Maverick Gambit

by Marjorie King

Knox always defends his own.
So when pirates plunder an impoverished town–a town that’s earned Knox’s guarded friendship–he’s going to do something about it.
The town needs shields to keep them and their children safe, and Knox will get those shields. But to get them, he’ll have to cross a powerful corporation with a dark secret that he’s about to stumble straight into.
First in a rollicking series!

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


The Voodoo Queen & the Vampire Witch

by Theophilus Monroe

Two Complete Paranormal Fantasy Series in one volume! The Voodoo Legacy: Can Annabelle Mulledy embrace her calling as a mambo without becoming a pawn in the scheme of voodoo demigods? The Legacy of a Vampire Witch: How does a young witch, who becomes a vampire, end up becoming the key to saving the world 130 years after she’s turned?

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


King Arthur and Her Knights: the Complete Series

by K. M. Shea

A King Arthur retelling for Lancelot-haters! When Britt, a modern young woman, is pulled by a magical summons back through time she finds herself smack in the middle of the schemes of the surprisingly young and handsome wizard Merlin. The real Arthur has run off, and the sword in the stone has chosen Britt to replace him.

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Arthurian


Dracula’s True Story

by Brent Reilly

The most historically accurate Dracula novel ever written — plus vampires. Vlad the Impaler was not a count from Transylvania, but a blood-thirsty prince of Wallachia like his father and brothers. Feast your eyes on the fascinating man who impaled thousands, got praised by the Pope, and fought kings, cousins, and Mehmed the Conqueror.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military


Dracwyn Dragon Riders: Nine Book World Boxset

by Ava Richardson

Seventeen-year-old Desiree Black has one goal—to discover the truth about what happened to her parents. Swept up in the Rebellion against the Spirit King, she quickly moves through the dragon rider ranks, drawing upon the explosive and unpredictable magical power she possesses—and has always feared—in order to protect her loved ones.

Young dragon rider Pieter Roser’s wounds run deep in the wake of the battle against the ancient darkness. His dragon, Gloriox, wants to help him heal. But when their travels bring them to Chamenos, they find that trouble has arrived ahead of them.

After a terrible shipwreck, rescue seems impossible for Del, a stowaway street rat; Etenia, a merchant’s daughter; and Lathan, a retired dragon rider. Especially when there’s a kraken lurking offshore, hungry for their only possible means of escape: dragon eggs they’re protecting…

Previously $8.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Hand of the Sun King

by J.T. Greathouse

Wen Alder was born into two worlds. On his father’s side, a legacy of loyal service to the Sienese Emperor spanning generations and rising to take the most powerful position in Sien—the Hand of the Emperor.

But from his mother he has inherited defiance from the Empire, a history of wild gods and magic unlike anything the Imperial sorcerers could yet control.

Now, on the verge of taking the steps that will forge the path of his life, Alder discovers that the conflict between the Empire and the resistance is only the beginning of a war that will engulf both heaven and earth, gods and man—and he may be the key to final victory for whichever side can claim him as their own…

Previously $7.99

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Category: Fantasy – Epic