Weapons Free

by Daniel Gibbs

After thirty-five years of peace, one vicious attack destroys it all. An unexpected enemy emerges with an overwhelming force designed to obliterate the Terran Coalition. Reservist Lieutenant Justin Spencer straps into the cockpit, determined to save his home from a vicious foe. Even outnumbered and outgunned, Justin is never out of the fight.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Lego Me

by Stephen Kanicki

He’s made of Lego bricks, stands six feet two inches, has broad shoulders and a cleft chin just like his creator, Doctor Lance Ziegel. In fact, Lego Me is Lance’s twin, a duplicate nearly indistinguishable from his maker. Then, the impossible happens. He comes to life.

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Category: Science Fiction – Classics

Shadow Crusade

by Jessaca Willis

Demons will perish. The Primordials will fall. And the Shadow Crusade will rise victorious.

When horrifying monsters kill Halira’s and Dimitri’s families, they join the Shadow Crusade, a legion of warriors tasked with destroying demon-kind.

Together, they’ll avenge their loved ones…or die trying.

That’s the plan, that is, until Halira meets the roguish half-demon responsible for killing her parents and discovers that perhaps there’s more to demonkind than she’s been told.

Will her doubt drive a wedge between her and Dimitri? Can she be the savior her country needs? Or will the allure of dark forces thrust her into the shadows?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Blighted Heart

by Jessaca Willis

She trained to kill demons…now she’s becoming one.

While fleeing the Castle of Nigh and her own execution, Halira was bitten by a demon of the Shadowthorn.

Such a wound would kill any mere human. But Halira’s not just human. And her newly-discovered druid heritage will protect her…for now.

It’s up to Halira and the mysterious half-demon man she’s stumbled upon to find the cure before the demon toxin runs its course and kills them both.

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Harmony and Disharmony

by Bill Hiatt

Orpheus wants to spread joy through his music. Jason wants to win back his throne and as much glory as he can grab. Forced to face hostile kings, monsters, and scheming gods, these two men face a terrible dilemma. Will they sacrifice their dreams, or will they die trying to preserve them?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Silent Assassins Society

by D. B. Goodin

She’s the city’s best defense. When the population morphs into mind-controlled killing machines, can she keep her hope and allies alive? If you like strong female warriors, high-octane action, and menacing villains, then you’ll love D. B. Goodin’s last stand.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Sword of Fire

by J.A. Culican

Dragon riding, fae illusions, dark magic and a forbidden romance.

Bells, a poor fae who works on a farm outside the protections of the dragon city, never planned to go on a quest. But when trolls attack her family, she goes to the city for help. Instead, she finds herself teaming up with the one dragon she knows: Jaekob.

Years ago, dragons rose up to bring peace to the city and the surrounding area- and now Jaekob, a dragon heir, believes there’s no reason for further involvement. But when the dark elves infect his city with a virus unlike anything he’s ever seen, he knows they need a solution. Now.

The sword of peace.

The one thing that can help them both- or so the legends say. If a highborn dragon and a fae of the lowest class can overcome their prejudices and combine their magic, they might be able to gain the sword.

Of course, it might be nothing more than a myth.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Dino Crisis – Stranded Illustrated

by Chris Liberty

A group of researchers led by Dr. Emmanuel Hernandez gains a permit to visit the quarantined Ilha da Morte to prove either the truth or the fallacy of the whispered rumors of a giant lizard that lurks within the dark, unexplored jungles.

One problem after another plagues their mission, starting with their boat sinking during the landing, followed immediately by the loss of their satellite phone and the death of a team member. The expedition, now cut off from the world, takes a more dangerous turn when hooting and roaring in the night reveals not only that the animal they seek is real, but that there’s more than one.

And they come closer each night.

The creatures soon prove to be the least of the team’s problems after encountering another group intent on keeping the island–and everything on it–secret from the rest of the world, even if they have to kill to accomplish it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Jonathan Yanez

His past is about to catch up to him…
…in the worst kind of way.

Now, he must choose:
Remain hidden or embrace what he was created to be.

Earth is all but a wasteland.
Humanity has colonized the Moon and Mars but as they look beyond, something is looking back.

Because shadow corporations and a corrupt government are vying for what’s left of Earth’s resources – at any cost.

Soon, Daniel will have to choose to use the very thing that sets him apart from humanity to save them or let them perish in the black.

How can this mercenary bring justice when he’s only been programmed for vengeance?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


by Jonathan Yanez

Redemption exists but the price must be paid in blood.

Daniel Hunt is still searching for answers to his past. Along the way, he stumbled across The Order, an ancient society credited for toppling Earth.

His search will take him into the Badlands where a former member of the Pack Protocol has made her home. Except all is not as it seems in the small town and war is in the air.

To survive the emerging forces Daniel will have to come to peace with his past. Allies will need to be found and formed. A far greater threat than anyone could have imagined approaches on the blood moon.

This one’s for those who need to escape reality if only for a bit, for the space lovers, and the adventure takers. Grab your MK II and hold on tight, it’s about to get crazy. Click the buy button now!

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