Devil’s Due

by Percival Constantine

Luther Cross here. Dangerously handsome, effortlessly stylish half-demon, at your service. As I have inherited certain…abilities with my odd genetics, I’ve put them to use as Chicago’s foremost paranormal investigator.

My current case? Well, I have to admit, it feels a little personal. I’m helping a mysterious girl who’s turned up on my doorstep, pregnant through mystic means. I can’t help but think of my own mother…and if I don’t help her, she’ll face the same fate.

Turns out, someone is trying to create an army of half-demons. While it might be a pleasant change to hang out with my own kind, I know most half-demons don’t have my sense of morality. If I don’t stop this evil plan, the armistice between Heaven and Hell will be broken and all of the Earth will pay… It will be the beginning of the end.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Alaskan Magic

by CC Dragon

Paranormal kids begin disappearing at higher rates, and the only people who can save them are at odds.

FBI Special Agent and Half-Fae Dot Foster keeps tabs on magical cases, but even with everything she’s seen over the years, her most recent case has her stumped.

The only thing Dot can tell for certain is that dark forces are behind it. With her human partner out of commission, Dot drags a former agent onto the case. She didn’t expect him to be a distraction, but they have a complicated past.

Mason is smart, hot, magical…and has a much younger sister who might be the next target. He’s not willing to trust anyone else to save her…but if he doesn’t respect Dot’s unique gifts, his stubbornness may cost them all their lives.

Supernatural meets the X-Files in ALASKAN MAGIC, an intense urban fantasy by CC Dragon.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Maggie for Hire

by Kate Danley

“If urban fantasy could be bottled, then this story is a shot-glass full of awesomesauce.” – Dark Side of the Covers Reviews

My name is Maggie MacKay. When monsters show up in Los Angeles, I get the call to haul ’em back to the dimension where they belong.

It’s a living.

But I just got word my uncle has teamed up with the forces of darkness to ruin my life. Actually, everyone’s lives. Everyone’s gonna die if I don’t find a magical object before the coming apocalypse. This is going to make the next family reunion a little awkward.

Come along with me, my sidekick elf Killian, and my crazy family for a snarky urban fantasy adventure with attitude.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Veronica Phoenix

by Jim Proctor

Carl Wilkins, a successful businessman, loses everything. His dogged determination crumbles when he finds even his reputation is ruined. With enough credits for a bottle of rotgut whiskey and no prospects for employment, he is at rock bottom when a stranger offers him an unusual job.

This is a chance to rebuild his broken life and to strike back at SACOM, the people who ruined him. With no other option, Carl bets his life on this job.

Piloting the Phoenix, a decrepit space freighter, Carl embarks on a mission to collect missing SACOM cargo pods from the asteroid belt. Struggling to remain alive in the belt while avoiding detection by SACOM ships, Carl learns he may have as much to fear from the people who hired him as he does from SACOM. His second chance turns into a desperate race across the galaxy in hopes of finding a haven where no one will ever find him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


An Other Place

by Darren Dash

When Newman Riplan’s flight into the unknown turns into a nightmarish slide between worlds, he must explore an unnamed city where unpredictable terrors are the norm… where time and space are fluid… where the moon changes colour and savage beasts run wild… where teeth are used as currency and love-making is a perilous proposition… where cannibalism occasionally comes into fashion and the dead are swiftly forgotten… where strange sandmen offer sanctuary in times of danger and a mysterious Alchemist rules over all.

By the end of his first day adrift, his life has spun completely out of his control, but the most mind-twisting and soul-crushing revelations are only beginning. As he desperately searches for meaning and a way out, he starts to realise that perhaps only madness can provide him with the answers, while surrender might offer him his only true hope of escape…

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary


The Redstar Rising Trilogy

by Rhett C Bruno

Nearly 1,500 pages of adventure, magic, war, and twists you won’t believe.

Only a group of unlikely heroes can save the world.

The Warlock Redstar has spent a lifetime preparing. Now, the time has come to resurrect his beloved Goddess so she may gain vengeance upon the world which cast her underground for eternity and forgot her.

As the shadows of evil spread across Pantego, heroes rise from unexpected places. A master thief from a village in the middle of nowhere, going nowhere. An orphaned blood mage barely able to control the magic coursing through her veins. A disgraced knight, dispatched on a suicide quest by his mad queen.

They’re not what the Glass Kingdom wanted, but they’re the only ones who can stop Redstar before it’s too late. If the Buried Goddess returns to exact her vengeance, not a soul will survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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