Third Power

by Robert Childs

A high school student named Steve is pulled across the veil separating the worlds of Earth and Mithal in the hope he is the legendary Third Power. His coming foretold by prophecy, he is believed to possess a unique magic that can heal the supernatural sickness ravaging the land and combat the Second Power, a sorcerer who channels the might of Hell itself. With his abilities growing faster than his control, Steve must become a healer to end the plague, a statesman to unite the races, a warrior to lead the Resistance and, ultimately, discover the truth about himself or sacrifice them all.

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Fourth Power

by Robert Childs

Four months after the fall of the usurper sorcerer Azinon, there is still much to do for Sonya, Scott and the newly crowned emperor and Fourth Power of Mithal, Steven Walker. Roving bands of the dead sorcerer’s fractured army terrorize the countryside and the plague-stricken citizens of the empire journey by the thousands to the capitol to wait and be cured by Sonya’s healing magic. So when word of a possible second cure to the supernatural sickness reaches Steve, he leaves the city in Sonya’s hands and he and Scott set out to bring it home. But no sooner is he gone than a rogue sorcerer wielding weaponized plague goes on an unstoppable killing spree across the city. Meanwhile, Steve’s search for a cure will inadvertently bring him face to face with the monster responsible for it all.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Mortality Bites – Boxed Set (Books 1 – 6): An Urban Fantasy Epic Adventure

by Ramy Vance

Mythical creatures are real, and the world is just finding out.

Discovering that your neighbor was once an evil, blood-sucking fiend tends to bring property values down.

Katrina Darling’s only real friend has been murdered. And not just murdered—ritually sacrificed by a serial killer. Kat is sure more death will follow. She should know … she used to be the monster plunging the blade in.

Trouble is, after three hundred years of being a vampire, Kat has forgotten what it means to be human.

One thing she does remember is that friends matter.

Now she’s determined to find whoever—or whatever—killed her friend before more victims surface. But just as the hunt begins, a mysterious young man discovers exactly what she was.

Kat has a decision to make: Run and keep her monstrous past hidden, or avenge her friend and save the city from a merciless serial killer.

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Category: Fantasy – New Adult & College

Children of Earthrise: Books 1-3

by Daniel Arenson

We hide in shadows. Our planet is lost. We are the last humans, and we must go home.

Children of Earthrise is a story of exodus. Of humanity lost among the stars. Of one man rising to lead our people home.

In 2016, the Earthrise series became a surprise bestseller, captivating hundreds of thousands of readers around the world. Set two thousand years later, Children of Earthrise begins a new story, one for both new readers and old fans.

This bundle includes the first three Children of Earthrise novels: The Heirs of Earth, A Memory of Earth, and An Echo of Earth.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Truth Seer

by Kay L Moody

Not even the truth will set you free in a world of lies.

It’s 2121, and Kenyan-born Imara is a human lie detector, making her valuable and dangerous—but most of all, cynical. One can only take seeing the swirling colors of deceitfulness on others for so long.

When her sister is taken hostage into the depths of Egyptian catacombs, only the power to see the best in others can set them both free.

In this intriguing and fast-paced dystopian tale, a high-tech future collides with an ancient past. Enjoy a world that yields heroic and flawed characters and demands the ultimate sacrifice.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Time Burrito

by Aaron Frale

With great burrito comes great responsibility.

Pete’s food truck at the University of New Mexico isn’t going well. Seniors dare freshman to eat his burritos. Frats use them for pledges and pranks. Rumors fly around campus that they are chupacabra ground up with rat. Pete needs a change, and it comes in the form of a physics experiment gone awry. After being sucked into the past, he stumbles across an ingredient that goes great in one of his creations.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

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