Wanderer’s Escape

by Simon Goodson

The Empire will kill him for stealing this ship… but they have to catch it first!

To the Empire the Wanderer was just another booby-trapped ship to claim, and Jess was just another worthless slave who could be sacrificed in the process.

Things didn’t go to plan. Jess survived the dangers, and when he sat in the pilot’s chair the ancient ship came to life for the first time in centuries.

Acting on instinct Jess seized the chance, firing up the engines and fleeing the Imperial forces.
Now Jess and the ancient self-aware ship are on the run, their freedom and their very existence on the line.

The smart thing to do would be to run like hell and never stop, but Jess finds he can’t ignore pleas for help from those in danger. With the powerful Wanderer at his command he can truly make a difference… but at what cost?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The World Over (Stone World Series Book 1)

by Casseiopeia Fletcher

Eight years ago, the world as we know it ended. Now, the last US Government stronghold has sent a military recon-team from Camp David to the bombed out city of Seattle, but the mission turns deadly when a horde of horrifying, mutant creatures are released onto the streets.

Oliver Marcus and Trisha Pike, the only survivors of their nine-man team, are rescued by a group of scavengers led by their superhuman leader, River Kingston.

Driven by the need to find her lost husband, River is drawn in by Mycroft, the invisible puppet master behind New Texas, who promises her answers in exchange for favors. But as the world continues to warp and change around her, River becomes more and more wrapped up in the secrets and lies of post-apocalyptic politics that will ultimately determine the difference between life and death for the people she promised to protect.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Dreams of Winter: A Forgotten Gods Tale #1

by Christian Warren Freed

3000 years have passed since the gods almost destroyed the universe. Humanity rose from the ashes and established a vast empire spanning more than seven hundred planets. To protect them all from the return of the gods, the Conclave was established. Together with the Inquisition and the Prekhauten Guard, they ward the universe for signs of heresy, and worse. But a rot festers within humanity’s soul. A darkness approaches that none but a few can see.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Heir to the Crown Box Set 1: Books: 1, 2, & 2.5

by Paul J Bennett

They are all that stands between victory and defeat!

After tragedy tears Gerald’s world apart, a fateful meeting with another lost soul unmasks a shocking secret.

As civil war erupts, they travel across the kingdom fighting desperate battles, surrounded by powerful enemies who conspire to bring down the Crown.

Includes Books: 1,2,2.5

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Trial of Thorns

by Stacey Trombley

All that’s standing between me and freedom are eleven bloodthirsty fae.

As a convicted assassin, I’ve been banished from the fae realm for years but now I have the opportunity to compete in a ruthless competition to earn a full pardon.

Dragons and twisted mazes are the least of my worries now.

I can handle a few bullies and death-defying challenges. The thing that will keep me up at night is having to face those I betrayed. Especially Reveln, the prince whose brother I killed. Every time I see the hatred in his eyes it reopens old wounds, a reminder of the destiny that was stolen from me. And I only have myself to blame.

But I’ll find a new destiny—by winning the Trial of Thorns.

The whole realm thinks I’m weak but I’m stronger than they could ever imagine. By the time this is through—I’ll bring them all to their knees

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Speechless in Achten Tan

by Debbie Iancu-Haddad

Mila hasn’t spoken in the five years since she became an Onra, a first-level Everfall witch. After failing the test to reclaim her voice and control her magic, her mentor sends eighteen-year-old Mila to Achten Tan–City of Dust–a dangerous desert town, built in the massive ribcage of an extinct leviathan.

To reclaim her power, Mila must steal a magical staff capable of releasing it, from Bone Master Opu Haku’s sky-high lair.

Her only resources are the magical luminous elixirs of the cursed caverns where she grew up, and a band of unlikely allies; a quirky inventor, a giant-ant rider, a healer, a librarian’s assistant, a Tar-tule rider, and the chief’s playboy son.

But in the City of Bones, enemies & friends are not who they seem, and trusting the wrong person can be deadly.

If Mila fails, she will never speak again and her bones will be added to the desert.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by D.M. Rasey

Sure, a fiction novel can do wonders in the literary world, but a well-written science fiction novel can SHAKE the walls of literature.

This is exactly what I aim to do with Bigfoot. A classic thriller, waiting to be explored by enthusiasts.

Written from a first-person perspective, Bigfoot revolves around, well, you can guess, the discovery of a creature that the world has not seen in ages, one that remains a mystery.

Experience the phenomenal journey with the main characters as they explore the surroundings of Bigfoot, and discover the enchanting creature.

This book will keep the readers on edge and give them a wild experience as if they are the ones discovering this mythical creature.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Dracwyn Dragon Riders: Nine Book World Boxset

by Ava Richardson

An ancient darkness awakens, and dragon riders heed the call in nine exciting novels of fantasy and adventure!

Seventeen-year-old Desiree Black has one goal—to discover the truth about what happened to her parents. Swept up in the Rebellion against the Spirit King, she quickly moves through the dragon rider ranks, drawing upon the explosive and unpredictable magical power she possesses—and has always feared—in order to protect her loved ones.

Young dragon rider Pieter Roser’s wounds run deep in the wake of the battle against the ancient darkness. His dragon, Gloriox, wants to help him heal. But when their travels bring them to Chamenos, they find that trouble has arrived ahead of them.

After a terrible shipwreck, rescue seems impossible for Del, a stowaway street rat; Etenia, a merchant’s daughter; and Lathan, a retired dragon rider…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic