The Watchmaker’s Daughter

by C.J. Archer

India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé took her inheritance, and no one will employ her. The other London watchmakers seem frightened of her. Alone and poor, India takes employment with the only person who’ll accept her – an enigmatic and mysterious man from America. A man who possesses a strange watch that rejuvenates him when he’s ill.

Matthew Glass must find a particular watchmaker, but he won’t tell India why any old one won’t do. Nor will he tell her what he does back home, and how he can afford to stay in a house in one of London’s best streets. So when she reads about an American outlaw known as the Dark Rider arriving in England, she suspects Mr. Glass is the fugitive. When danger comes to their door, she’s certain of it. But if she notifies the authorities, she’ll find herself unemployed and homeless again – and she will have betrayed the man who saved her.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


Foul is Fair

by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins

Lots of girls play Fairy Princess when they’re little. Megan O’Reilly had no idea the real thing was like playing chess, guitar, and hockey all at once.

Megan had known for a long time that she wasn’t an entirely typical girl. But living with ADHD—and her mother’s obsessions—was a very different thing from finding out she wasn’t entirely human. Somewhere out there, in a completely different world, her father needs help. There’s a conflict, revolving around Faerie seasonal rituals, that could have consequences for humanity—and if Megan’s getting the terminology straight, it sounds like her family aren’t even supposed to be the good guys. As she’s further and further swept up in trying to save her father, Megan may be getting too good at not being human.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


The Alchemist’s Touch

by Garrett Robinson

A dark plot is brewing upon the High King’s Seat, and slowly Ebon finds himself being drawn into it. If he is to learn to become an alchemist—indeed, if he is to survive at all—he must cast off his family’s black legacy, and become the wizard he was always meant to be.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by S.J. Bryant

When everyone runs, who will stand?

For eons a dark force has lurked inside Archalon, waiting.

In 2354 the Confederacy set it free. Now the alien uprising is imminent and there’s only one person left to stop it.

Nova goes where others dare not. She shoots first, talks little, and carries a chip on her shoulder the size of a planet. Her reckless courage is all that stands between the Ancients and the annihilation of the human race.

Fear the hero who has nothing left to lose.

If you love science fiction, don’t miss out on this action-packed adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Second Skyn

by Damien Boyes

Detective Finsbury Gage is back from the dead—again. But this time he’s restored from the brain bank to a life he doesn’t recognize—one where his previous version became a remorseless killer, obsessed with revenge.

He’s wanted for a murder he doesn’t remember committing, hunted by an AI who wants his mind erased, and a mysterious woman says they’re in love and refuses to leave his side. There are gaps in time he can’t account for and the evidence against him is overwhelming, but he knows he isn’t capable of the things he’s accused of.

To find the truth, he’ll be forced to infiltrate a dangerous underworld of hackable brains and superhuman bodies. Will he discover his innocence—or come face to face with the man he truly is?

If you love non-stop mindbending sci-fi like Blade Runner, Neuromancer and Altered Carbon, this is the series you’ve been looking for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


Wolves and Daggers

by Melanie Karsak

Who’s afraid of the big, bad werewolf?

When London’s brightest tinkers and alchemists come up missing, Red Cape Society Agent Clemeny Louvel is on the case.

To help Clemeny get the problem in hand, Queen Victoria assigns her a temporary partner–a werewolf with a knightly history and a tendency to be far too flirtatious for either of their good. Can she trust him to help her chase down the monsters they’re hunting?

It’s Penny Dreadful meets Supernatural in this exciting new gaslamp urban fantasy. Wolves and Daggers retells the classic Red Riding Hood fairy tale with hefty doses of badassery and steampunk.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


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