in her fate. When she meets Nyalin, a scribe with no magic of his own stuck living in his mother’s legendary shadow, she’ll fight to unlock his hidden potential. Can they team up to triumph in the clan Contests, where the winner takes all—the power, the glory, the dragon, and even the girl?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Reset – Complete Series Boxset – A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

by Kellee L. Greene

In a shattered world, the test of true strength begins.

Unforeseen and catastrophic, The Reset unleashed a series of events that destroys the Earth in unimaginable ways. Amidst the ruins, the resilient few must wage a desperate battle for survival, while others hunger for dominion over the remnants.

In a relentless race against time… who will emerge triumphant in the ultimate struggle for survival.

The Reset series is a six-book, pulse-pounding apocalyptic series about ordinary people facing the end of the world. This complete boxset is perfect for readers who love post-apocalyptic, dystopian, survival stories, and natural disaster fiction.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by Erin Wilkerson

A group of young scientist end up trapped on the moon after civilization back on Earth has been wiped out.

Seeking refuge in humanity’s first lunar colony, Lunar Base One, Tamar leaves the slow destruction of her world behind to make her mark as a groundbreaking scientist. While navigating the challenges of the high-tech research facility filled with the brightest young minds from around the globe, she finds herself distracted by a handsome prankster—knowing relationships are forbidden—who threatens to inhibit her goals.

Once a catastrophic event back on Earth cuts off all communication with the planet, Tamar and her team must find a way to survive on their own.

Fans of “The 100” by Kass Morgan, and “Children of Time” by Adrian Tchaikovsky will be captivated by this heart-pumping adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The First Hunter

by Lana Melyan

Immortal Hunters. Vampires. Witches. A forgotten legend ready to come back to life.

To stop the rising evil, the legendary Hunters sacrificed their powers. Amanda Shane is the only one who can bring their powers back.

Amanda Shane is about to step into a world she is not prepared for.
Vivid dreams lead her to realize she has a mission, unlike anything she could have imagined. This mission will lead to secrets coming to light. Secrets that may cost her her life.
Her lungs run out of air every time he looks at her. Always serious, gorgeous Craig. He doesn’t talk to Amanda much. Not until the day she turns eighteen.
That’s when everything changes.
He tells her she’s being followed by dangerous men and promises to keep her safe.
Amanda has no clue that the men following her aren’t humans but vampires and that Craig is one of the legendary Hunters who rid the world of supernatural evil.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

A Forest Of Vanity And Valour

by A.P Beswick

An aggressive debt collector banished from the kingdom. Now his life depends on his ability to help the less fortunate…

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Category: Dark Fantasy