Angels & Patriots: Book Three

by Salina B Baker

Winner of 14 awards, the Angels & Patriots series is the recounting of the American Revolution with a twist. Archangel, Colm Bohannon, leads his angel brothers to Boston to warn the Sons of Liberty that the British army is not their only threat. The patriots will need to engage with two enemy forces on the battlefield—man and demon.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Tribute at the Gates

by C.J. Aaron

Cursed from birth. Forced into slavery. It’s time to fight back.

The blood of the Ancients is the most coveted ingredient in all of Damaris. The fabled elixir made from it grants those who drink it life that extends far beyond natural means.

There is no higher honor in the kingdom than being granted the privilege of bidding for it. And the people found with the cursed blood? By law, they are the rightful property of the kingdom.

They are tributes.

As a boy, Ryl was sold by his family when he was discovered to have the coveted blood flowing through his veins. Broken, scared, and confused, he’s confined to an area known as the Stocks until he is ready for harvesting.

Ryl stumbles through a doomed life until the appearance of a mysterious stranger who exposes a buried version of the past that changes everything. That his blood may not be a curse, but a blessing.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Terry From Another Dimension: A Science-Fiction Comedy in 42 Chapters

by Paul Mathews

Meet Terry. He’s a likeable layabout living in London, 2056 – the self-styled happiest city in what’s left of the world. He loves his mood-soup, bar snacks, and hanging out with his best buddy Godric in MegaPub-19 bar central. He’s just an average guy. Except for one minor detail. Terry is from another dimension.

But here’s the thing. Nobody on Planet Earth knows this startling fact. Not even Terry. After banging his head on arrival, he lost all memories of his previous life. And, six months later, his true identity still remains locked in his battered brain – like an atomic ID bomb.

Who is the real Terry? Is he on a mission? Does he have a lift home? Or will he have to hitchhike back to his own galaxy? All these questions, and more, will be answered in this science-fiction comedy in 42 chapters that may – or may not – teach you something about life, the universe and everything!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Librarian of the Haunted Library

by Brian Yansky

After an altercation with a clown, I get lost in the woods and find a strange town. When the librarian of the town dies in front of me and I try on his ring, I’m declared the new librarian by the mayor and townspeople. I get to live in a houseful of books. But I soon learn the job involves more than just tomes and information. In fact, my first assignment is to discover who murdered my predecessor. Meanwhile, I learn that the town is a whole lot stranger than I’d first thought and I’d thought it was pretty strange from the first. The library has a ghoul and a ghost, which seems excessive. Not everyone in the town of Eden is alive or even human. A headless seductress (she carries her head around with her) propositions me, but may also be trying to kill me. Can I survive my new job and this town? Time will tell.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Year Eighty-Five: A Story About Colonizing Venus

by John Thornton

For the first stage of terraforming Venus, it took a century to move the planet further from the sun and establish a stable orbit where heat would be dissipated.

Now, eighty-five years later, the other terraforming stages continue using various methods.

Buddy Barron lives in one of the enclosed dome cities on Venus. His life is about to change catastrophically. How will he cope? What will he do? Will his family ever be the same?

Is Venus the planet of love, or a hellish nightmare?

This is a stand-alone science-fiction drama set in an altered timeline from John Thornton’s Colony Ship Universe. Read this book and find out what moment changed everything.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Do You Believe in Magic? | Dark Circles, Book 1

by Jim Melvin

Abandoned by his derelict father, a grieving boy moves from Florida to his grandparents’ farm in Upstate South Carolina. There, he rediscovers his passion for life in a most unexpected place—a magical world hidden deep in the forest.

In the real world, Charlie is a nerdy 13-year-old picked on by bullies at his new school. But in the fantasy world, he becomes a wizard who wields high magic.

Eventually, reality and fantasy blend into one.

Dark Circles is an adventure of epic scope. Only those with a hero’s heart will dare to stand at Charlie’s side as he battles fantastical monsters led by an evil being of immense power.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age