Daisy’s Run

by Scott Baron

Rudely yanked from cryo-sleep, Daisy woke to find herself on a burning ship in deep space, and among a crew of modded humans, no less. Her life had just become a whole lot more complicated. And it was only going to get worse.

As if the creepy cyborg and the mechanically-enhanced human crew weren’t bad enough, what was supposed to be a simple flight home to Earth was going horribly wrong. A deadly plot was unfolding. One that could jeopardize the entire human race. And Daisy found herself stuck in the middle

It wasn’t her job, saving the world, and she sure as hell didn’t want it. But the snarky young woman didn’t have a choice. But with Daisy reluctantly coming to the rescue, did humanity even stand a chance?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Pushing Daisy

by Scott Baron

Escaping from deranged cyborgs and a malcontent artificial intelligence had been the run of Daisy’s life, but one from which she had miraculously emerged in one piece.

Unfortunately for her, she had survived that ordeal only to now find herself in a far deeper mess.

Thrown even further in harm’s way, Daisy’s original plight was dwarfed by the new problems at hand. Threats on a global level. Earth was in jeopardy, and much as she hated to admit it, Daisy, it seemed, was its best hope.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Daisy’s Gambit

by Scott Baron

With a rag-tag team of scrappy survivors, Daisy reluctantly set out on what was her most difficult and audacious effort yet. She was up for the biggest fight of her life. But if she somehow succeeded, she might just save not only her own world, but countless other worlds as well.

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Finding Eden: A YA Dystopian / Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

by K. R. S. McEntire

A mutant searching for sanctuary. A hunter hot on her trail.

Lilah has heard rumors of a garden paradise known as Eden somewhere out in the wilds. Forced out of post-apocalyptic Chicago when her mutant abilities come to light, it’s her only hope of safety.

But she’s not the only one roaming the wastelands.

On Adam’s first mission as a newly-qualified Warden, he is tasked with finding and destroying the heart of the Resistance–Eden.

When Lilah’s and Adam’s destinies collide, neither can deny the spark of attraction between them, but how long can they journey together before their secrets come to light?

When Lilah lets down her barriers, Adam sees her for who she truly is and is faced with an impossible choice–between duty and his heart.

Finding Eden is a gripping dystopian adventure, perfect for fans of Delirium, Shatter Me, Divergent, and The Hunger Games.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Precious Galaxy Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

by Sarah Noffke

After an explosion, the crew of a battlecruiser mysteriously disappears.

Bailey and Lewis, complete strangers, find themselves suddenly onboard the damaged ship. Lewis hasn’t worked a case in years, not since the final one broke his spirit and his bank account. The last thing Bailey remembers is preparing to take down a fugitive on Onyx Station.

Mysteries are harder to solve when there’s no evidence left behind.

Bailey and Lewis don’t know how they got onboard Ricky Bobby or why. However, they quickly learn that whatever was responsible for the explosion and disappearance of the crew is still on the ship.

Monsters are real and what this one can do changes everything.

The new team bands together to discover what happened and how to fight the monster lurking in the bottom of the battlecruiser.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by Anne C. Miles

Two Worlds. One Fate.
A bard. A wizard…and a college student from Kentucky.

Sara Moore is having crazy dreams. Gryphon and dragon crazy.
The scary part? Waking up, with scratches and splinters. Is she losing it because of stress? Her twin sister is in a coma. One more unfinished sculpture will fully tank her grades. Goodbye bachelor’s degree, hello failure.

It’s enough to make anyone sleepwalk.

Choosing to defy the Conclave, Trystan risks capture and mind control to find a magical lute through a shadow network. Dane meets a sinister stranger and barely escapes with his life. Together, guided by a fae only known as Sara, they will end an ancient curse…or die trying.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Under Ordshaw

by Phil Williams

Welcome to Ordshaw.

Don’t look down.

Pax thought she knew the dark side of Ordshaw. A poker pro who hustles bankers and gangsters, she can take care of herself. But she’s about to discover the shadows hide worse things than criminals.

People have disappeared simply for discovering what’s lurking under Ordshaw.

To get her life back, Pax needs to go much further than that.

Fans of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere will love this blend of urban fantasy and contemporary thriller.

Get it now!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blue Angel

by Phil Williams

She’s touched the underworld. Can she survive its legacy?

Waking on an unfamiliar floor, Pax is faced with two hard truths. A murderous government agency wants her dead – and monsters really do exist. What’s more, her body’s going haywire, which she desperately hopes isn’t a side-effect of her encounters in the city’s tunnels.

To survive, and protect Ordshaw, she’s got to expose who, or what, is behind the chaos – and she can’t do it alone.

But with only the trigger-happy Fae to turn to, Pax’s allies might kill her before her enemies do…

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Hell of a Prophecy

by McKayla Schutt

The daughters of Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon are linked in more than one way…

You’d think the daughter of Hades would have hellfire hair and a wicked temper… well, you’d be right. Avalon’s lived a sheltered life because her father thinks the world is out to get her. He may be right because her new freedom brings furies to her door, a bounty on her head, and demi-god with horns. Actually the sexy demi-god is the only bright side to her discord. She’s swearing to anyone who will listen that she won’t be the cause of destruction but only Balthazar listens.

Balthazar, the son of Pan, but they have very little in common. With a short temper and skills at fighting, he’s perfect to protect Avalon from the others. Falling for Hades’ only daughter wasn’t the best plan he could’ve made. He believes she doesn’t want to harm anyone but the power that thrives in her blood works against her.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


The Thornless Rose (The Elizabethan Time Travel Series Book 1)

by Morgan O’Neill

In Morgan O’Neill’s award-winning bestseller, American teacher Anne Howard doesn’t believe her British grandmother’s stories of a long-lost, time-traveling fiancé — until she finds herself in the court of Queen Elizabeth I! An enthralling tale of danger and passion set in 16th-century London. 5 Stars and Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Ever Crave the Rose (The Elizabethan Time Travel Series Book 2)

by Morgan O’Neill

London 2014―Catherine Howard stumbles upon the tomb of her time-traveling granddaughter, Anne, who’s been murdered in the year 1562. Elizabethan England 1562―Dr. Jonathan Brandon, Anne’s husband, pens a desperate message to Catherine, which gives the details of his wife’s kidnapping and murder, and the plea to “find a way to undo this!” Catherine calls upon a time-traveling priest, Father Daniel, to rescue Anne. But journeying back to the sixteenth century is a dangerous undertaking. Can anyone thwart the evil that threatens Anne, or is the timeline immutable, her fate sealed? Daniel calls upon the forces of heaven and earth―including a secret Vatican society of time travelers―to aid in this quest. Can they change the course of history? Will time rewind? 4.5 Stars and Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews.

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War of the God Queen

by David Hambling

Dragged into the distant past to act as host-mother for the hideous Spawn of Cthulhu, the resourceful Jessica quickly escapes. She finds herself alone and friendless, without any useful skills among a strange people.

The nomad warlord Amir is fighting a hopeless battle against the alien invaders. Jessica makes a deal: if he will help rescue other women extracted through time, she will defeat the Spawn.

Jessica has no idea how she will make good her promise. The group of women prove more capable than Jessica could ever have guessed — but the Spawn are not their only enemies, and the future of humanity and Jessica’s only hope of getting home are at stake.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


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